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  1. Continually trying to red rid of my outside in over the top move. Trying to undue 40 years of it is proving quite difficult.
  2. Pro: We play at similar pace, we encourage, and only offers advice when I ask or when something is way off. Con: Feeds me drinks when Im on the verge of beating him.
  3. For me its TM and Callaway. Never found the appeal to my eye or feel with the exception of a couple odds and ends here and there. Obviously they are jin the top for a reason I suppose. I dont play Srixon but have hit many since I have a dealer 2 miles away and they should certainly being getting more love.
  4. Good explanation and what Im looking for. Ive tried matching spine angle more and it certainly produces better shots than what Ive done for years and believe(d) to be a square face but is really open some.
  5. I struggle with open club face. At waist height on backswing, my club face toe is pointing up. When I play around with it, I try to have club face a but closed and it seems to help. What is the best way to achieve this consistently? Is is just manipulating hands and wrist or is it a grip change?
  6. I love Mallard Creek but does have some quirks. Creekside is challenging and is private but you can get on. Cross Creek is a beast from the tips with any real wind. Salem GC can be stupid busy so I stay away and I live just a few miles from it. Facility upkeep is not what it used to be either. The back at Trysting is much better than the front imo. Shadow Hills is private but a must play if you can get on
  7. Tokatee is one of my favorites in the state. Diamond Woods out in Monroe. Trysting Tee out in Corvallis is OSU home course and they might have student rates but not sure.
  8. Has anybody taken any of the Mitchells golf classes in the last couple of years? Fairly spendy so I wanted some feedback on their experience. Ive been to a Golfworks class, but it doesnt look like they will be opening back up anytime soon due to Covid rates in Ohio
  9. Positive vibes your way. Love dogs and always tough when they start aging.
  10. Lots of good info here and thanks for the input. Looking to head to the Orlando area for a solo golf trip mid Febuary but Im finding that planning it out a bit overwhelming considering all the courses to chose from.
  11. Why does it suck? Getting families through TSA?
  12. Looking to get out of Oregon for a few days of golf come February. Orlando seems to more affordable on rental car and lodging, but flight options out of PDX aren't great for Orlando. Is one area more affordable golf wise? What can I expect green fees wise in each area?
  13. I feel the optimizer runs on the heavy/stiff side.
  14. Elkhorn hasn't been even close to what it was for about the last 8-10 years. The front was my all time favorite and the course hasn't been in what I would call "good shape" for a number of years. Sad really.
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