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  1. Totally fair! Ended up with DG x100 and the p7mc spinning at 6700rpm. Will go with a p770 4 iron but not sure the shaft yet.
  2. Hit the P770 on a launch monitor today. They are hot off the face (coming from a set of CB/MB’s), but still feel smooth. I’m a bit hesitant about fliers, as my spin was hovering around 5000rpm with a 7 iron.
  3. senga

    Lefty blades

    I play the Fly Z Pro combo and they are tough to beat. Feel and size of a blade, but the tungsten weight definitely helps with forgiveness. They are surprisingly long as well!
  4. senga

    Matching Wedges

    I don’t match my irons to wedges, but definitely match my wedges as a set. Currently play Cobra Fly Z Pro irons and Titleist Vokey wedges. Also, an outdoor trackman fitting for the wedges has proved worth it!
  5. Standard length for Mizuno; are the shafts factory installed? Maybe you could measure the 5 iron length? Thanks.
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