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  1. Of the masters pack offerings, these are the best. Love the colors and the sole but not feeling the corduroy
  2. I also don't break 90. I'm in my mid 30s, and will sometimes outdrive my 3 handicap buddy who is the same age as me. My good drives are ~240-250 carry, but only happen maybe 10-20% of the time. My problem like you is keeping the ball in play. Based on my last 20 rounds played on Grint, I average ~5 GIR, which according to some chart should have me shooting in the mid 80s. Of course, that doesn't account for penalty strokes. If I can keep the ball in play off the tee, I should be able to break into the 80s on a consistent basis. My most reliable/accurate club off the tee is 5w
  3. The Grint app has this function but I’ve never used it, so couldn’t tell you what it’s like. Looks promising though
  4. I’ve been playing this ball. As a high handicapper it works really well for me. Seems long odd the tee and with approach, excellent spin for me. Have even had a few balls spin back for me, which is a rare occurrence. the 2 for $50 deal is pretty good
  5. I found that my abc commission pants lost their shape a little bit after a few washes. They are still comfy and fine to wear, just a little looser in the calf area. It doesn’t bother me, but may bother some. the warpstreme material is a little thick, so may not be the best choice when it’s really hot out
  6. Where can I get the Jason day ski gloves?
  7. light blue colorway worn by many of the players doesn’t seem to be available
  8. Looks like the same discoloration that happens on the soles of some shoes which is from oxidation. You can try a special product for it such as this one from angelus. I have never tried it so not sure how effective it might be https://angelusdirect.com/products/sole-bright
  9. I hope the Carolina blue ones drop stateside, those are the ones I really want
  10. I literally go away from my phone for 30 min and now it’s sold out in my size. Probably for the better ??
  11. looks great. Do you have any links to products you used? Any issues with magnet strength or stability while on the course?
  12. Sorry to bump an old thread but one of the spikes on my roshe g tours fell off. What spikes do people get to replace them? Great, comfortable shoe otherwise
  13. I was glad to see others with a similar opinion that US Open would preferably be played on a course open/accessible to the public
  14. how many 1oz jars do you think would be needed to do air max 1s from the basic white to uni blue like the mesh ones?
  15. Damn, I wish I knew that last year. I’ve tried various combinations of blue, white, light blue, pale blue all with minimal success. I created a passable (to me) AM1 last year. The blue looks terrible next to the new roshe g tours I just picked up. Too bad, Angelus isn’t shipping anything right now due to the lockdown
  16. Any tips for mixing colors? My attempts at getting the correct Carolina blue have been less than stellar. also, are you using a heat gun or regular blow dryer for drying paint?
  17. Same. If it was a darker green I would have thought about it
  18. I think they are a lighter material and probably better for warmer days. Lulu pants are def thicker fabric. The Rhône commuter pants I have are supposedly slim fit but seem more like a straight leg cut. This causes more bunching at the ankle. I prefer a more tapered lower leg but still wear these on and off the course
  19. Seems like the perfect video for the TXG guys
  20. Wonder why he didn’t do simultaneous testing like the last video?
  21. That looks really good! I’d be interested in doing something similar with a lighter shade of blue. what type of paint did you use and did you apply any kind of finisher to protect it from chipping/ flaking?
  22. This looks like the first video comparing Mevo+ to SkyTrak indoors. Some comments bring up the metal case might have adversely affected the radar readings so maybe take the results with a grain of salt
  23. I think I know what I’ll be spending my fantasy football winnings on
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