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  1. I currently have a 303 putter that has a very fine mill on the face but im considering getting someone to do a deeper mill...
  2. Can anyone make a recommendation on where i can get a 303 putter face properly milled? Who is the best at this type of work? Thanks
  3. Piretti Savona Elite center shafted with a Iomic standard size grip. First center shafted putter but decided to spring on one after lusting for a while... Beautiful craftsmanship!
  4. Does anyone know offhand how heavy the stock removable weight is on the g410 3h?
  5. The last spot in my bag to fill is the 3h. I’m a pretty short guy and all of my clubs have been shortened. I play my driver at 44.25, my 3 wood at 42.25, and my 718 AP2 set direct from Titleist at -1/2” from their standard. All of these work well for me. I am leaning heavily towards a G410 3h that comes in at 40.25”. Just looking for some advice as to what may be the best finish length for this club if I order it. Thanks
  6. Currently using the SM7 60 lob wedge L grind which is the lowest bounce configuration Vokey seems to offer. Was eager to compare it to the TM Hi Toe Wedge offering in 60 degrees but am Not too familiar with their 2 bounce choices Wich are 60-10 or 60-atv. Which of these bounce options are most similar to my current wedge and which TM bounce/sole would be preferred for a lower bounce configuration that can still be used out of the green side bunker? Thanks everyone.
  7. Picked up my first set of AP2 last year 718’s and they are great. Perfect head size, profile, offset, and they are extremely forgiving for their size. I think they look amazing and I’m glad I snagged them before this newest release hit the market as I find them visually much more appealing.
  8. Beeez

    Artisan Golf

    Can you order a putter and not have to go to TX for a fitting?
  9. These clubs keep popping up in my feed and I have to say they may be the nicest looking heads I’ve ever seen. Never seen this brand in person and never have tried them. I see they are being sold at TSG. Any info on this brand or has anyone tried this head yet? (I know they are new) Also is it better to purchase heads only and send to someone else for assembly or is TSG a competent company to assemble clubs? It seems like if you choose heads only or pick a shaft the price stays the same in the cart so I’m a little confused. Thanks
  10. Interested in this as well. I usually prefer the non X balls as they don’t feel like rocks to me. Would love to hear additional specifics on the 2019 V1 vs 2019 TP5.
  11. Aren’t Modus 120 butt soft and very tip stiff?
  12. Can’t attest to the other choices but the Pro Blue is the nicest feeling shaft I’ve ever tried. If the profile works for you see if you can demo one for yourself.
  13. I’ve always gravitated to a smaller looking head shape. Played the 905S since 2005 up until last summer. Went Rogue Sub Zero in high loft and heavy weight back and it works awesome. The regular Rogue looked huge to me by comparison.
  14. No TX here...just Pro Blue in 70 stiff. I’d like to stay in the Tensei family but not sure how different the Pro red is to the Pro Blue. This will be a tee club as well as a fairway club. Would keeping the same exact shaft including weight as the 3 wood (70g) and putting it in the 5 wood produce higher launch?
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