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  1. Not a pro version. Thanks though.
  2. Not sure where to post this. Shopping for an X Tensei Blue 70 to replace my Blue 65 AV. I see so many different prices on CK and AV Im not sure what is accurate. Assuming AV is lower price but sometimes it is higher priced than CV. Even the pictures seem contradicting at times. Any insight from Tensei experts?
  3. Im headed down mid June by myself. Wolf Creek is a possibility, but I might save it for a buddy trip. I plan on 36 a day. Early and late. When I drove by a few courses a couple Junes ago, they looked to be in nice shape and pretty empty in the evenings. Does this seem to be the norm?
  4. I recycle it. When I pour from over flow container back in to squeeze bottle, I filter it with a paint strainer or even a paper towel.
  5. Ive done some OGA tour events and like them. I work weekends and most of their events are weekdays so I try and find clubs I want to play on my days off. Seems to be geared towards the retired but wide age group plays.
  6. I just emailed them the #s. See if I get a reply.
  7. Diamana Redboard with band
  8. Been looking for an older shaft for awhile and found one. Seems the difference is that it is a prototype. Would there be a difference in this one compared to the non prototype I currently have?
  9. Tour Wrap 2G. Reasonably priced, durable, tacks right up with a moist towel, and has good shot absorption for my hands and wrists
  10. Tokatee GC in McKenzie Bridge Oregon. Set in the Cascades about 1.5 hours east of Bend. Well kept course surround by mountains. 60ish bucks and very walkable. I could retire next to that place.
  11. Ive bought from both with no issues. Billys Bobs is much quicker shipping as well since Im in Oregon.
  12. Need to buy an adapter for my Callaway Epic driver. Ive never bought from Hireko before so wondering about the quality of their adapters.
  13. I saw that as well. Last night I contacted an old club builder back east I know and he has a couple and will send me 1 once I verify the flex.
  14. Played Eye2s for years up until 3 years ago.Had 2 sets but sold 1. Part of me wants to reshaft them to my current specs and try them out. Msybe if I get the time, I will reshaft 1 and see what I think.
  15. Ive been digging and can only find full clubs on ebay. I have a broken shaft at the hosel on a 9i.
  16. Any idea if anybody produces the "'hump'" shaft Cobra used to use?
  17. Throw it in the freezer for a couple hours then try heating it again.
  18. I use a cheap chop saw, masking tape, and fine tip marker.
  19. What does "embedded" mean, Does it mean the ball stays in its mark with half, more than half, or just the surface of the ground broken a mere fraction?
  20. If you are just playing Mens Club, it would seem like a non-resort course would be what you would want. Call a few of them and ask them what the age grouping is like and quality of play. You might find you get more in your age group in a league over Mens Club.
  21. I lean towards a quality paper towel. Takes some practice.
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