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  1. From what I understand you might test positive for a long time after having it, so big blow to the olympic field
  2. I dont think Tiger would beg to differ, he practices his draws heavily before the masters
  3. 80sFredriksson

    Louie O

    He seems to just tighten up a bit on the final rounds of the majors, not playing as freely as before and not putting as agressively, but man the dudes swing is so buttery I wish I had that tempo looks so damn easy when swings
  4. Great victory speech, very impressed by how CM handles himself
  5. ? Best approach player in the game and you think it is all luck putting
  6. CMs putting has been off the charts today
  7. Just like the pga tour then, drive, wedge putt, fair play, and a dude still won it so the length difference was not a problem whatsoever
  8. Not sure how big the difference needs to be after the tee shot but to get something reasonably fair the ladies needs to be a lot of yards ahead, 50 might be it. Seems to work well looking at the leaderboard
  9. Look at strokes gained approach instead
  10. Hopefully never, just playing into the longer hitters strength and will just keep driving them to hit it even longer, shorten the courses if anything
  11. Poor Rahm, very unlucky, can’t consider whoever wins the real winner, should give first place money to charity instead
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