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  1. Its not the competition, its the game. The game can only blame itself for the lack of dimension it will continue to exhibit in its evolution (is that from a lack of governance, or factors completely un-avoidable, I couldn't tell ya). But you give great athletes a road map and incredible equipment and they will do amazing things, but not only at the cost of their ability to differentiate themselves, but at the cost of the art and magic that once made this game and its competitors truly special. And I think that is the point we are driving at as we debate with you. It can't work both ways, an
  2. I can agree with where you are coming from a little, but not for Tiger and Phil. Not only did they play in a strong, strong era, but they competed against each other as well. In my opinion, the last decade and a half or so hasn't produced a stronger crop of players then they faced, at least not yet. Not by accomplishment anyway. You have a ton of guys making money, you don't have nearly as many year in and year out proven champions.
  3. There certainly is parity. To me what has evolved is a massive collection of very athletic kids who all play the game the same way - and they are all very good at it. I think we see few dominate now because the modern equipment has created a game where none of them can find an edge. If somebody rises above the parity, it will probably be for their putting skills or something resembling what Bryson has done. Now Bryson is interesting because he has found a way to separate himself significantly. Swing mechanics, equipment, and accuracy with a long drivers approach to tee shots.
  4. Now we are seeing eye to eye. I would also love for some company to remake the wound balata for those of us that enjoy the occasional round with their vintage bags. Anything you can grab off ebay these days is about 40 compression and only good for wedge shots. The 90 vs 100 compression wasn't much of a difference really. Mostly feel. I recall many pro's preferring 90 compression over the 100 for the better feel.
  5. Hey, its the back nine at Augusta in the final round of the masters. It takes a particular set of skills to cope with it. Old school, shot-shaping skills.. and exemplary strategy. I don't recall anything looking like a gift. I do recall seeing a legend with a fused spine answering the bell and a handful of others not being able to hack it. Maybe that's what you mean. Modern players dominate the game you prefer and enjoy because it's all they've known growing up. Good for them. I take nothing from them, what they can do is impressive. It's my opinion none of them will have t
  6. Come on man. Really? He played the best golf in the fewest shots. That's why he won.
  7. Your modern players will be as good as Tiger and Phil when they accomplish as much. It's not looking like any of them will have the longevity or dominance to even sniff Phil's record. Not saying it can't be done, but it seems un-likely. Brooks Koepka was on pace, but his body is already failing him.
  8. With a quality range ball, the majority of tour players would airmail that fence every time they wanted to. I would imagine if your ball was starting down when it hit's the fence, you're probably looking at 250-260 in the air. Ain't no dust on that number. That's sending it pretty good.
  9. I think we've hit the limiter on golf technology advances. The tour-type balls and the driver heads are maxed. Players forged irons might continue to gain more forgiveness, and new shaft technology break-throughs will come along, but I can't see anything that will be even nearly the factor that the science of sport has been, and that's not unique to golf. For those reasons, I sincerely doubt any rule changes will happen soon or ever.
  10. Not only the money, but also the exempt status. Talk about having a block of altitude to work through your problems
  11. Read the rest of the thread. I’ve provided my opinion on the points you’ve made. I’m not really interested in going round and round on it. Seems redundant I do agree that the modern ball is more aerodynamic. That was what I was getting at in my posts. It’s stability makes it much more reliable when flighting in the wind, making strategy simpler in the sense that you don’t have to account and plan for the possibility of considerable variance such as clubbing way up to ensure you didn’t get one of the unexplainable monster balloon balls you could get randomly with the
  12. Seems like a driving range that short would have the dialed-back range balls.
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