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  1. Living downtown Durham. How’s Treyburn CC?
  2. In the process of moving from NYC to Durham and was hoping to get some local knowledge on CC options near Durham. I'm a 3 index and an above average tennis player, so looking for a club that offers both. Looking for a place that has a great golf men's program (Tournaments, $$$ Games, and facility). Where should I start looking? Thanks!!
  3. Under 40 for Rockrimmon is $15k Initiation and $9,975 Yr Dues.
  4. @sjpaster @hkane55 Thanks for the replies! Don't have an exact location quite yet, but with work in NYC it will be somewhere close to MTA. Like you said, Stamford to Fairfield could be a nightmare, but I'm okay with a 30min drive to the club. I am putting priority on clubs that have a solid tennis program. With college experience, I want to enjoy both the golf and tennis side of the club, however, golf is the main draw. Men's club, good member tournaments, skins game, etc.. As far as membership, I'd like to invest in a long term membership, but going in open minded. Thanks for any insights and advice!
  5. Thanks @oneunderbogey! Looking around Darien, Stamford, Fairfield area. I heard Yale is beautiful, do you know membership pricing?
  6. Moving from NYC to CT and looking to join a country club with a solid golf program (course, practice facility, and member tournaments). Looking for any suggestions from locals on which clubs to look at. Early search results were Country Club of Darien, Rolling Hills CC, and Brooklawn CC. 32yo, low single digit index. Thanks!
  7. Hey CJW0911, would you be able to PM that list as well. I'm new here and it won't let me PM. Thanks!
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