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  1. I go on a golf trip every year, for the last 14 or 15 years, with a group of guys, usually 8-12. We split everyone into 2 teams,and play different combinations each round (match play, with points awarded for matches). We have trophies for the winning team members, and a few years ago, I started giving prizes for the losing team (Balls with "Loser" message in bright pink text, bright pink microfiber towel with large "Loser" message), as I thought it would be a fun idea. Basically, give something useful, but a little less than desirable for whatever reason. So, just thought I would post to see what ideas the WRX crowd could come up with. Not looking for anything really expensive, either. Appreciate any input. And, yes, I use my bright pink towel all the time.
  2. I bought a dozen of each, to try out, at the end of last year. I was basically thinking that if I could find a $20/dozen ball that performed well, and I actually liked, then I would be set, and not have to look all over the place for discounts on other premium balls. To my surprise, I ended up liking the Gray better than the Blue. It seemed to be a bit longer for me, and just felt better on solid hits and around the green. So, I still have about 6 or 7 Blues in my bag, that I'll use, every once in a while. But, I just liked the Gray better. Also, I didn't seem to have the durability issue with the Gray, but did have just one or two of the Blues that I remember being a little surprised at the damage I did to the ball with my clubs, not cart paths or trees, or anything. Just my thoughts, as everyone has their own, and different things work for different people and swings.
  3. 2. Did you sign up for the Bridgestone email? Yes 3. What Bridgestone golf balls do you want to win? Tour B RX 5. US Open final score prediction (Doesn't change odds of winning)? -11 Thanks Bridgestone and GolfWRX!
  4. To me, those are the best colorway, yet, of the 90s. I like them more, each time I see them, especially the bits of color. Do they seem like they would be comfortable for walking? I walk most of my rounds, so I need something that's going to be supportive and super comfortable. Do they have the waterproofing on them, or are they completely fabric?
  5. I hope you're right! My bank account hopes you're wrong! Haha
  6. Appreciate the heads up, but I was referring to the previous post, saying how sweet black P770s would be!
  7. They were actually on Nike.com, and I got the notification they were live from the forum, here. Only time I've been lucky enough to get a limited release.
  8. Up for sale is my pair of Nike Air ZITs, size 10.5, that were just released for The Players Championship, last week. Received them, tried them on, and decided to pass them along for someone else to enjoy. They look amazing, just don't seem to fit my feet right in a few spots. Asking $OLD. Thanks.
  9. I went ahead and ordered a pair. With the 60-day return window, I figure I couldn't lose, if they end up not fitting me, properly. This colorway looks awesome! Hopefully even better in person.
  10. I don't expect this to happen, but that would be an instant purchase!
  11. Same, here, too. Really liked the ADG 1s, in person, but can't find them anywhere, in my size, for a reasonable price. And, the ADG 2's just look weird, to my eye. Looking forward to the ADG 3's, and hoping I can get my hands on a pair.
  12. Just went by the local Burlington in MN, and absolutely no golf items, shoes (in any size), or polos in S or M, except for one navy with black Nike Dri-Fit (M), and I passed for $20, as I just didn't like the style. Hopeful thinking that I might find some Jordan golf shoes. But, I didn't go home emptyhanded, as I found a sweet pink tie-dye hoodie for $17.
  13. I say 'almost' due to the red being a little darker than his standard. Only 2 items to sell: 1. Arnold Palmer 1/2-zip (NWT) - size L - This was a gift from a relative, but I am more of a size Medium, and, unfortunately, it's pretty big on me, cuz I really like the look, feel, and details of it. SOLD 2. Nike Golf Dri-fit pants (NWT) - size 32x32 - I bought these a while ago, and never wore them, for some reason. I just have too many pairs of black golf pants and these didn't make the cut. They do have slits in the leg opening, as pictured. SOLD DM me for PP info. Thanks for looking!
  14. 2 dozen Nitro balls, both bright orange! Of course, I still said, "Thank you." But, they've not moved from my garage since then.
  15. Yes. When I first put on my 270 Gs, I thought they were so tight, I might have to return them. But, I decided to wear them around the house for a little while, for a few days, to see if they would stretch out. I'm so glad I did, because they are super comfortable, and I have played several rounds in them, both on a cart, and walking.
  16. Yea, my 270s were really snug, out of the box. After wearing them for an hour or so, I was thinking I was going to have to return them. But, I just continued to wear them around the house, for long periods of time, and they are super comfortable, now. Just walked 9 in them, yesterday evening, and they were great. I'd say try shoe stretchers, or just keep wearing them for longer periods.
  17. ^^^Fully agree! I had looked this place up a few times, earlier this year, in anticipation of planning a trip there, but wanted to wait until Tiger's course opened up. After watching this, I'm even more excited to get down there to experience all the golf available, there. It looks awesome.
  18. I was finally able to get out in my 270s, and they were very comfortable. Wore them for a 90-holes-in-3-days guys' outing, but was also riding. So, I can't speak, exactly, on how they feel walking 18. But, based on how comfortable they were for those 5 rounds, I would say they would be just fine. Just as a side note, I did wear them 3 or 4 times around the house, for several hours at a time, prior to golfing in them, in order to get them stretched/formed to my feet, as the first time I put them on, they were a little tight to get into, and felt a little tight. Now, they're super comfortable, though.
  19. This might be a dumb questions, but for those of you that have the AM270G's, do you feel like you're higher off the ground, when you wear them, or no? They just seem like the sole, with the air, would make it feel that way. If so, is it so much that it affects your swing, like you have to make conscious changes to make sure you get the clubhead back down to the ground?
  20. Just wanted to bump this thread, as I had to search to find it, after the conversion, and thought there might be several members in the same situation.
  21. I will second this, in that mine is doing the same thing, and it is very annoying to click on something, only to have to sign back in to view it.
  22. Ah, I see that, now. Not sure how I missed that, originally. Hoping that means it will all be restored soon. Thanks.
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