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  1. Thanks for the info. This is interesting, when you did the blow on install did you use grip tape, regular masking tape, or a bare shaft? I used 1 wrap of masking tape to blow on my Pure grip. The difficulty could be due to the rubber compound of the grip causing too much friction. Even when I do a blow on install I still use a tiny bit of grip solvent to help the grip slide into place.
  2. Not sure if I can say it was stretched from uninstalling. After initial install and fit check I pulled the grip off the shaft as easy as taking a glove off a hand; it was never snug to the shaft. Iomic did not send the replacement; the retailer I purchased from did. I do have to say that the retailer has worked with me in all accounts and has been very helpful and patient. When I spoke to Iomic about the issue they denied that any type of issue could possibly exist and that they have never experienced an issue in installation. I play my putter at 35.
  3. I actually own a late 90s/ early 2000s version of this putter: https://www.bettinardiregistry.com/products/78ddfbe9-2c67-47cd-9892-3578ac2060d1. I don't own that exact putter, but I do own that model of putter. The Bettinardi is similar to a Scotty Cameron TEi3. The honeycomb face might give it a slight firmer feel. For me, I do feel that it has a softer feel overall compared to a carbon/stainless, however you do have to hit it "pure" to get that response; I can definitely feel when I do not hit it centered with the Bettinardi. Compared to my Studio Select, the feel is very close. Sound
  4. Hi - Does anyone have experience with the Iomic Standard 65g Putter Grip? After Patrick Reed won using this grip, I purchased this grip new from an online retailer that Iomic verified as a authentic dealer. Upon installation of the grip to a Bettinardi putter, the grip end/opening was extremely loose to the shaft. The retailer asked for me to take measurements of the shaft stating that the shaft itself was undersized. All measurements indicated that this was a standard sized shaft and Bettinardi confirmed that the shaft of the putter was standard. The grip itself is marketed as .58 co
  5. For some reason the Premiere remind me of the Nike SP-7 & SP-8 TW Tour from the early 2000s
  6. This comes to mind when looking at the Premier...SP-7 & SP-8 TW Tour
  7. I'm actually looking to have this done. Do you have pictures you could show? Which of the BOS bead blasting did you go with?
  8. @Chicago Joe that would be great! I will let my friend know, I'm sure he would be interested in buying it from you. @cristphoto I'm not 100% sure that there is a matching driver cover but a quick Google search shows that there are other TM driver pom pom covers out there so if I was to make an assumption I would say yes they probably do exist.
  9. Thanks, saw that link before, it’s actually sold out via that link/website
  10. Asking for a friend of mine who is too scared to post on his own... does anyone know where a Taylormade Pom Pom fairway headcover can be found? It is the approx. 2016 black/white version. Picture is attached. Thanks!
  11. I wear glasses and play. My biggest issue is mid round switching from sunglasses to my normal glasses or vice versa. It takes a hole or two for my eyes to adjust.
  12. Looks right to me. Looks like the one I have. All the markings, paint, and the shaft band match. If you send it to Titleist or the Scotty Custom Shop it’ll come back looking like new, but it’ll cost you. Best feeling OTR putter I have, play it regularly.
  13. I’ve had this same problem at many of the munis I play. If I notice this issue I first try to rake the bunker to get a lie without stones and then replace the ball. If this isn’t possible I drop behind the bunker. Sometimes I take an extra stroke, sometimes I don’t. The bigger penalty to me is if I damage my club, which I have on a couple occasions now. This was such a big problem at the one muni I play that the first thing the “members” lobbied the new head pro for was a redo of the bunkers. Amazingly he was able to get it done over the course of last winter. The crew dug out all the b
  14. Demo hit these at the indoor range a few weeks ago... such a great looking great feeling set of clubs!
  15. Thanks for the input everyone! I find is super weird in the inconsistency of these measurements especially considering how attentive to detail Scotty is. Like I said before, maybe it was just a “feel” thing and a custom order spec by the original owner, I don’t know. I own one OTR Scotty I personally bought new in ‘05, a Mil Spec I sent for a refinish to the CS, and my other Scottys are used picks from eBay. All are plumber neck models and the OTR and the CS putters measure 9.5” from the top of the hosel to the first step which would indicate an untipped shaft. The “tipped” shaft defini
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