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  1. I am dying to hear from anyone that has gotten a fitting and a set of the new Edel Wedges that have the movable weights!! Anybody with any experience trying them out They look great and the marketing of them makes sense to me -- but just want to know if its all hype or not
  2. So i am trying to help out some control issues with the top end of the bag.. Specifically the gap I have from the three wood to the 4 iron.. Right now I cover that gap with a titleist 816 H1 at 19 degrees and a VA shafts Slay shaft at 4 flex.. The 4 iron is the Srixon ZX5 with a steelfiber i95 at stiff flex.. I have been toying with the idea of switching for a ZX utility 3 iron (20 degrees) as I hit the 4 iron so much more consistently on the middle of the face.. But obviously I hit the hybrid much higher (farther back or lower CG on a hybrid i guess).. I have a mild to moderate steep angle of attack (maybe thats why I have had such success with srixon irons) and have heard that a utility iron is a bit better than a hybrid for that type of swing.. I will use it primarily on a couple of short par 4s and a couple of approaches on par 5s at the course I play the most (likely 3-4 times a round).. Maybe a couple of punch outs (hopefully not too often).. Has anybody made this switch?? What types of things should I think about??
  3. So I have a buddies trip to Sand Valley coming up -- we have an extra day and gonna stop on the way from Milwaukee to Sand Valley and play one of the courses at Lawsonia.. If you only had one round there -- which course would you play ??
  4. Just try the Srixon ZX7 -- don't look back -- thank me later
  5. would love a good review of the Edel SMS wedges -- maybe its the marketing, but the movable weights are really intriguing to me
  6. So I am going to Austin for a work thing in a couple of weeks — do they let you get fitted at their HQ or is that just an office park? It seems pretty obvious that fitting on real turf is a must for these things (how else would you know what grind you would need?).. But the issue that I have around me is that most fitters (club champion is the only one close to me) simply work indoors.. And given the intricacies of these wedges I would think that its tough to find a fitter that knows the details well? I have been eyeing these wedges since they came out but have been afraid to pull the trigger cause I don’t know how to get fitted locally
  7. Once saw a pretty cool video with some famous golf coach on it (can’t remember who - he was the swing coach for a couple of tour guys).. It was a short video about wedge gapping.. He had his player hit his pitching wedge, then his highest lofted club that the player used around the greens.. Like the P went 130 The 60 degree went 90 Then they messed around with wedge lofts until the distance from 90-130 was covered evenly (the 56 degree went 105 and the 52 degree went 115).. It was so simplistic in approach and made total sense to me..
  8. Seems like in today's era of technology and supercomputers there would be a way to find out what shaft you would need.. Does anybody know of a way to find out the length/flex/weight/bend profile of a driver shaft that would be the best option without trying the hundreds of shafts that are available (maybe more like thousands).. Is trial and error the only real way to find the best shaft for our swings?? There has to be a better way, right?? -KM
  9. @phizzy30 and @Stuart_G Thanks for the replies -- I really appreciate it -- It sounds like it may simply be time for me to do a mid-season fitting with a pro that knows more about what they are doing with the various shafts.. At least have a chance to try various flexes and lengths to get the feel/numbers more correct.. Guess there is no way to calculate what you need -- its more of a trial and error method to find the right one I guess.. thanks again for taking the time to respond.. -KM
  10. A bit about my bag.. Driver -- Sim Max, 9 degrees, standard hosel setting.. Ventus Red 5-s shaft at standard length.. Irons -- Srixon ZX7 with Steelfiber 95i stiff.. (freaking love my irons).. Now for the question for you guys that may tinker with your sets a bit more.. Previous to COVID my average driver swing speed was 100-102 with a 0 angle of attack.. With some extra time and needing a project to work on I have been hitting the gym more and working with some Speed sticks.. According to my most recent trackman time (can rent time at my course) my average swing speed was 108-110 with +2 angle of attack.. Do you guys think its time to get into an x-flex or should I maybe try to "tip" the Ventus 1-2 inches.. My ball flight seems to be really ballooning and the average driver spin rate was >3500 which makes me think I am losing some yards.. The average height of the ball on driver swing was like 120 feet.. I have never tipped a driver shaft in my life and would am a bit nervous about it
  11. So a question for guys that have tried both.. I current play a combo set of ZX5/7 with ZX5 in 4-7irons and ZX7 in the 8-W.. Love them, will probably play them for a long time (have Steelfiber i95 stiff in them).. All standard settings However feel that I don't quite get the height on the 4 iron that I would like to stop them on long approaches or long par threes (usually carry the 4 iron about 200 yrds off the turf on a good lie).. I was thinking about replacing that specific iron with either a ZX utility or ZX4 iron.. Anybody have experience with either one -- which one do you hit higher?? I typically hit a fade as my standard ball flight so spin isn't typically an issue for me.. Draws can be hit, but I don't trust my swing as much to do it.. Thanks in advance.. Guess i could bend the current ZX5 4iron a bit, but thought I would ask.. -KM
  12. So I have seen this question debated alot and wondered if there was more of a push for this to be made illegal.. Selfishly, I have used the Arm Lock for the past several years and want to know if there is a groundswell of support for making this illegal..
  13. So this offseason I have worked really hard on getting a positive AOA on the driver swing (from pretty neutral previously).. And the work seems to be paying off with high towering drives that are carrying more and rolling out as I want/need.. However, it is making a bit of a mess on my iron swing on approach shots (which used to be my moneymaker) with fat and thin shots being the issue (the clubface still seems to be pretty square).. So the question is.. how do you guys go back and forth to two different swings so quickly.. Any mental tricks??
  14. I was a bad putter for years and kept going from a mallet to a blade and back and forth.. Had several lessons.. Nothing seemed to help me and from 5-15 feet I was a mess.. The 3-5 footers were the worst as I just couldn't get comfortable knowing that i didn't have a repeatable stroke.. Then in 2017 I tried the Bettinardi ArmLock (used out of bargin bin) on a lark and that whole summer I was automatic from 5 feet and in and made a decent number of 10-12 footers.. Felt like I always made a good stroke and that if I missed, it was because I didn't get the read right.. Then I went with my wife on business trip to chicago in winter of 2019.. She was busy with meetings one day and I made the trip to the Betti factory and had a proper fitting.. Mine is 40 inches, loft is 5.5.. Frigin love the thing.. Some buddies have tried it and it seems like a light goes off in their head and putting is more smooth for them.. Seen others try it and it seems like their head explodes and they can't figure it out and can't get comfortable.. I wish more places had 1 or 2 models that people could try on the practice greens cause I honestly feel it could help more people -- but to buy an armlock as an experiment can be a bit of a barrier to entry.. Maybe try to get a super cheap version on Ebay or try someone elses for a round or two and see if it at least feels better to you -- if so, you may have to take the leap FYI.. the answers to your actual questions.. The heads are usually heavier in nature to offset the long shafts. The lofts are much higher than standard to offset the extreme forward press of this technique.. If felt that I mastered what felt good and comfortable to me within a 15 min practice session.. I feel from 15 feet and in its such a better way to putt.. but admittedly the longer putts can sometimes be a bit harder to judge the distance and I find that if you allow the putter shaft to leave the arm on those 40-50 footers and release the club head a bit, its easier to get the distance right..
  15. So I have a chance to get the grips sensors from Arccos for free as I have purchased some clubs from club champion in the past year -- some promotion they are doing right now.. But to use the system, I will be charged.. My question is this -- are they worth it.. What are the pros/cons of this.. I have been really trying hard to get a bit better this year/off season and feel that this would help.. But I can't imagine wanting to mess with my phone during a round to set a pin position or edit shots that the sensors don't pick up..
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