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  1. Thanks, @kekoa. I've seen a lot of recoil 460's in his peers...A- flex(F2) shows 63g weight....any thoughts on how that weight "Feels" compared to USKG TS steel ?(no shaft weight spec available for USKG - double top secret, I guess) You may not know, I recall your boy being out of USKG for years now.
  2. 11 Year old Son just hit 60", so according to several fitters I spoke to he is at a height that fitting for OEM is feasible. He's getting to the end of the line on his USKG 57" steel irons & wedges...so its either the 60" set or OEM. **Not seeking advice on IF this is the right move**, but please share personal experience when your kids made the jump. No doubt there is a bit of an adjustment period (heck he had an adjustment period every time he jumped a level in USKG). Thanks in advance!
  3. charlestonteetime.com From the Website, I just checked... Update for 2022 Passbooks Due to the unusual circumstances of 2020 and 2021, golf demand has been high and is projected to remain high for the coming year. Capacity issues have made the passbook sometimes difficult to use. Due to this high demand for golf tee times, we have considered, and are implementing, a pause for publishing the book for 2022. It is a difficult decision since our passbook has a good reputation and, for our courses, has enabled filling of unused tee times in periods of low demand. Due to the popularity of golf and projected future demand, there are currently few periods of low demand. Our course of action will be to pause for one year with a goal of doing what is best to maintain a Charleston Tee Time fundraiser in the future. We hope to offer the Charleston Tee Times Golf Passbook again next year and look forward to your participation.
  4. As most have said, I think your answer is Pinehurst. There is a wide variety of courses and price points in very close proximity - everything there seems like it is a quick 10 minute drive. Further, in my opinion I dont think I've played a course in pinehurst that wasnt in good condition. Overall you get a higher quality product and experience, regardless of price point. MB on the other had...there are some pretty junky tracks there. Every time I've been to PH, the vibe is very much everyone is glad you are there...whereas MB it seems like your being churned through the tourist mill. Also worth noting is that at the Pinehurst resort, they have some pretty fantastic replay / late afternoon rates. I recall playing # 3 or # 5 , both of which are right there at the main clubhouse, in the afternoon for like $50 after playing # 1 in the morning for around $100. $150 for a 36 hole day and you never have to leave the premises is a good deal you wont regret.
  5. I think (could be wrong) , based on talking to a few folks who are members, that members either have blocked out time blocks or something like they rotate courses available for member play only daily....i.e. #3 is only member play (no outside /resort play), # 5 is only member play on Wed,,,etc. This could all be off, but just what I've gathered. Call them up, they will tell you.
  6. Our chapter is run exceptionally well. Beyond the on course and in school programming there are some very good initiatives in our chapter. - FREE Golf for ALL Kids - Program called "Swing it Forward" at 5 area courses. No strings attached, no registration, no time restrictions, no paying parent required, etc. Really no strings attached . Just book play day of play , 100% No cost. Open to ALL kids (do NOT have to be a First Tee participant). Over 1,000 Rounds YTD. - Game Changers - Just launched this summer. 8 rising sixth graders from at risk communities selected for year round program. These 8 participants will stay with the program through high school graduation. Picked up and drop off EVERY DAY over the summer (to make sure they get there). Each day time spent at the golf course, academic time in classroom, mentoring. Proven program piloted in San Fran Chapter that gives at risk kids safe places, resources, and mentorship for personal and academic success.
  7. Lots of great reviews about ease of launch, forgiveness, etc. Seems like it could be a good option for juniors. Anyone have experience or comparisons ?
  8. All Kids Play FREE in Charleston, NO STRINGS ATTACHED. No paying adult required, no sign up. Just call day of play for tee time. Gaining lots of traction....”Swing it Forward” , check it out and get it started in your area. https://www.firstteegreatercharleston.org/swing-it-forward/ As others have said, call course directly. Most have junior rates, others don’t officially but most will give you a break, especially later in the day.
  9. Jumping in late. Read the thread but didnt see my answer. How are the Mevo & Rhapsodo for short wedge work (call it 30 - 90 yards)? We have a decent short game area we can use our real balls. I've heard in past on less than full shots some of the units are not that great. Thoughts?
  10. 10 year old son uses ping hoofer lite. I bought a new sun mountain 2.5 which I really like too. Both Carry well and are light. I cut some pool noodles to line the bottom of his bag, keeps the clubs from disappearing.
  11. Fired on the 3rd hole yesterday! Never happened before, didn't see it coming. He blamed me for a few bad shots, I offered some advice about his alignment looked off....he got upset that I shouldn't be giving him advice during the round .....boom, asks mom to tap in.....who replied "no thanks, getting blamed for your bad shots doesn't sound like fun to me!" I was thrilled she backed me up, rather than be mommy to the rescue. He carried the bag the rest of the round (no pushcart), while we peacefully watched from the cart path. He was livid, no doubt thought I would insist on continuing. I mostly enjoy caddying. We usually get along well and have some really great memories.....but days like yesterday I am looking forward to him aging up into more non-caddie tmnts.
  12. Another vote for Pinehurst. +/- 20,000 SF Practice Green/putting course, 2 or 3 other short game greens, World Class Range, and The Cradle Short Course. If you want to mix it up you can head 10 minutes down the road to Pine Needles/Mid Pines that have really good practice areas in their own rate.
  13. My opinion, what I have found works best for my son. - Tmnt practice rounds , Play from same tees. The main objective for us in a Tmnt practice round is to establish game plan - target lines off tees, miss spots & deep trouble spots, lay up spots on par 5's, etc. . You will miss much of this if you play from different tees. - Dont keep score. Sometimes will play some kind of points game - i.e. set a quota where FW's, Greens, up & downs, etc. are worth points. Takes pressure of a "The Score" , but still helps focus on something. Not much to gain by keeping actual score - go low and it puts more pressure on tmnt round, go high and it can erode confidence. - Play One ball....mostly. Will play a few into par 3's if needed to figure for different pins. Will also drop in a few bunkers or other likely miss spots. Hit 1 or two shots out to show yourself its OK to miss here, then move on. Never follow a good shot with another ball, take the good memory with you. - Dont spend all day on the practice round - so many people want to putt and chip from every conceivable direction on EVERY green, hit several balls, etc. Just putt out and move on, there is no way you are going to remember each break on every green from each angle. Just putting out once on each hole is plenty to learn the green speeds. If you need extra, go to the practice green. It is physically and mentally exhausting and sort of takes the accountability off of hitting each shot. By this point, presumably a day or two before tmnt, you want to be in a mindset of EACH shot matters. Having a re-do can cheapen the focus. By this point your swing work should be done , and your objective is to leave the course with a solid strategy for each hole and be comfortable with course conditions - green speeds, receptiveness. Dont burn your mental and physical energy hitting 100 extra shots. Make your plan and leave fresh and confident for the next day. May not work for all, but have found this to be the best approach for my son.
  14. One hand.....finish what you started ... Other hand.....if a kid is acting like a fool, do you yank him? I’ve seen it threatened several times, but a dad actually did it a few weeks ago to one of my sons playing competitors. (Odd thing was it was only the two of them in the pairing, so my son had to wait for the group behind to catch up so he could have a marker). We’ve all seen some outlandish behavior out there and probably thought “if that was my kid, I would yank his —— out so fast....”, so I guess I would say it is OK if it’s an extreme behavior issue.
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