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  1. 10 Year Old Boy. Similar Swing Speed. Been using Recoil F2 senior for over a year. Better dispersion when we switched from the F1 (ladies) about a year ago. Still was spinning too much with previous XR16 13.5* head up around 3,000. Now using F9 10.5*. Have not been back to launch monitor to verify spin yet but ball flight/roll out/trajectory noticeably better.
  2. An Impact bag has helped my son (10)....not directly to get a better spine angle, but more to get in a better impact position overall, which includes maintaing spine angle.
  3. Yes, 3 times so far. Play, you wont regret it. Completely different golf course, not just new grass. Greens roll very well, you need to think about how you approach greens. Being out of position isnt a simple chip up anymore. Greens are a lot of fun. They spread tee time intervals out and so far pace of play has been fine. Time will tell if that sticks. Hope it does.
  4. Is it receptive to chipping/pitching. We are considering one and have enough room in back yard for a 35 -40 Yard Pitch "tee". I've sketched out to have the longer part of the green line up, but not sure if these things are realistic in receptiveness or if it just bounces off....
  5. Love the rags to riches success stories, but for each one of those stories on the PGA tour there is probably 20 that had some sort of higher privilege (not necessarily rich, but call it some level of disposable income & time to support). AJGA is no doubt the most likely(but not the only) path to D1, D1 is no doubt the most likely (but not the only) path to PGA Tour. AJGA is expensive. I have no stats to back that up, but there is no way around the fact that Golf is an expensive sport - both money and time. Naturally those with more access, more time, and more resources have a high
  6. Late reply, but I am with @darter79 and have done it on my own. Great practice and a nice way to spend a quiet late afternoon at the course. Aside from being useful, my son Loves doing it...thinks its a ton of fun. I guess he gets that "new gear" rush.
  7. Good news for you both, the Muni has been closed for 9 months for a full renovation and is set to reopen the first week of December. Not just new grass, the whole course has been redone with heavy influence from classic Seth Raynor/CB Macdonald templates. Each green completely rebuilt to USGS spec. Mower fleet complete new as well. The course is going to be something very special as far as muni’s go.
  8. 2021 Book was released this morning and sold out in about 30 minutes. Cost is $199
  9. Had to revisit this. I thought you all were full of it as I had not seen one putt all this time robbed by a covid cup.......until this weekend, sons 3 footer went in......then came out! No doubt it bounced right off that pool noodle. Oh well, rub off the green!
  10. 3 Months - Usually take a break after Worlds until January...school starting, then football & basketball...Usually fresh and ready to come back in Spring. It takes a month or so to get back in decent form, but think the mental break has been worth the tradeoff for him.
  11. Lots of threads with good info if you use search. I would add that the trip from Charleston to Kiawah isn’t exactly convenient. If playing at Kiawah, consider staying there and hitting Charleston on your arrival or departure day(s). IMO any (of the 5) courses at Kiawah pretty much beat any other public course in the Charleston. If you have private access, diff story. honestly it’s Hard to Find good golf value in Charleston. generally not very cheap for average conditions . Obviously budgets drive these kinds of trips so understandably multiple rounds at Kiawah may not be realisti
  12. Very helpful replies. Thank you. It did have the stock TM shaft in it - someone mentioned that . Very well could be a non-issue with his trusty Recoil in it. Will make sure to try that if we can and look at it from all angles but little bits of information along the way is helpful. Thank you.
  13. 10 next month, and THE question was simply (and slightly rephrased to try to keep the thread on topic) : does anyone notice if, in your experience, TM Drivers are fade biased ? ...thats it. So, @heavy_hitter- you have brought up two kids in golf who surely have gone through many many drivers. Your response to THE question would be appreciated and very helpful information to myself and probably many others on here. In your experience , have you noticed that TM drivers tend to be more fade biased than others? Thanks!
  14. Upon further digging.... https://golf.com/gear/drivers/clubtest-2020-7-drivers-fade-biased/ Forgot that TM also has the SIM Max D.
  15. My son hit his buddies SIM yesterday at the course. My sons normal flight is a slight draw with his XR16 (std settings), the TM was sending everything Left to Right (std settings). He had to try to hit a hook for it to go straight. Picked up his driver - back to normal slight draw, so it wasnt like his swing was off that day. I've heard before that the Callaways may be a bit upright/draw biased. Does anyone know if the TM's are fade biased? In the market for a new driver, curious for feedback if anyone has experienced any bias with TM or any other manufacturers - also wanting to try
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