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  1. 54/12 50/12 Looking for a chrome or brushed steel Standard shafts and length only. Mint or New preferred
  2. Love the look of this bag... can anyone comment on the zipper durability? Current Titleist bag has missing zippers all over, hesitant to replace with another Titleist product unless they've managed to fix that flaw.
  3. Who said it can't be shipped to Canada, eh?
  4. > @Graymulligan said: > Not to be "that guy", but what does this item have to do with golf? Honestly didn’t really think about it, have had some Lululemon items of mine sell on here extremely fast so figured it’s worth a shot to give someone a deal on here before eBay or elsewhere. I do think this is a decent piece to wear to the range - it’s a looser fit and the arms are tapered so the sleeves will stay off your wrists/hands.
  5. Brand New Lululemon Fundamental Fuel Pullover Hoodie size Large, color is tan/beige Was gifted this hoodie twice, never got around to returning this extra one Perfect for the range or a night out. $75+shipping (retail $128, looks like it’s on sale now for $89)
  6. > @Orlandogolfguru said: > these are the best pants ever. i have them, but i am 34 inseam so they fit perfectly off the rack. someone will get a great deal! you tall folks get the benefit of everything fitting right off the rack!
  7. No trades please Lululemon ABC Pants (Classic fit) Condition of all 4 pairs is like new. Some of the tags have fallen off in the wash. Pants were always hang dried to preserve the material. On the back left leg, the Lululemon badge can be found - logos were only placed here on older model pants. These are all hemmed to fit a ~30” inseam, all hemming was done by Lululemon. *I’m 5’8 and these fit just right regarding length, they originally came at a 34” inseam as most all Lululemon pants do. Waist size: 32 *these are models from the old Lululemon sizing so the actual size is
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