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  1. The tsi2 looked good to me. It's 175 cc but it's comfortable to look at at address.
  2. It's crazy, I never thought I'd ever join a private club but it just seems like the stars have aligned. It's nearly impossible to book public courses two weeks out, pace of play is pushing 4.5+ hours, and playing with my regular group is starting to feel like work. Maybe it's time I drop the initiation fee and enjoy the perks a private membership can bring.
  3. I don't think he's a bad guy. There is nothing personal I have against him. Like I said, he pays his bets and he's true to his word. What I have an issue with is the fact that he creates drama when there doesn't need to be any. If the starter makes a smartass comment do you really have to try to fight him? If someone's playing loud music a fairway over can't you ask them to turn it down instead of telling them to shut the f*** up? I mean these are things I've brought up. I've told him face to face that he's gotta chill out a little. And as far as me being the problem, what normal people want t
  4. He's not a deadbeat. He's always paid his losses. He's a man of his word, but the whole thing just isn't fun to deal with.
  5. Thanks for those of you who have given advice. I have spoken to some of them beforehand about it but the group dynamics are a little different. Basically, me and the hothead are right around the same handicap so we play straight up every time. The other guys usually give or get a few strokes so they're only in for the group match. Outside of the betting issue, they've seen the other stuff and have just accepted it (getting into it with other groups, or marshals/staff who speak condescendingly, etc). They've known him for years and know about his history of fighting, having spent time in jail,
  6. There's a group of guys I play with, about 6-8 of us, that I play with on a weekly basis. I met some of them at a wedding of a mutual friend's a few years back and we got along pretty well. We found out we all played golf and met up to play a round a few weeks after. We all had a good time and started to play regularly. At first it was 4 or 5 of us, then a few others joined here and there over time. One of those guys is a little rough around the edges and has got some anger problems. We've almost gotten into a few fights on the course because he'll heatedly confront other groups over slow play
  7. As you can imagine, it probably took millions and millions of dollars to launch a new OEM company. From what I've read, PXG had to bake in some of those startups costs at the beginning to help increase their sustainability in the short term. And as more and more users become a part of the PXG ecosystem, their costs of manufacturing diminish according to their increased scalability which is why you're seeing their pricing come back down to earth. Of course their pricing fluctuations could be entirely related to supply/demand and artificially manipulating luxury perception, but I think simple ec
  8. Like previously mentioned, I like their hybrids and fairway woods because you can adjust 3 degrees flat without having to loft down. My miss is a hook so I definitely need hybrids and woods with a fade bias. Flatter lie angles + toe weights will definitely do that. So would I pay a little extra to get the adjustability that I'm looking for? Sure. Would I buy that club at a price cheaper than most OEMs at the moment? Duh.
  9. I've used some players cavity backs in the past like the Callaway X-forged, Titleist CB and the Taylormade p770 (before speed foam), and have demoed the p7mc. The PXG 0311T makes some of these clubs look much smaller in comparison. Like the Titleist CB is just scary small in comparison and the p7mc isn't much better. Directly comparing the p770 to the 0311T, the blade lengths are pretty similar and the PXG seems to have a taller blade length. It's comfortable to look at and doesn't look chunky by any means. However, I do have the 0311P in the 4 and 5 irons and they are borderline too big for m
  10. Any current members have info regarding membership at Redhill?
  11. Griffith Park, my favorite muni and I prefer Wilson over Harding. It's a pretty easy, straightforward track but lots of trees and the scenery is nice. I like playing courses that aren't lined with houses. And Wilson can be long if you play from the tips. Industry Hills, Ike over Babe. Ike is another long course from the tips and has a pretty challenging layout. Goose Creek. Best conditions in the IE and the track is pretty fun. Hidden Valley. Lots of elevation changes and par 5s are all pretty fun/reachable Sierra Lakes. Good bang for your bu
  12. Any new updates? Trying to choose between ventus red and VA slay in a fairway wood
  13. Definitely don't miss this part of the hobby lol. Glad I passed this year.
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