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  1. Wow beauties and great prices! Awesome seller buy with confidence
  2. Added some headcovers and new vessel bag. Looking mean for the rest of the year
  3. I’ve never been happier with a single piece of golf equipment than this Bettinardi QB6 SBS DASS Tour Dept with Stability Tour Shaft
  4. What @Phabs said the tour will most mimic steel in that respect
  5. I tried the LAGP shaft, Fujikura, Accra, KBS, and BGT Stabilty. LAGP - I think it is a good shaft but I didn’t really notice much difference over a standard steel shaft Fujikura - Didn’t like it at all, didn’t see the benefit over any of the others would be at the bottom of the list for me Accra - felt great didn’t notice a big performance difference. Think I would have had a different opinion if I got to try the different weight options. Which I think is the bright point of their putter shafts KBS- it’s a steel shaft. Even at $40 it didn’t seem
  6. Ventus HB 9X came in today and got it installed and put in my G410 3hy. This is hands down the smoothest hybrid shaft I’ve ever played. I play stiff in all my clubs and thought this would be too much for me but if it is I didn’t feel it. Keeps me away from the left side and man does it have a good flight! Driver through hybrid is now Ventus Blue w Velocore. Well done fujikura!
  7. Bettinardi QB6 SBS DASS Tour Dept putter with a Stability Tour Shaft. After build and purchase came out to around $1800. Was it worth it? Hell ya best putter I’ve rolled to date and thankfully so or I’d be pissed
  8. That’s a fair point. Will definitely still give it a test against my G410. Performance trumps everything in the end
  9. Just watched the Alex Etches video and the sound is not good on these which is super disappointing
  10. I think its going to be a tough decision between keeping my G410 or going with a TSi2 or G425.....
  11. Who is rocking a Bettinardi out there besides Schwartzel? Saw Andy Zhang had a wizard blade cover in the bag!
  12. QB6 SBS Tour Dept....favorite putter EVER
  13. I played both... Feel/Sound: Apex Forgiveness: Even if you get with a fitter who knows what they are doing Looks: Apex Cost: G410 I got the G410’s thinking they would help my game for the better and they did for a bit but the offset was too much for me especially in the long irons. I’m a mid handicap and those things don’t usually bother me but you just can’t beat the feel of the Apex imo
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