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  1. I just got my mini driver and shaft put together! So excited for the days the driver is misbehaving! How much does your original one weigh now with the lead tape?
  2. We are working on a special -5° adapter... Stay tuned!!! All jokes aside it's very forgiving and unlike Bryson I loved the face. Love it!!!
  3. Wanna miss every fairway but hit it 375 yards? How about waiting for 400 yard par 4s to clear then bombing it into the woods? Well you're in luck!!! Like new Cobra radspeed 9° loft. Slightly custom color scheme. (See pics). Hit it about 20 times on the sim and played 18 holes with it just ended up going with the Tsi3 instead. If you think you see anything in the pictures it's a reflection or user error from the photographer so just let me know and I'll take additional picture for you. $325 shipped with headcover
  4. Man that was quick! I thought they would last a few days at least Great seller here guys! GLWS
  5. Building a few drivers for friends. Since I'm a club ho with 5 different 2021 heads all bought on BST without shafts I'm looking to find some cheap stock shafts. Prefer TM adapter but any or no adapter is fine. Need 3 shafts and would love to find a bundle deal that saves on shipping cost. Thanks
  6. Guess I'm not sure what the definition of enough time is. And also I don't spend much time watching YouTube. But I definitely use impact tape and I don't start paying attention to results until I'm comfortable finding center. I do spend a lot of time and far too much money testing everything under the sun and if I can't make it work with 150 controlled swings it starts to feel like a square peg round hole situation. Maybe I'm the wrong tester for the results you are looking for? Also maybe a better cheap LFlex shaft would have been different? But again I'm not a great golfer so who knows.
  7. Not even close!!!!! Lol but even the first day with the autoflex the spin was pretty normal. The nvs was so far off that it seemed like too high of a mountain to climb. I probably hit 150 balls over a weeks time on simulator and couldn't get the spin down. I really wanted it to work at that point so I could sell the AF and buy 2 more heads! Unfortunately I gave up kept the autoflex and still bought the heads.
  8. I tried a aldila NVS (maybe 45g) ladies side by side with my autoflex at the beginning of my AF testing. Speed gains were there but had severe two way miss and spin was comical. Once I got my AF really dialed in I tried again and still saw the same. Lucky for me my wife was happy to take it off my hands and loves it! Full disclosure I'm not a + handicap and could probably pull out a two way miss with any shaft. AF has been as straight as any for me, a little higher spin than some others I've hit but long enough to not care about spin.
  9. So I did no tipping... just plugged it right in with my allfit adapter. Butt trimmed a bit and choked down to 43.5" (marked the grip). My issue is that I have an aggressive transition with my driver. Probably way too aggressive if we are being honest. If I had a smoother swing I would be using regular 505 in driver. With my fairways I'm very smooth and controlled. Prior to autoflex I used a ventus blue 6s in driver and tour AD IZ stiff/regular fairways. If you aren't familiar with the SR flex it's recommended 92-98 mph driver speed. The point is I'm a bad example to model off
  10. @stealthall is correct. I had a fairway version 505x in my 5 wood. It was not as dependable as my tour ad iz so I sold it. To be fair my 5 wood is best club in my bag and I'm extremely biased to that setup. Autoflex really never had a fair chance there and I needed the money to upgrade my 505 to 505x in driver. I recently took my old 505 driver shaft and put it in a rocket 3 sim. It hits absolute bombs. Feels extremely easy to hit off the deck and very consistent slight fade. Off the tee it's perfect and straight. I typically game only a 5 wood but this has been a nice addition. If t
  11. I knew it! I'm tipping mine 1" immediately!!!
  12. Weight is w/out adapter. I use a jumbomax wrap that is nearly 100g. Tricks the swing weight scale too much for me to even measure anymore. I have not tested g425 yet. But it is next after the tsi3. There has been at least a couple of guys that are gaming it though with great success. I'll look back through my messages and can point you to one of them. Maybe they can answer some questions. @rlb4 is right. People are having success with many different combinations. I personally fought with the full length autoflex shaft for far too long, wasting a lot of tes
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