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  1. So this offseason I have worked really hard on getting a positive AOA on the driver swing (from pretty neutral previously).. And the work seems to be paying off with high towering drives that are carrying more and rolling out as I want/need.. However, it is making a bit of a mess on my iron swing on approach shots (which used to be my moneymaker) with fat and thin shots being the issue (the clubface still seems to be pretty square).. So the question is.. how do you guys go back and forth to two different swings so quickly.. Any mental tricks??
  2. I was a bad putter for years and kept going from a mallet to a blade and back and forth.. Had several lessons.. Nothing seemed to help me and from 5-15 feet I was a mess.. The 3-5 footers were the worst as I just couldn't get comfortable knowing that i didn't have a repeatable stroke.. Then in 2017 I tried the Bettinardi ArmLock (used out of bargin bin) on a lark and that whole summer I was automatic from 5 feet and in and made a decent number of 10-12 footers.. Felt like I always made a good stroke and that if I missed, it was because I didn't get the read right.. Then I went wit
  3. So I have a chance to get the grips sensors from Arccos for free as I have purchased some clubs from club champion in the past year -- some promotion they are doing right now.. But to use the system, I will be charged.. My question is this -- are they worth it.. What are the pros/cons of this.. I have been really trying hard to get a bit better this year/off season and feel that this would help.. But I can't imagine wanting to mess with my phone during a round to set a pin position or edit shots that the sensors don't pick up..
  4. So I have been curious for a while about this “strokes gained” stat that I hear about all the time on golf media.. I have never really understood what this meant, how it was calculated, or the significance of it.... until now.. I just got finished with “Every stroke counts” by Mark Broadie (the guy who basically came up with the newest/best way to compare/evaluate a round of golf).. It is a bit of a boring read as any book about statistics may be, but it really helped me understand what those guys on TV are talking about when it comes to the strokes gained stats.. But
  5. Its a way of saying that you maintain your spine angle during the swing and sternum stays over, or "covering", the ball throughout the swing
  6. Anybody have any good drills to help with "covering the ball" with the iron swing Been really working on using my left (lead) leg as a post to turn around, but feel that I am coming out of the swing a bit and not covering like I should to drive the ball Thanks in advance for any drills/advise
  7. Not to be too off topic -- but does anyone have a good resource that would explain "tipping" and the pros/cons of that
  8. Can't tell you how much better I feel in my wrists/elbows since a switch to SF i95s two years ago.. I can't speak to "inserts" as I have not used them myself, but the SF was amazing.. I always kind of turned my nose up on graphite iron shafts, but took the leap after a fitting with some Srixon heads and couldn't be happier.. I think that graphite for irons has come a long way since the early days and as others have said they are pretty stout and thus I don't feel that I am giving any dispersion or feel for the added benefit of smoothness for my joints
  9. I think it is super interesting that there are all these people/comments on this website that are as dedicated/anxious about their Srixon irons.. (and I count myself amongst them) Maybe I am biased, but I haven't seen any posts about people waxing poetic about getting their new taylormade or titleist irons.. Are we that crazy?? Do we know something that no one else does?? Just some thoughts
  10. Just did some digging and this explains alot https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/06/business/global-shipping.html
  11. Just as an update for some people that are waiting.. Ordered mine through the pro at my club.. Ordered on Jan 30th — received on March 5th.. Got a split set with zx5 in the 4-7 irons and zx7 in the 8-P.. Somewhat “exotic” shafts with steel fiber i95 in all.. The pro said they are having massive club-building and shipping problems with all brands (esp. the Japanese brands) given the slow downs in the California ports..
  12. So it seems to me that for a long time the difference between the V and X was that X was "spinier" and thus better for a high speed player that didn't mind sacrificing a bit of long game distance for the short game spin around the green.. And that made sense to me.. Now I am all messed up -- but it seems like the two of them are closer in their profiles and thus there is only a small difference -- which doesn't make sense to me, why have two balls that are basically the same thing.. I am a mid speed player with about 105 mph with the driver that is trying to get more
  13. So COVID be damned -- havent seen my golf buddies in a really long time (a group of high school friends that all live in different cities and usually take two golf trips a year) So we decided to do a trip to Sand Valley in late August this year -- just wanted to get a general sense of the vibe.. the cottages.. the food.. We are also gonna play Erin Hills (no Kohler this time -- I know, I know)
  14. Raleigh native here.. So much to consider here.. First off -- some of the clubs in NC will be off limits to a northerner coming down -- its one of those situations were it doesn't matter how much money you have; its "who is your family and who do you know".... Eagle point is awesome, super heavy on golf and amazing conditioning.. basically a mens golf club.. playground of the rich and famous of Charlotte and Raleigh that have homes on Figure Eight island.. The Raleigh clubs -- Carolina CC -- unless your family is a member, don't worry about i
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