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  1. This was in the works prior to COVID-19, not sure its going to happen given the current circumstances. Was not going to be the same format as the original.
  2. Yeah I was doing the same with a fully face balanced putter. Almost did the fitting more as a tool for learning about my stroke, but couldn’t pass up something new to throw in the bag. Even putting with it the basement feels so natural and free flowing. We will see if the honeymoon wears off throughout the season. odyssey might have something with the new stroke lab shaft too. Or it’s all mental but it feels insanely good, even the Seven felt really stable.
  3. Being a golfnut for the last 7 years I always loved to tinker with every club in my bag...until I really decided to get my game on track. Driver/fw, irons, wedges I got fit for, but I never saw the need for a putter fitting as I always thought that I would know best through practice. After several years of putting woes and never averaging <34 putts per round for a season I decided it was time to change that mentality. Not sure why it took me so long to decide I should treat the flat stick more holy than anything else and give it the attention it needs. After getting my bag ready to go for 2
  4. I feel ya. I've got the mirror set up in the basement and spend at least 10 minutes rehearsing this thinking how can it feel like this but look like that. After a couple of days it started feeling better. The hands will definitely feel way inside if you've been doing the opposite. I think the hardest part for me was thinking that if the head stayed outside of the hands the club would be across the line when in fact its nearly impossible to do this without some sort of manipulation. I don't have a huge backswing so at the top it even looks a little laid off. I'm getting to the point where going
  5. Ultimately my goal is to get back to a 6-7 handicap this year. Unfortunately in a quest to alter my swing by taking some lessons at place known for their TEChnology, I developed the worst case of under-plane, inside out, flip and just all around badness. Each time I told the instructor I feel like this is not working he was telling me I just wasn't far enough for the inside yet. My handicap blew up from 6.7 to 11.3 and couldn't break 90. The worst golf season of my life. Couldn't keep tee shots in play and honestly never knew if I should aim right or left because of the 2-way miss. It was real
  6. Truth...the victory is short lived and you just end up expecting more of yourself.
  7. Unfortunately, I think you are one of very very few that it actually came in correctly whether intentional or not, and with the prices they charge I'm not willing to roll the dice to end up having to either buy myself a hotmelt gun or take it somewhere else. I actually just got back from a fitting this evening and I was surprised by how unimpressed I was during my fitting. Previous fittings I have always gravitated towards TM drivers, and for the last couple of years nothing could get my M1 out of the bag. Even today the M1 fared pretty well. The SIM and Max in various lofts, face/lie angles,
  8. Saw a video from Trottie earlier with Tomo saying if you order a shorter shaft custom, they will change out the head weights on the sim.... yeah right @TaylorMade Golf THis is the only thing keeping me from ordering a sim and leaning towards getting fit for Titleist or Callaway.
  9. Finally made a trip over to GG while the wife did some shopping. I gotta say, the best part of the lineup is the sound. I've hot melted my M1 for sound, but these just sound crunched every time. I did not notice a need to loft up for me. I tend to be a high launch and spin player (14-15/2800-3100) as I tend to hold off through impact to play a fade and found the best fit for me was with my Aldila rogue silver with the 9* lofted down two clicks. Not sure I found enough difference to drop $600 bucks, but if I can part ways with some gear laying around for the 150% trade in stuff i might take the
  10. ALL SOLD! Have a couple of M2 heads available for sale, both 9.5*. Shafts all have TM adapter sleeves and GP MCC Plus 4 grips, replaced within the year. All prices include shipping East of the Mississippi. 2016 M2 - Bought off BST a few years back, has total of 3 paint chips (one larger near the TM logo and one smaller on white part of crown, and one along the back - both cosmetic. tried to make sure pics included all marks, but if you would like more PM me. Overall a great driver, just haven't used it since a fitting - asking $90 2017 M2 - this was built at Club Champion with a few gram
  11. Stoked for the guys that are on this trip! Being able to see and read what these trips entail is great, and I think it’s even better to hear about members from the forums getting to meet each other and share such an awesome experience. Ill be following closely!
  12. Penn Oaks is pretty reasonable, especially for a younger guy (junior membership). Afternoons are empty most of time but also have a couple active weekend groups. I can get out and play in the evenings most nights and walk 18 in no more than 3 hours.
  13. Are you available January 16th-18th for this event? Absolutely Current driver setup? -2017 M1 9.5 Aldila rogue silver MSI 130 70 TXWhat excites you about the new TaylorMade SIM woods? A little bit better sound in the driver, searching for that thwack. For the fairway woods, I haven't found a 3 wood I feel 100% confident with in quite awhile, hoping the search is over with that V-steel!Are you willing to document your experience in the GolfWRX forum as well as on social media? Would be awesome to share the experience!
  14. Couldn't agree more, sometimes not hitting a ball is the best way to improve your swing. Removes the ability to transition into bashing balls and making no change. I have a terrible tendency of getting super laid off at the top and getting stuck on the way down. I set up a iPhone to iPad mirroring program. Phone set up down the line and sends the image real time to the iPad which I put in front of me. Helps me link the feel and real at the top and shallowing appropriately on the way down.
  15. I actually look forward to it after each round, particularly after a bad one. It's like I'm cleansing the bad juju away.
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