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  1. I got a set of 3-p ZX7’s stock setup with Modus 120, stock length, grip, etc that I’m rebuilding to my specs. Loft and lies were almost dead spot on, 9 iron was 1 degree flat vs stock specs. Headweights in grams are as follows: 3: 237.6 4: 244.4 5: 251.0 6: 258.0 7: 264.6 8: 272.9 9: 279.8 P: 287.8 For the stock setup, 4/8 had tip weights, but they were relatively small.
  2. I emailed Titleist customer service asking about left handed T100S and they told me they will be available for lefties.
  3. > @odshot68 said: > > @chris777 said: > > > > > Agree with this. Draw/hook everything and U85 is tougher for me to turn over. > > curious why you play it with a dg 105 vs your stock dg S400 in your irons, do you have a 2 or 3 u85 Have the 2. Bought it with the stock recoil, but wanted something a bit heavier and felt like a bit lighter shaft vs the 132g DGS400 would help with launch a bit.
  4. > @Lefty96 said: > > @odshot68 said: > > Curious for those with the u85, is it draw bias? I always felt like the original u45 with stock steel shaft always went left on me. > > I find that the u85 doesn’t really want to turn over. I’m a natural draw player and struggle with over drawing my longer irons. I rarely get more than a baby draw out of the u85. Even when I try to get it to turn. I can get it to fade which is a bit unlike my iron swing as well. I’d say if anything, it’s fade biased from my experience. Really it just seems to want to go straight. Agree with this. Draw/hook everything and U85 is tougher for me to turn over.
  5. I have an 18* u85 with a DG 105 in it and just got the 17* u500 with the same shaft. I’ve only hit the u500 at the range but first impression would be that it’s a bit less forgiving than the u85, with a smaller profile and thinner sole. The u85 probably sits in between the u500 and u510 if that makes sense.
  6. It’s a good point. Will be interesting to see how these wear. People have been knocking the black PVD finish of the AP2s saying that the finish won’t be as durable as the dbm line from Cobra and others, so if this finish really holds up like chrome, which I would think is as or more durable than the dbm finish, why wouldn’t they release this as an iron finish? Even with the bluish twinge I would think their iron line would sell extremely well in this finish if it truly holds up like chrome.
  7. Another vote for the 785. Smaller and better shape than the 765 but haven’t found a difference in forgiveness.
  8. I also hotmelted a 716 t-mb with good results. I believe I added 3 grams. Just drilled the plug out, hot melted and used a shaft pin to reseal it.
  9. 1) depends on the head. Generally you either access the head via removing a weight from the weight port or you can drill out the little black plug most heads have or just drill a small hole in the head. it's not that hard but also requires a hot melt gun (can range from $100-$600+), hot melt, etc. there are other ways people add weight like stuffing cotton balls in the head or adding yarn. lots of threads on here about it. as per you tube, not sure but i am sure their are some tour van videos that show how to do it. there are also sponsors on here that can hot melt a head for you, which probably is the easiest and cheapest if you want real hot melt. 2) you can use tungsten powder and corks down the shaft (some people do this without even removing the grips) or you would pull the shafts and rebuild using tip weights (this is what most OEMs do), which can be purchased at any club building site (golfworks, billy bobs, etc). 3) depends who you ask. lots of debate on here about it. you probably can scroll down in the thread list and find a thread with people debating about it.
  10. I’ve started doweling my irons as well. I draw a line on a q-tip to mark where the top of the dowel will go inside the shaft and spread the epoxy in the tip end of the iron shaft with the q-tip. I then drop the dowel down from the butt end and use a ramrod to press it down after setting the shaft tip onto a short bolt to prevent the dowel from going any further than I want.
  11. Titleist t-mb, Titleist 718cb, Srixon U85 are a few that come to mind.
  12. I always order mine grip in box and longer than need be (use tape to swingweight them back to my spec) and cut to my preferred length since I’ve found differences across OEM’s. That being said, my lengths for my 785 set were all over the place. Some I had to trim 1/8” and others almost 1/2”. I really like the irons and was prepared for it but was surprised. Curiously, after trimming to the correct lengths, the swingweight was constant across irons (suggesting the heads + tip weights had the standard weight progression).
  13. Just posted something similar in the Tour & Pre-Release forum, but I have found the 765 and 785 to be pretty similar in forgiveness and distance. The short irons (what you are asking about) look different between the two sets with the 785 having more square lines vs the rounded lines of the 765. I prefer the look of the short irons on the 785 much more but obviously YMMV. They are a bit more compact looking (even if the performance is similar) and since confidence is a bit part of it, this could matter to you, but my guess would be that they will perform similarly.
  14. Totally agree. Shorter blade length than the 65 series and just looks more appealing overall. Still waiting on my custom set I'd echo both of these sentiments. I was a little concerned they wouldn't be as forgiving as the 765's given they are more compact looking, but found them to have similar forgiveness and turf interaction as the 765's. They felt a bit softer at impact than the 765 as well. I think there is some concern that they moved the 785 too close to the 9 series, but acknowledging the small sample size, so far i have found them to be just as forgiving while looking and feeling better. From the looks standpoint I played AP2's and Mizuno MP irons for a lot of years so the 765's were always a bit longer heel to toe than i was used to, especially in the short irons. I'm not sure I would recommend upgrading if you have a clean set of 765's given that they are pretty similar, but if you like a bit more compact look at address and less rounded edges, I could see justifying springing for the 785's. I'm not going to sell my 765's just yet, but am pleased with my purchase.
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