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  1. Went to buy one today, but couldn't find them in stock yet. Was told probably Friday.
  2. I still have the putter I used in the late 70's, just a Mizuno. I don't use it, but I have it....along with 40+ others. I change every couple of weeks just because I love putters. Best old school looking blade, to me, is the new Wilson 8802. Best results, for me, with blades. I'm a mallet guy usually.
  3. I use swing by swing which allows club distance tracking by individual club based upon GPS distances. I liked it more before a recent update. I've discovered that distances are now a bit off. Lasered a 154 distance to stick, hit the shot past the hole and tracked it via the app. Since it was past the hole, it had to be longer than 154, but the app said it was 144.
  4. Fully recommend the full bag fitting at PGASS. I did it. The guy was knowledgeable and did what I wanted him to do. Well worth the money IMO. However... you will do the Mizuno swing deal, then he'll punch the numbers in the computer which will spit out three shaft recommendations. The fitter will push these and your choice of heads. Just remember, it's your money, so I recommend you hit what the computer recommends, but go beyond that. Do some research in advance to know what else there is available. Here, at least, they had every head and shaft available, in multiple flexes. I did not bu
  5. Not often spoken about but exceptional graphite iron shafts are Kuro Kage tini. I use 85g regulars as they play a little stiff to advertised flex. They were (are) an optional shaft on AP2. I was struggling to find a shaft I liked, even paying for a fitting and these were not shown to me. I stumbled upon them one day, hit them and fell in love. I have purchased and tried recoils, steelfibers, program 15s, and a variety of others. At least give them a try, great on hands and elbows, smooth and consistent
  6. I'm using one right now and love it. Stock swing is 96-98 and can get to 107 when I get on it. I use the 5.5. I have smooth transition. I cannot overpower this shaft at fastest, quickest swing. I'm currently using in my Ping G and G400 heads. I love this shaft soooo much, I've sold off my other shafts and drivers and am finally happy with driver. Avg I'd 242 with this driver, long of 308 based upon 42 rounds this season.
  7. I live in Houston where it's hot and humid most of the time. I only use 2Gs or winn dri tacs. Never had an issue with 2Gs being slippery
  8. Just one item this weekend, as noted in the title, Titleist 716 AP2 forged iron set, 5-PW, great condition. See pictures for the details. AMT X-100 shafts, standard length, loft, and lie. These were purchased as a second of two sets and I'm not really an X-100 swing speed player. These have been played, but I've never hit them myself. Price is $450 shipped CONUS with USPS priority. No trades please.
  9. Project x lz, 54g. I'm using the 5.5 flex but just purchased a 3 hybrid with a 6.0 and loving it. I can't overpower the 5.5 though swing speed can get to 110. I'm smooth transition. This shaft is in my G driver, averaging 241 now, and 80+% fairways. I'm loving it so much, I'm selling off my other 5 drivers and shafts
  10. I would add, a lot depends on what you intend to buy. Some cars can be greatly discounted and others less. We recently bought new car and truck. Both were heavily discounted. Ford f150 and Toyota Camry hybrid. We live in a huge market, Houston, so they sell on volume. We went in knowing what we were going to pay. That's what we paid. Keep in mind, dealers make money also based on volume, not only per car. It also helps if your credit is great. If not, they've got you over a barrel. Do your research on MSRP, and be willing to walk if they dont/won't deal.
  11. All of the following items are priced shipped USPS priority CONUS. While I have a few feedback here, I've sold for many years on ebay with over 500 feedback (purchased more than sold). Pricing is OBRO but if I don't respond, you're offer was not considered due to being a low-ball or insulting offer. I can provide extra pictures or information if needed. When you request info, please provide an email address for quick response. The sale will be to the first person to pay. There's quite a bit of action/message exchanges here and merely stating your interest does not hold an item. I only menti
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