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  1. 10 year old son uses ping hoofer lite. I bought a new sun mountain 2.5 which I really like too. Both Carry well and are light. I cut some pool noodles to line the bottom of his bag, keeps the clubs from disappearing.
  2. Fired on the 3rd hole yesterday! Never happened before, didn't see it coming. He blamed me for a few bad shots, I offered some advice about his alignment looked off....he got upset that I shouldn't be giving him advice during the round .....boom, asks mom to tap in.....who replied "no thanks, getting blamed for your bad shots doesn't sound like fun to me!" I was thrilled she backed me up, rather than be mommy to the rescue. He carried the bag the rest of the round (no pushcart), while we peacefully watched from the cart path. He was livid, no doubt thought I would insist on continuing.
  3. Another vote for Pinehurst. +/- 20,000 SF Practice Green/putting course, 2 or 3 other short game greens, World Class Range, and The Cradle Short Course. If you want to mix it up you can head 10 minutes down the road to Pine Needles/Mid Pines that have really good practice areas in their own rate.
  4. My opinion, what I have found works best for my son. - Tmnt practice rounds , Play from same tees. The main objective for us in a Tmnt practice round is to establish game plan - target lines off tees, miss spots & deep trouble spots, lay up spots on par 5's, etc. . You will miss much of this if you play from different tees. - Dont keep score. Sometimes will play some kind of points game - i.e. set a quota where FW's, Greens, up & downs, etc. are worth points. Takes pressure of a "The Score" , but still helps focus on something. Not much to gain by keeping actua
  5. One hand.....finish what you started ... Other hand.....if a kid is acting like a fool, do you yank him? I’ve seen it threatened several times, but a dad actually did it a few weeks ago to one of my sons playing competitors. (Odd thing was it was only the two of them in the pairing, so my son had to wait for the group behind to catch up so he could have a marker). We’ve all seen some outlandish behavior out there and probably thought “if that was my kid, I would yank his —— out so fast....”, so I guess I would say it is OK if it’s an extreme behavior issue.
  6. @ChipNRundo these clubs have Junior caddie programs or is the crew mostly adults? If mixed, what percent are juniors (est)?
  7. For sure, thats a big barrier (that's why I only offered my son $20! Its all relative, I am buying his dinner everyday too, ha.) A partnership with a youth golf organization could potentially work - Youth on Course has a caddy program. I could be completely wrong, but think that YOC pays part of the fee and golfer pays part of the fee. Makes the cost more manageable.
  8. Sounds great. What part of the country are you at?
  9. Have any of your juniors been involved in caddying? Certainly has gone by the wayside , would love for my son to have the opportunity for all of the obvious reasons. Junior caddying seems no-existent in the south, and only high end resorts or clubs that cater to northeast guests or members have caddie programs anyway. I asked my son the other day if him and a few buddies would caddy for my group for $20/piece or so (way under market, haha)....he said he would love to! I generally do not care for taking an adult caddie, but would happily support a local junior caddie program. Cuts into
  10. 10 YO son, 58" tall or so, TS 57 Steel shafts, F9/Recoil F2....so pretty much same spot. Last year he went through what sounds similar (exactly, actually)....lost distance with driver, goes from a nice tight draw with good trajectory to a weak high spinning push....lost some serious distance and it was a head scratcher and frustrating... probably went on for a few months. Speed was maintained, and even increased, just seems like it wasnt transferring down through the shot. Looking back, this isnt the first time. Its easy to look at the equipment, but IMO if it was working before then g
  11. Your 15 year old "said this thread was ridiculous " , yet you've posted 5 times on this thread. C'mon Heavy! Of course if the tour would enforce the rules on pace it would stop the nonsense, haha. But clearly the rules are not being enforced in the OP's case....which is why he made the original complaint. I dont think it was directed to the advanced level that your 15 year old plays at. Pace of play is going to be an issue in the younger ages especially....its part of the learning process for players, parents (and tour directors I guess). The OP's suggestions were made (at least halfw
  12. I will digress a little here to say I don’t think it should be at the expense of poor play from rushing. Don’t just step up and hit it, still take care to your routine , even if that is a remark/line up. But no doubt some time could be saved without alternating for MOST players. Higher level players can be efficient enough. For my 7 year olds daughters groups (and some of the choppers I play with) , it would save 30 minutes a round!
  13. For the driver you mean? I don’t know, but I don’t think that will work. Typically the hybrid designated shafts are heavier...I would check the the weight, but may want to stick with the driver shaft . For the recoil , the specific shaft is 440ES (F1 is “ladies”, F2 is “senior”. Weight is somewhere between 45g uncut.
  14. In all seriousness, I've been an advocate for the first. If I am with familiar & casual enough company, I finish out myself without asking. I've also suggested it for my 7yo daughters group at the next tmnt. I'me not ready to throw out all golf etiquette and tradition, but there are 100 other people who have trampled around the hole today before you. Your playing partner putting out (even if stepping on your line) isnt going to change things.
  15. @Bizzle80 My son started playing XR16 at 8 years old. It was night and day better than USKG driver....if you have the means, time, and curiousity...go for it. Each kid is different, so maybe it will work for your son, maybe not. It did for mine though. We tried two versions of the flynn shaft before trying a recoil F1. The Recoil F1 / XR16 Head was good....noticeably better than with the flynn shaft and I am pretty sure I found it on ebay already with Callaway adapter for $39. My son is now 10, still plays recoil shaft (F2), but in a Cobra F9 10.5*. The XR16 was 13.5*,
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