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  1. Same ole problem for me. Terrible position at the top of my backswing that needs fixing. Hard to feel where it is at the top. Need camera to see it. Thank you!
  2. Thanks for the opportunity. TaylorMade makes great clubs from driver to putter and I'd love a chance to try the new clubs from TaylorMade.
  3. I'm shocked. Just opened this thread and saw my name! Thanks to everyone involved, especially Kingston.
  4. I've tried putting with blades many times, but I always come back to the big mallets. The bigger headed mallet styles help me putt better. I'd like to give this one a try. Nice looking putter. Thanks for the opportunity.
  5. [quote name='guisician' timestamp='1384838489' post='8170914'] [quote name='teevons' timestamp='1384837261' post='8170840'] 175 for the set, Maybe more because they are so nice but in my experience selling Precision woods , and I have sold sets as nice as these they never have sold for over 200.00. But a set of Penna [size=4]WW just sold for 50k and Wood bros sold for close to a grand so what do I know??[/size] [size=4]Like most older retired pros they held on to clubs thinking they were going to make some big money based on the 80's prices. I [/size]couldn't[size=4] tell you how many time
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