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  1. D1-D3 is what most would consider stock for men's clubs. I would guarantee MMC or HMB would fall into that range. Unless your fitter got creative with B weight heads and standard length staffs. That would probably get you close to C6.
  2. I get the 3 for 4 deal from whatever ball I'll play that year at the start of the season and that seems to last me till the end. I'll typically start each round with a new ball. I don't lose a lot of balls so after it has done it's 18 it goes into the bag pouch. If I do lose a ball during the round I'll pick one from the pouch to finish the round. I usually carry so I only have 4-6 balls on me at a time. A new sleeve and the surviors!
  3. Driver if it is usually a driver hole, but the concept is the same for any club - hands ahead of the ball and a neutral AoA. Tee it a little lower and a touch back in the stance and just a smooth little bunt swing. I focus on feeling my hands ahead at impact and a sweeping the ball off the tee feeling, but your feelings may vary. Usually a low little draw runner. If it is a windy day, I'll hit 3-4 of them on the range at least before my round just to get the feels going that day.
  4. I can't be the only one that thought those were driver numbers from a higher handicap player before reading they are 7i numbers from a 0.
  5. 4 wedges - 46/50/54/60. I tried three wedges - 46/52/58 and for me, my course and my conditions it was not a good fit. I'm a 0 hdcp and hit my driver 270-300 depending on strike, bounce, wind, etc. Which means I have A LOT of approach shots from 140 yrds (stepped on PW) and in. I have more options with the 4 wedges. From 110 I can hit a knockdown 46 or 50. Or hit a full 54. Depending on wind and pin position all those are needed. The gaps with the 46/52/58 were just too big for me personally to take advantage of being in a prime scoring position on
  6. 3 woods and putters... Find one that works and never let go. The m6 and sim max have some vsteel sole heritage. Maybe a place to start? Crank down a 5W if you don't want draw bias and a 17* small head.
  7. Two different clubs trying to achieve different outcomes. I'm hitting driver from the exact same lie everytime and trying to hit it as far is I can. I'm hitting an 8 iron from who knows where (fairway, rough, bunker, a divot, fescue) and want it to go a very specific distance. Different jobs require different tools. The versatility of the smaller heads and sole fit a multitude of different conditions better.
  8. According to their youtube channel they were fit for the Titleist drivers they are replacing in this video a month ago. That fitter looks to have done a TERRIBLE job.
  9. I have no doubt these are an improvement over the ts2/ts3 but an absolutely terrible look for the Titleist fitting they published a month ago on their channel. Leaving close to 40 yards on the table for each of them? Yikes.
  10. I love mine... Bomber off the tee and very serviceable off the deck. Cutting down the shaft was HUGE for me though. 43.75 is just too long. 42.5" is much much more manageable and a big reason why it works so well for me.
  11. Played with 8 clubs just to change it up and have some fun at the end of the golf year. Driver, 4i, 6i, 8i, PW, 54, 60, Putter. Scored about the same from my normal tees at my normal course. I could probably get it down to 7 if I tried without much issue (54 and 60 to a 56). It was a fun experiment, definitely had to hit a couple shots that I wouldn't normally. I don't think it would be fun in the wind, but something I might do a few more times next year.
  12. The best tip I've ever got was to try to sweep the ball off the tee. You want to minimize spin loft in the technical talk. Tee it a bit lower, swing easy and try to have a level AoA (however you accomplish that, it doesn't matter). you can't overpower wind. It will always win.
  13. I was at the driving range with my girlfriend who has taken up the game this year. She has a pre-bundled set that is good enough to learn from. Hits the ball relatively consistently now, which is big progress from June. She loves hitting driver but they always go right. Maybe 1/5 go more or less straight, the others are 120-160yrds with about 30yrds right. So wayyyy right. The range/club was dead so I built up a maverick max from the demo cart for her to try (12*, 1 up and neutral). She hit about 10 straight ones in a row. Not a touch of right, I swear I may have
  14. I carry every approximate 2 of 3 rounds. The biggest difference is the bag. Good straps and a lighter weight bag make all the difference. Imho the difference between a 5 and 3 lbs bag is noticable. I always carry 14 as I don't think going to 12-13 would make a big enough difference in weight. 4-6 golf balls, tees, towel, a few gloves and travel sized bug spray and sun screen.
  15. I swapped to a 46 vokey as I disliked knocking down and chipping with my Mizuno blade and it has solved those issues for me. I find it much more versatile, even if it might just be in my head. One thing of note: I find it a few yards shorter then my set PW on full shots. One of my playing partners made the same move this season and found the same. Talking 3-5 yards, but just an fyi.
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