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  1. So I snagged the Apex UW with the PGA SS free trono upgrade a deal few weeks back. As a lot of people have stated on here Callaway did it right with this one. Feel sound control are all better than expected. Just ordered an epic Superhy head on the bst and while I wait with childlike anticipation I was wondering if anyone out there has tested both and wants to chime in on a comparison. Thanks
  2. Cash covers are very golf related when you bet like some of us.
  3. Grabbed some of the 32 degrees mentioned by OP. Also ended up buying a truckload of base layers. Crazy deals on their site and I love everything I got but no way I'd wear these to my club. They definitely look like sweatpants in my opinion. They are crazy comfortable though and I don't regret the purchase.
  4. That thing is sweet! Game it for sure! Might be another 100 years before the Cubs win another one. All jokes aside if I was a Cubs fan I'd game that in a second, some things are too cool to flip.
  5. You have a pic? I am about to make frame out of 1x4 and interested to see how yours turned out... Might help me go a different direction.
  6. Regular Callaway weights, same as drivers and fairways. They look a little different but work the same. You can find them anywhere Amazon ebay so on.
  7. Man I'm so jealous of everyone loving the trono. I've had about 4 light sessions on the simulator and I just can't seem to get along with my 19° with trono 75S. I think I'm going to have to sell it and snag one with a ventus or graphite design . Annoying because I really wanted to like that setup.
  8. I took some to my tailor and they charged a lot to do it. So I tested it out one one pullover and honestly not great results. This is a pretty high end tailor also. She has done hundreds of suits for me and business partners and never disappoints. She said something about the material requires a slower sewing speed or special sewing machine that most tailors just don't have. Not exactly sure on the reason. I'd love to hear if you find success though.
  9. Honestly starting to wonder about this... No way PGA SS hasn't noticed this yet if it's actually a mistake right? Is there a chance these trono shafts are a "made for" version like TMs ventus? Anyone seen other retailers selling these at no upcharge? Tin foil hat is going on soon... Haha
  10. Tested my 19° with Trono 75S I agree with a lot of what has been said low launching but not super low spin definitely enough spin to hold some greens. I'm 105 mph average driver but I swing my woods and hybrids a little slower comparably. Average carry was 218 which was great distance for my swing at that loft. The trono 75s performed well but I felt like I needed to be smooth with speed to get it going. Definitely not the right shaft for me but I'm sure alot of people will love it I just didn't like the feel. It's probably too stiff for me. This one is likely going back for credit, traded for a different shaft or sold to pass on the deal if pga ss pulls the sneaky Trono deal. Although I'm very tempted to throw a Tour AD DI or a ventus red in it. All in all I really like the club just need to tighten up the right loft and shaft. I'll report back after a round of golf, possibly throw the arccos on also. If I play up at my course I will have a lot of layup shots to test it out on.
  11. Waiting by my front door like a 10 year old right now... Praying it gets here before dark so I can test it out. Looking forward to hearing how it goes for everyone.
  12. This will be my first experience with it as well. I have been limiting my research on it to avoid any preconceived notions on how it will perform. I'll let you know once I give it some proper testing.
  13. Wish I would have jumped on the ventus!! Just pulled the trigger on the Trono 75 and have been wanting to give that shaft a go anyway. Can't wait to try this thing out!
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