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  1. A nice sturdy club for hurling at my bag, slamming on the ground, whacking trees, etc.
  2. I'd build a tube made of PVC pipe and put a head cover over it. When you take the head cover off... cans of beer down the tube.
  3. Blades will not launch higher even though they have weak lofts. If you're a low hitter and a low spinner try an iron with a low CG, which is most cavity backs. Low CG = higher launch and steeper angle of descend. With a steep angle of descend you won't need as much spin to stop the ball on the green. Either that or work on your swing to be able to launch the JPX's high with enough spin.
  4. Been playing with them for a season now. I agree that the long irons are stupid easy to hit. Every iron set I've ever had I've always severely struggled with the 4 and 5 irons. After this season my 4 iron is my favorite club. The v6 is a better club, but when you're on a budget finding the f5's mint on ebay for $200 will do just fine. Very good feel if they are your first forged iron, especially in the long irons. I know exactly where on the face I hit the ball every shot. Weak lofts, but I didn't lose much distance. Spin in the short irons is good too. I consistently find my ball 6 feet behind my divot on par threes. Overall, they're a very good iron set for a player looking to transition from GI's to player's irons.
  5. I do not know for sure. I can give you a guess based on how it feels compared to my other wedges. I would say it has 10 degrees of bounce.
  6. Titleist 915 D2 with Rogue Silver. Excellent condition swiped for $135. Gained a good 15 yds off the tee.
  7. Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 Forged Gap wedge Right handed Standard L/L/L Loft: 51* Stock Lamkin Grip Dynamic Gold XP S300 steel shaft Wedge has been very lightly used (4 rounds) Excellent Condition $60
  8. Since you're looking at the F grind, I assume its going to be mostly used for full swings and less for versatility around the green. In that case I say lower bounce would be the better play.
  9. Demo players cavities. ping i200, Apex cf16 and pro, ap2 and ap3, wilson fg tour v4, v6, f5, tm p range.
  10. Anyone know where to find pics?
  11. I've heard the SM4 felt and performed better than the SM5. Can anyone confirm or deny?
  12. Always thought about doing this, but never had the guts. My bladed 52 is also my favorite club and I'm so much more comfortable with that over my PW. However, I am afraid of losing distance.
  13. Nike Vapor Fly's are not a bad idea. I found either the head to be much lighter or the shaft to be much heavier than other GI's like the Ping G series. So if you have a problem getting the ball as high in the air as you would like, they might give you a problem. Very comfortable to swing for me though.
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