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  1. The Titleist professional was THE ball when I was growing up. Then came the Maxifli Revolution. The Precept Lady/Ladde was the first solid core ball I played with regularity but the first one that made me say wow that's different was the first gen proV1x. I'm very excited to try the 21 tp5x as it seems someone was listening to all my nitpicking over the last few years.
  2. Really wish the 2021 tp5x made that video but still great content from the boys at txg. Surprised at the 50yrd shot though, I played both the LD and Tp5x last year and always thought the LD had a touch more chew.
  3. I went the other way, took a flyer on a DF 3W shaft and loved it so much I went for the driver shaft. I find it very stable and consistent.
  4. Titleist 4 for 3 deal starts approx Apr5 according to our club email. Taylormade should be on now. I moved away from Bridgestone last year as I couldn't find a canadian retailer with the 4 for 3 deal.
  5. M3 HL at 17*. Someone will have to pry it from my cold dead hands.
  6. Callaway - their drivers always seemed to sit closed and I never liked the shape. I haven't bothered to look at their equipment for the last few years so no idea what the new ones are about. Mizuno - had some truly terrible service from their local rep so I don't look at their equipment anymore. Played their irons for 20 years....
  7. It is probably as simple as that is what they have always played. Especially the older guard where 52/56/60 was basically the only option. They have spent thousands of hours and tens of thousands of shots getting used to those lofts growing up, why change? Because on paper different lofts work better? Tough to recalibrate 15+ years of practice.
  8. I went to a 4W last year and won't look at a 3W again. Life changing. I did find a pesky gap between my 3i and 4W that made some par5 scoring opportunities to difficult so I don't have the answer for you there. I'm trying a hot faced 3 utility iron this year to try and get a little tighter gap and a bit more launch on the 3iron. The 4W + 7W combo is also very popular. If it's good enough for DJ probably worth a look.
  9. The extra short game spin of the new tp5x has my attention. Played last year with that ball and loved everything about it excluding that extra bit of bite I was used to with wedges coming from v1x the year prior.
  10. Mizuno North America - Garbage Mizuno Europe - Great
  11. Bought a 9* SIM as the deal was too good to pass up. I play my drivers 1/2'' shorter @ 45.25 so I have a bit of SW to add back, approx 6 gram. How would you add this weight back? A lot of people have said that adding weight to the back changes this driver but I now have 2 options: Just add 6g to the back weight OR Get a lighter movable weight and add even more to the back? ie. 6g front and add 10g to the back?
  12. If you bought a club but it doesn't win a spot in the bag, does that count? Asking for a friend?
  13. Took the mySim tool for a spin tonight. Love the options, it's really cool but for the extra $$$ I was sad (but not surprised) to see no option for loft/lie requests. Maybe how these are assembled it wouldn't be feasible due to the one off nature? If Ping can do loft for $20 then I think it would be possible at $150.
  14. D1-D3 is what most would consider stock for men's clubs. I would guarantee MMC or HMB would fall into that range. Unless your fitter got creative with B weight heads and standard length staffs. That would probably get you close to C6.
  15. I get the 3 for 4 deal from whatever ball I'll play that year at the start of the season and that seems to last me till the end. I'll typically start each round with a new ball. I don't lose a lot of balls so after it has done it's 18 it goes into the bag pouch. If I do lose a ball during the round I'll pick one from the pouch to finish the round. I usually carry so I only have 4-6 balls on me at a time. A new sleeve and the surviors!
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