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  1. What does the button back Teryllium insert design offer that the other Teryllium insert designs of the past do not? …or vice versa. Just curious from a mechanical perspective
  2. I guess Im in the minority… while the L grind is not bad I feel I’d be better suited to a T grind. The L grind to me plays like it has more bounce than you’d think… and I struggle with it on very tight fairway lies as well as in non fluffy bunkers.
  3. I find the slope function very useful. Im still using a Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 with slope feature since about 2005. If it bites the dust I’ll definitely replace it with another one that has a slope function, Just one more piece of instant data that can only help in my opinion.
  4. Beeez

    Q Star Tour

    Ive had great luck with the Q Star tours … how do they compare to the current urethane Titleist Tour Speed and the Taylor Made Tour Response?
  5. Wound up going with one I found on Amazon… high/double density 1/2” wide and 2g per inch. Didn’t weigh it as I dont have a scale. Added a one inch piece to each of my irons 4-PW, SW, and LW. The change in head weight feel was noticeable and had the best iron striking round with these clubs yesterday. I need to go get the irons properly swingweighted now as Im liking them more and need a numerical starting point. Not sure if i’ll add more but pleased with the results so far. I think the effect was mostly on my tempo and it slowed my transition down which is exactly what i need.
  6. What’s the consensus on the best brand and place to buy high density lead tape? Are there any advantages to 1/2” vs 1” if I have the choice? Ive been on Amazon as well as Golfworks and have seen mixed reviews… I think my 718’s are gorgeous and hate to mess with the aesthetic but my 1/2’ short length and move to a lighter Modus shaft still have the head feeling a bit light even with tip weights installed by Titleist. Thanks
  7. I ordered one of these today on a whim. Looked like a nice crossover between a stand bag and cart bag. Does anyone have one and what are your thoughts?
  8. Wasn’t there an option for a raw T grind at one point?
  9. My last 60 degree wedge was a gunmetal Cleveland low bounce lob wedge I bought back in 2005 I believe. A 588 I believe but not sure. I forget the bounce specs but I know it was very low. I come in very shallow on the ball and needed the low bounce to avoid blading chips and pitches off tight fairway lies and I also used my 60 most from green side bunkers laying the face open. I finally replaced my clubs and went with a Vokey L grind as it was the lowest bounce option at the time. While it is only 4 degrees of bounce Im realizing the bounce is unique on the sole and seems to play like a slightly higher bounce wedge would …at least for for me. I’m still having a hard time with getting the leading edge under the ball. Consistently blading chips and pitches from very tight fairway lies and blading more bunker shots than I ever had before. Open to any suggestions for a low bounce 60 degree wedge that can get the leading edge truly on the turf in both square and fully opened positions to allow me to slide under the ball easier. T-Grind possibly?…or anything from any other manufacturer as well. Thanks
  10. Im considering putting a Ventus red in a 7 wood as well. Was also considering a CK pro blue or an AD IZ. How do you like it in your 7 wood?
  11. Is the new Phantom 5.5 small or large thread weights?
  12. Hello all. Looking for some opinions on a possible shaft for what will be a 7 wood as a replacement to my old hybrid. I seem to get along best with shafts that are softer in the middle and firmer in the handle and tip. I currently play AD IZ 6s in my driver and love it. I also play Tensei CK Pro Blue 7s in my 3 wood and also get along great with that. I’ve never tried Ventus Red but it appears to have the similar blue board style bend profile so I wouldn’t be opposed to it either with many great reviews out there. Can anyone comment on comparing these shafts’ characteristics for what would be used in a 7 wood? Which would be considered most tip stable/stiff and how would they compare with launch and spin. Probably looking in the 70gram class to compare all 3…Thanks.
  13. Ive had great luck with the Titleist Players glove but prefer the FJ Pure Touch. The Pure Touch for me has had incredible durability for the level of thinness and softness it has. No experience with the Kirkland but will try this season.
  14. I generally prefer the non x balls due to the slightly softer feel compression wise. Between the 21’ Pro V1 and 21’ TP5 which one has a softer feel/lower compression and which one has higher launch/ trajectory?
  15. I’m not familiar with the Maxfli but the AVX for me felt great on full shots but flies a little to low trajectory wise for me and one hopped a few too many greens. I could probably adjust to it if I put the time in but I guess I prefer a ball that stops a little quicker coming into the greens on full shots for me. If the Maxfli is a good comparable ball I try and seek some out.
  16. For those who have tried both... how do these 2021 (non x) balls stack up against each other?
  17. A quick aerial of my 5w on the left and Phantom 5.5 on the right just to show a first person view of the slight change in alignment lines as well as comparing the different shaft bend vs neck appearance. While I have no idea if the sole dimensions were changed or not between these two putters or from the original X5... the Phantom 5.5 seems to just sit square and flat immediately when I sole it. The 5w always was able to wobble a bit no matter how I soled it. Just a random observation
  18. I have both a new Phantom X 5.5 as well as a Piretti Savona Elite. Both are worth a look although I’m not sure as to the current availability of the different Piretti Savona models.
  19. I ordered through PGA SS and wasn’t given any option and my grip does not have white letters.
  20. Are there any places to purchase additional authentic Pistoleros Plus grips? I’m really liking the size and feel of the one on the new 5.5 and would like to put one on another one of my Scotty’s...
  21. Did a quick unboxing and it looks great! Really like the feel of the Pistolero Plus grip as well. Can’t wait to get it on the greens.
  22. Cmon FedEx! In the home stretch fingers crossed for tomorrow... Hoping ill get along with the Pistelero Plus but suspect it will be fine.
  23. 10g for the 35”, 15g for the 34”, and 20g for the 33”
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