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  1. Im debating keeping my 10.5 or grabbing a 9 so that I can either go 9 or 9.75 and not have to worry about a big leaky miss to the right since I’m normally 4 I to O.
  2. So has anyone got to test this out against the SIM OG? Playing a 10.5 turned down to 9.75 and thinking about grabbing a SIM2 9 degree
  3. Played my 10.5 sim last year at 9.75 with an evenflow black. Had a club builder mishap with the shaft and now have an evenflow white, thinking about playing it at 10.5 this year with a slightly heavier front weight to spin from getting too high. Ideally looking for more accuracy as I struggled with the occasional right field shot.
  4. Little late to the party but played all of last year with 10.5 set one click lower with an evenflow black. When I was on, the thing was money, but when I struggled to release the club properly I struggled with a case of the rights (I’m talking next fairway rights due to a 5* in to out path). Going to play this year at 10.5 but put in an evenflow white to help keep the spin and launch down a little. My AoA is around 2 or 3 with balls speeds in the mid 150s
  5. But if you have to add 10G of epoxy and tungsten that is going to change the EI profile of the shaft. Additionally you create a shear point when you put the epoxy above the adapter. you guys had done this with my evenflow black and when I had you remove it, it splintered the shaft.
  6. Why does @Club Championuse epoxy in the shaft rather than hot melt or tip weights to build up SW?
  7. Would a decent comparison from an EI profile be the ventus Black?
  8. Well had @Club Championtry to take the epoxy back out and they ended up splintering the shaft. Last time I’ll ever use them for any club building stuff.
  9. Don’t know exactly but TM hasn’t strayed far in their weights. Typically coming in at 194G without the adapter and 200G with. Been that way since the original M1/M2 when I weighed mine.
  10. zrheisler22


    Meh more snake oil than anything else. Have 2 evenflow blacks, one is HC and pured and the other is standard non HC. Absolutely no difference in feel or performance that I can tell. It can’t hurt but it’s not necessarily worth the money.
  11. Looking to make a transition from an evenflow black to something in the ventus range. What is the closest terms of EI profile and launch/spin character?
  12. Turns out they just simply used an epoxy/tungsten mixture. Going to take it in and see if they can take it out then just reinstall a new tip without any weight.
  13. The weights in my SIM are both 8grams. I’ve got an extra 5gram weight for the back and a 3g weight for the sliding track. Probably going to toss in the 5G weight and make a 5G front weight. This will get the total head weight at 186 if you don’t include the tip weight and 196 if you do. Overall the static weight would be around 322 and SW at D5
  14. Question for you since you definitely have more club building experience than I do. Thinking about dropping the back weight down to 5 grams and the front weight down to 5 grams as well, which will save a total of 6g of weight bringing the static weight to 322G and the swing weight to D5 Would I be messing anything up performance wise since the tip weight isn’t directly behind the golf ball where as the weight I’d be removing is behind it. edit: my main goal is I think the heavy swing weight has hindered my ability to release the club as my Miss has turned dramatically m
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