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  1. Just a heads up- Glen Acres is 9 holes with two sets of tees. Don't know if that's a deal breaker. Rainier's practice facility is also very nice.
  3. I haven't played Idaho Club, but drive by it a couple times a year and have always been really interested in getting out. I have some friends with a cabin ~45 minutes past it in NW Montana. They play it a couple times a year and from what I've heard, it's one of the hardest courses they've played (they're 3 and 10 hcs). It looks great just from driving by and super engaging if you're willing to make the drive. +1 to Palouse Ridge. Top 5 public in WA in my book. Spokane has great public golf as well. Indian Canyon is a good option, I'm partial to Qulchan personally. Have
  4. And just when I thought they were done after Sheep Ranch: https://www.golfdigest.com/story/bandon-dunes-sixth-18-course
  5. Played Newcastle China Creek yesterday... and ho boy. I don't usually have nice things to say about Newcastle and yesterday just reaffirmed it. I run a golf league where the guys wanted to get Oki cards and play all of the Oki courses this year, which is why we wound up there. Some thoughts. 1. The round was "free" after the complimentary Oki round. Minus the $17 bucket (!!!) of balls to warm up. 2. The course is super burned out or drenched in low spots. Plugging in fairways or hitting off of dirt for $150 rack rate blows me away. 3. I hadn't played China Creek before, just Coa
  6. +1 to that. I'd encourage anyone in your group not getting a caddy, but finds your caddie helpful, to throw them $20-$40 as well. Even if they're not carrying their bag, they'll rake bunkers if it doesn't slow them down for you, help with lines off the tee, and most likely just be a good hang.
  7. Agreed, don't know you're going to find anything at that price point in the area. Best of luck.
  8. What are are you moving to? I think Newcastle is the most overrated, overpriced course in the area personally and there are a lot better options both in terms of course and price that would be truly private. especially if you're going to be on the east side.
  9. Our course just put out a notice that carts won't be allowed on the course through Monday due to excessive heat and the damage it can bring. Accuweather forecasting 113 for Monday right now, we're about to shatter all sorts of records.
  10. Carts have coolers with ice they load you up before teeing off as well.
  11. Unfortunately, I think this is right. I don't know of any public courses in the area that allow unlimited memberships and practice areas. What you're looking for is effectively a private course. Willows has a membership but gets you one free round and discounts going forward. You're probably best looking at private courses.
  12. It largely depends on what you mean by "inexpensive." Snoqualmie Ridge has a good practice area and unlimited golf with dues, the practice area at Rainer is top notch and both are reasonably priced relative to other private courses. Mt Si has a grass range, but don't know they have unlimited memberships. Willow's Run practice facility is decent as well for a public course
  13. Washington- Bellingham has some really good public golf if you're coming down I5. Loomis Trail, North Bellingham, Sudden Valley, Semiahmoo, Lake Padden fit the bill of "Hidden Gem" in my eyes. South of Seattle- Gold Mountain Olympic, Salish Cliffs, McCormick Woods Further down I5 toward Oregon- Tri Mountain and Camas Meadows are favorites of mine, although haven't played either in years so can't speak a ton to the conditions. Gamble and Palouse on the east side for sure. Haven't played Wine Valley but it's top of my list for courses to get out to in WA
  14. Just got back from a two night trip out there and sharing some quick thoughts. Went with 8 guys ranging in hc from 4-25. We played Quicksands when we arrived on Thursday, 36 on Sands Fri, 18 Saturday morning before leaving. Everyone had a great time and the course was in phenomenal shape. Everyone found it extremely enjoyable- the 25 hc broke 100 for the first time, the 4 hc had his best round ever (a 3 putt par on 18 to shoot E. We roasted him accordingly). The course itself is great and with the addition of QS and a second course, it's going to be a premier resort in WA. That sai
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