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  1. Pre-tournament tv coverage suggestion: a couple of cameras on the course, another camera wandering other interesting places on the grounds, a commentator in the studio giving us an occasional insight on what we’re looking at - all to give us the flavor of being there. So much better than endless pundits and interviews with everyone dutifully reciting sports cliches ad nauseam.
  2. PGA app indicates they’re playing but golf channel still showing rerun from yesterday’s champions tour.
  3. Profound indifference to this week’s event. Come on folks, feign a little interest for Matty’s sake, if nothing else.
  4. Listening to Bones and Feherty masterfully calling that shot, how does Azinger not realize his crappiness and just walk away?
  5. I’m no Bryson fan but didn’t think this particular comment was a big deal. But, maybe it’s naive to be surprised at the harsh punishment for deviating from corporate happy talk, and at the willingness of the sheeple here to embrace it.
  6. Interesting- maybe this explains why I feel so much shorter now compared to the people I play with? I never could swing fast but I could hit it pretty straight; now others with more speed no longer have to hold back.
  7. How about an add-on that deletes Azinger? Could generate billions.
  8. Time to revive an old thread! Regular commercials. “Playing through” commercials. Sponsor announcement commercials. Feature stories. Announcers telling war stories and talking over the action. And Azinger - sweet Jesus in heaven, Azinger. It’s enough to make a strong man cry.
  9. Those few minutes on Peacock with no announcers were splendid.
  10. How often do tournaments like this happen; I.e., when it comes down to who plays least bad? And is it happening more now than it did during the Golden Eras (Jack and Arnie and Gary in the 60s and 70s; Tiger in the late 90s and 00s)?
  11. Billy Walters there to hug him?
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