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  1. hasnt Rickie played in more events? and maybe thats why he gained more points. Rickie played 23 and Bubba 18 and Rickie gained 14 points more then Bubba. Not really a great argument for RIckie Wasn't saying it was. Just making the point that some here seem to be missing (a point that I've been making in most of my posts here)...which is that outside of maybe Matt Kuchar, there wasn't a particularly compelling case to be made for any of the potential picks.
  2. Bubba is 19th in the world this calendar year in terms of OWGR points earned. There are 8 Americans (including Fowler) who have earned more points in 2016. Zach Johnson is the low point earner this year of players on the team. I think I counted 24 or 25 Americans who've earned more points than him in 2016.
  3. In light of this post, I just took a look at his OWGR page to see how this was possible. Looks to me like he ran up a ton of OWGR points late last year on Tour, and won the Hero World Challenge (along with a not insignificant number of points from non PGA Tour events). Outside of his 1-2 finish in LA/WGC Cadillac, he hasn't done much during the calendar year.
  4. Yes, he did. And for folks (like you) who bang on about current form and "what have you done for me lately", it would have been the correct decision. Hunter had 2 MC's and a best finish of T39 in the month before the picks were made. By comparison, here is what the 4 captain's picks did in that same time period. Snedeker: 2nd and a 6th in the first two playoff events (and of course he'd go on to win the Tour Championship and FedEx Cup) Furyk: T2 WGC Bridgestone, T13 Deutsche Bank (and he'd go on to post a 9th and 7th in the two playoff events after the picks were made) DJ: T3 and a T4 in
  5. Order matters in singles - We came out of the block with Bubba, Webb Simpson, and Sneds in our first 5 while the Euros came with Donald, Poulter, Rose, and McIlroy... You left out Keegan and Phil (our two best players that Ryder Cup). And of course Webb and Bubba were 2-1 going into singles. Would you have preferred he put Tiger/Furyk/Stricker (a combined 1.5 points between them) out in the first 5? You're grasping at straws if you're blaming Love for the order he sent them out in singles...
  6. There sure is a lot of point missing in this thread. Though that shouldn't be terribly surprising considering the roster of golfwrx's "finest" posters who've stopped by to make their contributions...
  7. I'm not convinced that captain's matter much in this event, but to the extent they do, I'd argue Davis did a good job at Medinah. The US had a four point lead in the portion of the competition that is most influenced by the machinations of the captain.
  8. In my mind, The Players signifies the beginning of summer golf. You can go back to April if you want, and it still seems Berger is outplaying Rickie. I do like Chappell. He has earned 6.84 OWGR points per event since The Players (82.1/12 events), which is a little bit better than Berger's 6.44 (64.4/10 events). If you are going to be picky, Chappell hasn't been able to close out the W under pressure and he has had quite a few opportunities. I wouldn't call that being picky. I think it's a very valid reason for not picking him. As for being picky, how about Berger's only win being in
  9. Since The Players, he has only amassed 34.1 OWGR points in 12 events. I wonder why you picked the Players as your cut off point.... Seriously though, there's no doubt Berger has been in slightly better form than Rickie over the past few months, but has his form been so much better that he clearly should have been chosen ahead of Rickie? And if OWGR points are what we're looking at, what about Kevin Chappell? He's got over 80 in that time frame. Would you have taken him?
  10. Kisner? 2 Top 10's (both T10) and 2 MC since May. Kaufmann? 1 Top 10 (again, a T10) and 8 MC's since May. Again, who are these in form players that were left out??? Kevin Na. 4 top 10s and 2 MC since Masters Na? I'm guessing you're the only person (besides Na and his family) bothered that he wasn't picked. And seriously, those results you're touting just illustrate what Davis was facing. None of the contenders for a Captain's pick really made a strong case for one.
  11. Actually, Rickie does have a win this year. In a tournament with a much better field than the field Berger (for example) beat... Hell, Rickie got more OWGR points for his 2nd in Phoenix than Daniel did for winning against that poor field in Memphis.
  12. Kisner? 1 Top 10 (a T10) since June. Kaufmann? 1 Top 10 (again, a T10) and 5 MC's since June. Didn't say they deserved it, just think some new blood is needed and would like to see those guys. Poulter has killed the US in the past and his form was utter trash going in. When was Ian's form "utter trash" going into a Ryder Cup. I'm too lazy to go back and look at every year, but the only time I remember his form being anything close to "utter trash" going into a RC was in 2014. And that form actually carried through to the Cup...
  13. Kisner? 2 Top 10's (both T10) and 2 MC since May. Kaufmann? 1 Top 10 (again, a T10) and 8 MC's since May. Again, who are these in form players that were left out???
  14. Depends on how he plays through the spring... And you might want to take a look at how the rankings are calculated. Older results are subject to a decreased weighting (depending on how long ago they occurred) such that his Players victory which was worth 80 ranking points at the time he won, now only contributes ~30 points to his OWGR.
  15. I feel like a "dumpster fire" is excessive. T22 at Wyndam immediately following the Olympics. Then had the lead at the Barclays before choking. Less than impressive at Deutsche and BMW, but fatigue has to be a factor with all the events and travel. Still number 9 in the world and was 11 on the Ryder Cup points list. SG Tee to Green - 8 SG Total - 8 Sure, his RC record is poor, but his first year was pre-Butch and second year was early-Butch changes. He's won 4 times since the last RC and was part of the winning 2015 Prez Cup. He may not be playing his best right now, but I'm really sur
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