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  1. The Portland is a small mallet interesting that it looked like a 9 style. Do you have pics?
  2. I came to realize shafts play a huge role too. 16.5 off the deck, 15 off the tee for me
  3. Hoping for a Vault 3.0 putter line from PING
  4. If someone gave you a $1,500 check to buy a putter what would you get with it? A $40 used odyssey and pocket the rest, possibly for lessons? A custom Olson, Byron, Mannkrafted? Second hand Hive Bettinardi? I hate what if questions but some buddies and I ran this scenario and thought it was an interesting topic What does everyone think?
  5. I’m new to buttonbacks what’s the feel like compared to the select model or phantom ‘21 model?
  6. So who’s excited for these enough to game them? @Waytall being one of them!
  7. Selling some shafts that didn’t make the cut hoping someone else will work out for! I’m selling all these shafts to a single buyer as I have no way of shipping individually. Shipping CONUS only and no trades. Please PM and/or review my feedback with any questions or concerns! - HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 60g/6.0 Flex (Stiff). Plays standard in TS/TSi drivers. Titleist Tip…Measuring at 44 1/2” tip to grip. - Tensei AV Raw Blue 65 Stiff. Plays standard in TS/TSi 3W (15*). Titleist Tip….Measuring at 42 5/16” tip to grip. - Tensei AV Raw Blue 65 Stiff. Plays standard
  8. I just recently went to using the claw if I’m working 10ft or less from the cup. Seems to make the less than 5ft putts almost automatic, I have a lot more touch than precious. I’ve almost putt exclusivity LHL for the past two years but have really struggled with distance control. next round out I’m going to try the whole round and at all distances on the green with the claw and see where it goes. I can definitely tell it’s working with the face of the putter because it feels like I’m hitting the center of the face EVERY TIME!
  9. In great shape and doesn’t matter the length! Slide in them PMs!
  10. Looking for a Voss and most of them are in rough shape.
  11. Hoping there is a new Vault line coming down the pipe. Following this to see if any of you guys have any insight
  12. Still holding out for hopefully a new Vault 3.0 Voss to come out soon
  13. Distance and much better from off the deck
  14. For everyone that mentioned I should know it flies high because I purchased a “3HL”….I gave a comparison at the beginning. It’s a 4W….I’ve tried other OEM 4Ws and they don’t launch as high as the Sim2 Max. Questions were as to why you all feel the Sim2 Max launched higher than other 4W/16.5* with othet OEMs
  15. Purchased a Sim2 Max 3HL/16.5* with HZRDUS Smoke Blue 70g 6.0 shaft. Used it Sunday and while the club is incredibly straight it’s the first 16.5* club that goes extremely high. I have a Tensei AV Raw White 75S I could put in it, but wanted anyone’s thoughts. I’ve played Titleist, Ping and other OEM 16.5*/4W before and never had this issue? possibly put the Tensei in or go with a heavier 80g shaft? thanks all!
  16. Not interested in trades at the moment. All PMs responded to. Another price drop
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