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  1. My father-in-law is a big Callaway fan, and he's looking to upgrade his older BB Diablo driver (and possibly fairways, but that part isn't in the plans right now). What would he be looking for, as far as recent offerings go ? He's not necessarily looking for the latest to come out, but it should be maximum 4-5 years old let's say. Any thoughts ?
  2. I'm currently playing PW (47*), then 52-56-60, which seems pretty standard when looking at most of the replies on topics like this one. I find I'm not using the 56 quite often though, so I'm looking at maybe moving to PW-52-58, using the 58 as I use my 60 at the moment, but with some added distance when I need to use it on a fuller swing.
  3. Thanks Howard, explained that way, it's very easy to understand !
  4. Thanks guys for the comments, I'll stick with the ferrules and repairs at the moment and look more into whatever can be done after more playing time. According to your comment Howard, it would only be intersting depending on my swing angle and whatever course condition I mostly play in, right ? Thanks Nessism for the comment about the rust and swingweight, I don't mind too much about rust itself, but I probably will mind about changes in weight.
  5. Question for an expert : I was doing some research on my latest iron set (Mizuno MP-32) and happened to find the WRX feature on Danny Lee's irons from last year. Late in the article, I noticed that the custom grind Mizuno had done for Luke Donald (the original "owner" of Lee's irons) made its way as a base for Mizuno's sole profile for their following iron models. As I'm currently having the irons worked on (new ferrules, repair on some gouges and marks, reshafting), would it be a good idea to get them ground to that "updated" sole profile ? I posted the question in the original topic, but I r
  6. I know it's resurrecting an old thread, but would the sole profile of these irons be worth it if I get my set refinished ? I picked up a set of these recently for a steal, they're still in good enough shape to game them but they've got some dings and marks that I'd be looking to have worked out, so I'd likely have them ground at the same time. Any thoughts ?
  7. Question for the experts : I'm a lefty, bought my Srixon Z765 driver brand new (with the LH adapter in it of course), but I'm looking at other options as far as my shaft goes. Would a shaft coming with an adapter work in my head, regardless of it being a RH or a LH ? I assume the settings for loft/lie would be reversed though.
  8. Well as you probably know, it's winter in Canada, also called "that time of the year when we check out and get new golf gear"... So I found what I'm looking forward to hit this summer, back in early January, but since they were located about 450km from me, I only got to get them during the weekend : Pictures don't do full justice to them, they look great for classic blades, they were obviously taken cared of, and they'll continue on that path for as long as I've got them. Planning a simulator session during the week so I can get to know them, looking forward to hit them on the course as well
  9. > @thoemeke said: > > @Bad9 said: > > > @thoemeke said: > > > > @Zubs724 said: > > > > So what makes these more valuable? I have a 56 and 60 myself > > > > > > The red saw blade, that shows that these are square groove wedges. The last ones that Vokey Made before switching to the "C-C" Groves > > > > Prices in the used market don't show these to have any extra value though. > > Fair enough, I was merely commenting on the "significance" of these wedges. You also gotta remember that these are 10 years old,
  10. Actually, if I'm going to sell them, that wouldn't be simply for the money, but rather because I honestly don't know if they'll be that much better than what I'm playing right now. And about refinishing them, they obviously have wear marks, dings and scratches on them, so it's simply a question of why not, rather than why, I guess.
  11. Recently saw an ad from a fellow golfer in my area, and got lucky enough to get these for a real bargain : Pretty decent shape for their age, I haven't hit them yet, but I'm actually still debating keeping them or refinish / sell them...
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated. Could mention as well (thought about it after posting) that I'm also considering a reshaft, since the heads are still in good condition. The current shafts are the stock TTDG S300, so they've got their share of rounds played !
  13. I'm currently gaming Cleveland CG2 irons circa 2005-ish, and I'm looking to upgrade them in the coming months / year, not necessarily to brand-new irons, but more importantly to similarly set-up clubs. I love the feel of the CG2s, especially the way they give me feedback on my shots, both good and bad ones, and I'd be looking for clubs with the same kind of feel. My driver SS is around 98-102 mph, and I'm carrying my 7i around 150-155 on good impacts. Any insights or suggestions on what would I be looking for ? Of course I know getting fit would be the best possible solution, but brand
  14. OCD about what ? Every club has its own place in the bag ? Check. Carry clubs from only one (-ish) manufacturer ? Check. (yeah I know, this isn't the case right now, and it's annoying) Always have the same things (2 balls, 3 tees, a divot tool and a ball marker) in my left pocket and absolutely nothing in the right ? Check. Find the place where my feet are absolutely flat on the teebox before each tee shot (almost regardless of where the markers are, but never in front of them) ? Check. It's not only on the golf course as well...
  15. Newest addition to the bag : And here it is in the bag with its new friends and new (diy) hat : Srixon z765, set at std loft/lie/face angle (9.5*), in the stock Miyazaki Kaula Mizu 6s shaft Had my first round with it yesterday, a 2vs2 scramble with the fiancee and in-laws, took some hits to get comfortable but pleasantly surprised (and a nice feeling after moving from my Launcher DST), smaller head but barely noticeable, and nice sound on good contacts, with nice feedback on less-than-good hits, definitely looking forward to playing more rounds with it.
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