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  1. I think I'm the resident curmudgeon when it comes to Harbour Pointe. It's a fun course, but I've always found it over priced, especially this time of year when conditions are sub optimal. Avalon is ~1 hour drive from where you're at and much better bang for the buck (IMO). If that's a non-started, HP will suffice.
  2. It was open for preview play for a window last year, so not sure if anyone had gotten a chance to get on it. Based on that description sounds like a blast, so fingers crossed
  3. Has anyone on here gotten a chance to play the new par 3- Quick Sands- at Gamble? Heading there for a boy's trip over Memorial Day weekend and going to start the weekend there, but curious for thoughts from anyone that's seen it. Love The Preserve and always start our Bandon trips there, wondering if this has the same flare. Along with the Cascades putting course, it's the second best option for use in the Seattle area, IMO
  4. Did my honeymoon down there, so for an outsider's perspective (came from the Seattle area), it was doable. Echo everything everyone said here. Figured I'd be pounding beers on the course, but turns out there is such a thing as it being too hot to drink beer- at least for me. Played 3 rounds on Gainey Ranch, one on We-ko-pa Saguaro and varying times throughout the day. Drank a ton of water, wore a lot of sunscreen, and was fine.
  5. Played Cedarcrest over the weekend. Haven't played there in years, the flipped 9s threw me for a loop. Course was pretty swampy throughout, as a foursome we lost ~8 balls in fairway first cut. However, the greens were absolutely immaculate. I was blown away by they shape they were in and how true they rolled. Greens you'd expect to see at a private course.
  6. I see this being a product of coastal, personally, more so than specific cities. West coast typically leans to one side of the aisle (sure there are exceptions, especially on the eastern sides of OR and WA), but to the points above, anyone anywhere can be an a** and say something stupid, on either side of the spectrum. I'm fairly aligned politically with the consensus of WA/OR, but have met plenty of people who see things differently that have lead to interesting conversations to understand their view point. Largely on how it's approached. I don't tell them they're wrong, but ask about their e
  7. Played 36 at Home Course and 27 at Snoqualmie Ridge over the weekend. SR a bit wet in spots, but greens in great shape. Opposite for Home Course, really dry, but greens were like broccoli in the afternoon. Looks like they're suffering the same fate as Chambers with greens half poa and half bentgrass
  8. +1 to these hand warmers as well. I never have much luck with hot hands (I feel like every third or fourth are the ones that actually work). I wear this just loose enough to easily slide around my waist. Flip it on my back when I'm swinging, then rotate around the front while walking. A buddy found a cheap electric hand warmer that he uses off of Amazon. It's a bit bulky for my taste to have in my pocket, but if in a cart it throws off a lot of heat while holding it.
  9. I think it may come to your ability as well. DMK has been open with GS being playable for everyone, slopes typically work in your favor, there are two driveable par 4s (Chambers 12 is as well), and he wants people to come out and shoot their best rounds. I played Chambers with a few friends a couple weeks ago and we forgot just how much that course can kick you in the teeth, albeit still be a blast to play. GS has their par 3 course opening this year as well and I believe will be open when the course opens for the year, but haven't seen a ton of updates on that front. Haven't messed around on
  10. Make it +4 on the RJ gloves. I don't have the world's best rain gear, however have become a convert to the TrueLinks Original in terms of waterproof shoes. They aren't as optimal as the Bandons or other shoes meant for torential rain, but with light rain or standing water have held up well, are the most comfortable golf shoes my fat feet have ever been in, and their customer service/local feel have made me an unoffical brand evangelist.
  11. If Coeur d'Alene is the region of ID you're choosing, I'd highly encourage considering Circling Raven over CdA. You won't have the postcard picture with the floating green, but in terms of the better course, I put CR quite a bit above CdA.
  12. Respectfully disagree. Overpriced for one (albeit awesome) hole with a view. Rounds are slow and the handful of times I've played the course has been in lackluster shape. Charged $100 for a cart, balls, round on a spring weekend when the course was too wet to mow roughs. You could run your ball through the fairway into ankle deep stuff and never see it again. Guys in the pro shop acknowledge that to be the case, yet didn't bat an eye at the price. To each their own, but certainly not worth the trip if coming into town to play Chambers for a Bandon trip and I'd stay on the road another hour to
  13. North of Seattle I think you have to go quite a ways to get to anything solid. Avalon is a favorite that way, but you're looking at an hour north of Seattle. Bellingham has great public options, but now looking at 90 minutes to two hours. Echo Falls is another one we'll play frequently if heading that direction. For me, Harbour Pointe, Cedarcrest, Battle Creek, Gleneagle, Walter Hall- none of them do it for me. Nile and Lynwood are fine if you just want to get out, albeit short, long rounds, and can be in suspect shape depending on when you catch them. East side: Bellevue is a fun
  14. Played Willows Run- Eagles Talon over the weekend. Course was in pretty rough shape, which is understandable given where we're at in the year. Greens are covered overnight to prevent any frost delays, which is certainly a positive, but they were about as bumpy as any I've ever played. Not complaining as I get it, but there are better options out there. (Standing water in parts of the course as well) Had two friends play Avalon the next day, and while it's a hike from the Seattle area, they said the greens were pristine and in fantastic shape.
  15. Good to know, thanks. Every time I've been it hasn't even been a question, granted it's been in summer when temps are in the upper 90s. I could see it being an enjoyable walk in cooler temps.
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