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  1. I wouldn’t say I’m OCD but I definitely can’t stand it when I don’t clean my clubs after a round
  2. As far as Bloomington goes, nothing too spectacular right now. Cascades is usually in rough shape but it is a 27 hole muni so there’s that. The IU course is currently under renovation but should be interesting once finished. I heard they were going to stretch it to 8000 yds, no thanks. I’m currently a member at Stonecrest. 27 holes, good pace of play and fairly cheap. Course conditions are average. It’s located about 15 minutes south of Bloomington. Definitely easy to walk and get on pretty much any day of the week.
  3. JPX are great. Combine them them with the right shaft and you’ll be good to go.
  4. Had my whole bag stolen outta the back seat of my Jeep. Just ran in to the grocery for a couple things, came back out and they were gone. Busy parking lot too. Maybe that worked to their advantage. Called the cops, they filed a report. Called insurance company, not really anything they could do. Checked Craigslist and local pawn shops for a month or 2...nothing.
  5. I'm chuckling just a little. You've seen two instructors, neither of whom is concerned about your head movement, even though they've seen you swing the club in person. And now you're asking us. who have seen two still photos, to diagnose the cause, and provide a cure, for something that you have independently decided is an issue. I go back to my recommendation, follow the instruction you've been given. Its quite possible that by making the changes your instructor recommends, you'll eliminate the head movement as well. Appreciate the advice.
  6. I’ve seen 2 different instructors. Neither have ever mentioned anything about my head movement. One said I have a reverse weight shift. The second teacher changed a lot of things. He said my concepts were wrong, who am I to argue that. Changed my grip from 10 finger to overlap so I could get more speed on the way down. I went from hitting pulls with my irons to now I have started slicing them. I’m very consistent with my driver, albeit a high weak shot that often starts straight then heads right. I can hit that crappy shot all day.
  7. Thanks for all the help thus far. Appreciate it.
  8. Thanks for the responses fellas. The whole weight shift concept has been something I just can’t seem to figure out. I’m going to checkout monte’s video. I feel like by leaving my head behind the ball that I’m hanging back on my right side. I know...feel isn’t real. Damn this game!
  9. Any help? Can’t seem to stop moving ahead of the ball before impact. Shot shape is a VERY consistent high weak slice that starts straight and then peels off right. Anybody else experience this issue and fixed it? If so, what helped you?
  10. Played the Brickyard Crossing yesterday and one guy in our group duffed a 3 wood off the tee, flung the club towards the 8 foot barb wired fenced that runs the entire length of the last 3-4 holes. Missed the fence (lol) and the club flew over the fence and on the the railroad tracks. Trying to watch a 280 lb man climb a 8 foot fence was hilarious. Needless to say he didn’t get his new 3 wood back.
  11. Were there not any terms and conditions that you had to read and accept before you signed up?
  12. Taking lessons. Going through the beat down process of learning the correct way of doing things. My concepts were (are) bad. I am committed though. Funny that we put ourselves through all this.
  13. I’m on my 3rd one now. First guy I only had one lesson before he moved to a new golf course. 2nd guy uses no video and has poor eyesight (asks me what the flight looks like cause he has poor vision). 3rd and current instructor was ranked as one of my state’s top instructors a few years back. I’ve been to 3 lessons now and am as confused as ever on what the heck I’m doing. I’m hoping that this confusion is a good thing meaning that I wasn’t doing it right before (obviously) and that the correct way should feel confusing at first.
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