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  1. They use an epoxy and tungsten powder mixture in the tip of the shaft. They don’t use hot melt unless specifically requested. Know this from personal experience and spending a few hours on the phone with their customer service and head of club building after my driver shaft cracked above the adapter.
  2. No, Whistling Straits. I’m not sure if it was a new model P790 or not, it just didn’t look like the prior version and definitely didn’t note 770 from a 10-15 ft away.
  3. So I was at the range Monday afternoon and a TM staffer pulled up to hit balls. He definitely had the 4I of these in the bag as it was bigger than and slightly aesthetically different from the P770 but definitely had the wording P790 on it.
  4. Traded my Scotty Futura 5W for this. Just seemed to be fighting with making a consistent stroke with the 5W and thus far, this thing essentially swings it self. Also enjoying have the DLT on the face as it seems to control the distance more consistently. Final step may be adding a BGT Stability Tour to it.
  5. Looking to change the putter shaft on my Scotty Cameron Futura 5W putter and am looking at the KBS CT single bend (.370), does anyone know if it will fit the putter?
  6. Definitely interested to learn more about the 505 as a potential 4I replacement. The 500 was a little too low bullet and the 510 was too chunky for my eye so hoping the 505 is the goldilocks
  7. I’ll be in the minority, I think the current T100 looks better. It looks to me like they just laid a slab of metal over the back, polished it, and called it good.
  8. Thanks, was just the standard matador grip
  9. Recently went through a putter fitting on the SAM Lab. Ended up getting fitted into a Futura 5W but I had some questions about the fitting/results that the fitter didn’t really care to explain. In the results it shows my arc as a strong arc then minimum face rotation so hence the face balanced. I thought it was though if you had a strong arc that you should use a putter with a lot of toe hang. Can anyone help me better understand the data? bonus points if anyone can answer if I should use the gt tour or gt2.0 super stroke grip based the data.
  10. Why do Titleist and other manufacturers change the number of degrees of loft between each club through the set? For example the T100 have 3 degrees between the 4/5/6 but 4 between the rest. To me, you’d want the 4 degrees all the way through to avoid bunching at the top and to have a proper gap to your either 3I/3H/5W.
  11. I happened to play golf last year with a guy who had a set of the DJ proto 730. I preferred the stock 730 vs the proto.
  12. I had the p730 and when I went to switch irons early this year, I tested the P7MB. I preferred the feel the P730 and how they looked in the bag. Performance wise there was zero difference between them for me in terms of distance or forgiveness.
  13. Anyone know of anybody in Milwaukee area that can do hot melting?
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