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  1. I dont agree in the sense that he's literally autistic. Is he "autistic" in a common parlance way? Sure seems so. Rigid thinking, obsessed with routines, tinkering, socially awkward. And in that case it's actually very cool (and fun) to bully him. Maybe he will tone it down to the benefit of everyone, especially the children, watching him at events. I wish someone in the gallery had captured his meltdown on their phone, that video would be a classic. I was really surprised that it took until nova6868 at post #76 for anyone to agree with Hawkeye. “Literally autistic” isn’t a useful dis
  2. HI, my name is Dexter and I’m a hat addict. I probably own 60 and probably give away 25 or more every year. If it don’t correctly fit, the road it must hit. When I walk in the hot weather, it’s going to be an unstructured clima-cool type material hat from Adidas, or UA, or one of my favorite teams, because it’s going to get thoroughly sweated through and thrown in the washer. If it’s not so hot or I’m riding, or for casual wear, I prefer variou low-crown flex-fits that are usually branded Adidas, UA, Puma, New Era (Yankees and a million others), and A-Flex (Make a lot of wicking hats for
  3. You can certainly call me envious, sure, who wouldn’t like to have a place on the Monterey Peninsula? I’ve been there a few times and I absolutely love it. But I tune in to see the golf competition. I understand that with this tournament part of the deal is that you get the good, Larry Fitz almost acing 7 and okay, I don’t mind giving Charles Schwab his moment after a nice putt. Why anyone still finds the “wild and wacky’ antics of Ray Romano remotely entertaining is beyond me. But, I especially detest, abhor, and just plain hate Jim Nantz et al droning on about the amenities of PB, ab
  4. I got the same deal here in Virginia. I wore it to work one day and haven’t golfed in it yet. I’m wearing it over a light base layer and a long sleeve performance polo. I don’t think it’s thin enough to be an under layer.
  5. I'm patiently waiting for the blade collar craze to subside and go the way of those horrible short sleeve mock necks of 12 years or so ago (the mullet of golf shirt designs). I just don't dig it whatsoever. As far as the state of the in-style, gray has replaced tan as the preferred color for pants (some black, some white, but seems like two-thirds of pros wear gray), fits are trim, white belts and large buckles are on the wane, and most of those gray pants are matched up with a white cap and white shoes. Oh, and short point collars are increasingly replacing rib-knit collars.
  6. The Old Navy active pants that have been mentioned several times in this forum are cut slim. They are mad comfortable and can be had for about $23 if you hunt just a bit for a coupon or sale. Since they have plenty of stretch, I find they are comfortable in size 32, as opposed to 33 for my dress pants.
  7. If not for the "18 hole round" specification, I probably would have checked that I play as much as I want. The other factor that I would have checked is crowded conditions. I play off peak times, usually at the end of daylight. The course I play is conducive to hopping around and skipping holes to get around traffic. 80% of my play is 9-13, not necessarily consecutively-numbered holes instead of teeing off on one and holing out on 18. Again, this is a reason to not belong to an upscale course.
  8. Again, as a couple others have noted, tucking into shorts looks ridiculous. Now, since this apparel thread is in the "Tour Talk" forum, let's talk logos. Does anybody seriously think Rickie's outfit was more offensive than the Nascar getup sported by Zach Johnson and several others? Someone reduced this thread to the absurd by suggesting the fact that the dress code line needed to be drawn somewhere short of Speedos, so where should the Tour draw the line on size and number of logos? I can sort of understand it with players who are struggling to pay bills, but not with stars. Speaking jus
  9. Unless you're hung up on getting a really thin leather or the name brand, the Callaways from Costco are great. They wear like iron and remain soft. After about 20 wearings, I put one through the wash and then forgot and put it through the dryer on medium heat. I still got another dozen or so rounds out of it. Rockbottom also has good deals.
  10. Picked this up for $22 at the Marshall's on Cox Road in Richmond. I usually wear a small in UA, but this is a medium and fits perfectly over a base layer and long sleeve polo. They have about a half dozen more, all same color and size.
  11. Yep, I knew it would be that one before I clicked on it. He and several other players made that course look too short for the modern tour, but it was fun to watch. If he stays healthy, I can't imagine how he won't have a monster year. He was not only ridiculously long, but also pretty darn straight and handy around the greens.
  12. You veer off course when you equate mode of dress with etiquette. I used to play a course that was populated by guys who would have been playing softball if they hadn't built a course there. Cargoes would have been a sartorial step up for most of these guys, and they definitely stowed their share of beer and Crown in their carts. But they were very respectful of the course and their fellow golfers in terms of fixing ball marks, raking traps, driving properly, standing still, etc,etc...
  13. "Great player" can be anything you choose it to be. Oh, you mean just as "classy," can be.
  14. I'm baffled by the laundry challenges some have faced. I wash mine in something "free and clear" like Arm and Hammer, in cold water and tumble dry low - no odors, no wrinkles, no problems. I do this with every brand from the fancy Puma and Adidas to the budget pick ups from Target's clearance rack. The one in fifteen with a collar that curls badly, I donate to Goodwill. I only encounter static in the winter, and then a couple shakes does the trick.
  15. All of the great players dressed classy; Jack Tiger Arnie Ben Phil Ernie Faldo Tom Johnny etc. John Daly doesn't make the "classy" list or the "great player" list and never will. Neither does Ricky Conservative, maybe. "Classy" is in the eye of the beholder. I don't consider Tiger in his tent shirts and MC Hammer pleats of the '90's to be classy; more like clueless. Phil and Jack seem to make their decisions based on what will minimize attention to their portly physiques. Watson was guilty of jumping on the white belt/white shoes/plaid bell bottoms trend of the late '70's - hardly w
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