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  1. I appreciate any help I can get, I am truly driving the ball better than I ever have but I know with that spin I am absolutely robbing distance. Thanks anyway for the help.
  2. That very well may be the case, but if I was adding loft wouldn't that cause balls to be hit much higher? Launch seems pretty neutral to me I wouldn't say I launch the driver high by any means. Thanks for the help
  3. Hey guys I've been a long time lurker of this forum, but I have to come out the shadows and ask for help. For as long as I can remember I have been a slicer with the driver, but with recent lessons I am now hitting great straight to slight draws with the driver. I wanted to increase club head speed to gain distance so I purchased SuperSpeed Golf, and much to my surprise it has actually improved my swing speed with all my clubs. So I went for an iron fitting yesterday using Trackman and it was determined I was an extremely high spin player with the irons so I figured the same would ring true with the driver. We finished the iron fitting and the next person hadn't arrived so I asked the guy if he minded me hitting a few drives to get an idea if the speed on my driver had increased because distance hadn't really changed. I hit 5 drives average swing speed 118 mph, avg spin was 5000+, and avg carry distance was 250 yards on 5 very good drives. Now my dilemma is this I went and played today and hit the ball dead straight off the tee but my avg distance off the tee was 245(I have arccos) so that was truthfully total distance. I currently play a G400 driver with a Hzrdus Black 65g 6.0 shaft and I absolutely love the combo because it is the best I have ever driven the ball hands down in my life. But it kills me knowing how much distance I am leaving on the table if I could drop the spin to even 2500. I guess my question is I've never hit the G400 LST and I know the forgiveness of the driver drops a little when switching to a low spin driver, but is this the only way to fix a high spin issue like I have beside changing angle of attack(I have been steep since the day I was born)? I intent to go through a driver fitting but if I could slap a LST Head on my shaft and drop the spin 2500 but still hit it like my g400 head I would be doing backflips! Thanks for any help/advice you can give me.
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