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  1. Sounds like he enjoys it = all good. When he dropped soccer and basketball was it to spend more time on golf or was it he just didnt enjoy soccer & basketball ?
  2. I get it every year. I am pretty sure you do not have to be a resident. I've met several people who get it and use it really for the purpose of an annual Kiawah trip - which pays for itself and more. Each book is registered with a SN and labeled with YOUR name and address. You have to bring the book when you play - they will not accept just the ticket , so you cant give/sell individual tickets to other people for use. Likewise, you cannot (are not supposed to) resell your book because it is registered to your name. However, I have only had one course ever check the book against my ID.
  3. I would like to hear from parents whose kid specialize(d) in golf ONLY from an "early" age. I am personally in the multi-sports camp for all of the reasons repeated on countless threads here, but my soon to be 10yo makes it easy because he chooses to play many sports (soccer, football, basketball ...all seasonally along with Golf) and really enjoys each one. He has a few of his golf buddies we've met along the way who've really done nothing but golf since early age - like 5 or 6. I mind my own business , but what I've heard from the parents is something along the lines of "Ju
  4. Couple of questions: 1. Does your child take a practice swing or swings before each shot during an event? 85% of the time yes, 15% no (not sure why not) 2. If yes, how many? 1 or 2 3. Where do they take them? (next to the ball, behind it, somewhere else?) Usually next to ball, sometimes with Driver behind ball. I've tried to get him to take it behind the ball (in the think box, not the play box) as part of his routine, but have not been very successful. 4. Why do they take a practice swing? same as @kekoa, not exactly sure why he actually does it. Habit may
  5. I agree for the most part, but there have been a few times that things have been all jacked up and moving the ball position to correct spot helped big time immediately (after having racked my brain and his frustration searching for other "fixes" - yes, still looking for the right instructor, i know). Probably should do a weekly setup check with sticks for alignment & ball position to keep an even baseline. There is a reason Justin Rose and these other pro's spend so much time on simple alignment.
  6. LW,SW,GW - a hair back of middle PW,9,8 - Middle 7,6,5 - ball forward Driver - Tends to be in front of foot, probably Those are the preferred ball positions, but like a lot of juniors he will sometimes completely skip checking and there is no telling, haha. For a 9 year old its simple to basically have 3 ball positions to worry about rather than trying to get it exactly right in minimal increments. He has a tendency, especially with short irons, to let ball position creep forward. This causes him to slide too much in downswing, which causes all sorts of issues.
  7. Title. I am not talking about the best ball charity deal we’re you can buy birdies and all that. I never really have played in “legit” tmnts but am playing in my club championship this weekend (today and yesterday). I am enlightened - it’s a different ball game when you know it’s going on the board and bragging rights (and clubhouse credit !) are you on the line. My plan was simple- follow the same guidance I try to give my son - routine, strategy, course Managment, etc. I found it was very difficult to keep steady and shot my worst round in months. Good perspective.
  8. Line off of the tee (par 4's & 5's) that unnecessarily brings trouble into play with no real reward reason to do it. I am not talking about clear risk reward holes, its not always necessarily a way more aggressive line either. I.E. - By simply adjusting his line to make sure that the trouble is outside of his reasonable dispersion he could take a tree, the rough, or even a bunker completely out of play and really not sacrifice anything for it. Boy needs a lesson in Decade Golf.
  9. Good point. Maybe shape it up as bonus challenge - if you get it great , if not all good. Something to hone in his focus out of the gate. Even then you are right, letting go and moving on if he doesn't get it easier said than done. @GunGun Not really bad shots, but will tend to make a tentative swing sometimes. More so not being focused in. No handicap. As heavy said, no need. Kind of stuck a few strokes over par typically. Hits plenty of fairways and greens, just doesnt make enough of the birdie putt opportunities when he has them. Seems a bit content to settle for par, which is
  10. @heavy_hitter I have heard the same from Bell. But it has to be an individual thing. Obviously it works for Hagestad. It works for my son with other sports so I am going to try it. Unpuckered is right on the money. But my son does it even in casual rounds with me or with friends he knows. I dont think its a comfort or nerve thing. Just needs a kick in the to get going it seems. At the end of the day thats it, just getting your mind comfortable and fired up (or calmed down, whatever works) to lock in. I also had the idea to frame up a goal to have at least 1 birdie in first 3
  11. Anyone play there recently (how recent?). Down for a junior tournament in a few weeks, trying to figure out specifically how the greens are- slow,fast,stimp estimate? Thanks
  12. Strategies or ways you have got your junior to start strong? Too often my son seems "asleep" for the first 3-4 holes. I dont think its nerves, he is pretty level and steady. Its weird, you can see it in his body language, focus, and energy. How about headphones / music before round ? (hype music, calm music, whatever) before round. He does this for football, soccer, and basketball and usually comes out hot, it just never really seemed fitting for golf to me. Heard a podcast yesterday with Stewart Hagestad - said he never listens to rap music except right before match play rounds....hmmm
  13. 9 YO Boy, friend of my son had his Driver stolen at Worlds this year. Pinehurst Clubhouse. Was putting on the green after his practice round on the eve of R1, came back - Gone. Probably another kid.
  14. After the US am this week I got curious and took a look at the past winners of the US Junior AM. Some notable names for sure, but just as many you've never heard of. A story came up on the 2010 Winner Jim Liu (beat Justin Thomas). Seemingly another Cant Miss Kid who went on to play at Stanford, but had enough after a year and hung it up for good...only recently picking the game back up for fun. Taking a quick look back, Philip Francis won the US Junior Am in 2006. Good reminders that it is a LONG ROAD and unlikely road. Enjoy the ride, do your best to support your kid....see what
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