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  1. New Cobra Rad Speed One Length 4-SW Irons, Steelfiber X-stiff. $950 Shipped or best offer. Brand new never used new 2021 cobra rad speed single length irons. Suoer stroke midsize grips added, plays 2 degresz upright and standard lenth. 9 total clubs - 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, GW, SW. Aerotech steel fiber x stiff 95g shafts. pin 4/3
  2. If you anything like me you a freak for the perfectly matching everything... you also like a black and blue color scheme. Well if that that is you then you are in luck! A whole Lotta stuff here. Buy it all or combine for discounts just PM me. The ideal customer wants a whole set of clubs from driver to wedge, matching bag and matching headcovers. Flat rate $20 shipping. 1) cobra forgedtec one length full set! F8 3H, forgedtec one length adjustable 3 driving iron, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, P, G, 56, 60. All are half inch long, all have new golf pride cp2 wrap midsize grips. 3-LW have 120g A
  3. It softer than milled. I would say medium. Not nearly as soft as FIT Face or True Roll Insert
  4. 1) Edel Workbench long neck putter w/ sound slot. 8.5/10. NO H/C 2) Bettinardi QB6 303SS w/ Fit Face. No H/C 3)SeeMore Corona Del Mar X3 with Insert. NO H/C 4) Rare Odyssey White Damascus is. NO H/C 5) Brand new Bettinardi Inovai 6.0s. No H/C 6) Rare Bettinardi Queen B 7. Yes H/C 7) Taylormade Tp Collection Juno. Yes H/C 8 ) Rare Odyssey White Damascus 9ht. NO H/C
  5. Thinning the herd as baby #2 makes an entrance. All prices include shipping. All putters are 35" standard loft and lie. Will only consider trades for putters with 45-60* toe hang and the newest cobra single lengths in x stiff. 1) Edel Workbench long neck putter w/ sound slot. 8.5/10. No Headcover. $500obo 2) Bettinardi QB6 303SS w/ Fit Face. Also comes with rare matching Bettinardi Pure Grip and COA. 9.5/10. No Headcover. $old 3)SeeMore Corona Del Mar X3 with Insert. 7/10. No Headcover. $100obo 4) Rare Odyssey White Damascus ix. Custom refinish by Norcal Putters. Br
  6. Up for grabs is a brand new in box, in plastic Happy Putter Tour Edition Mid-Mallet. My wife bought this for me for my birthday but it just a little overwhelming with all the adjustable options... Sorry hun... This would be great for someone who likes to tinker or someone who wants their putter to adapt to different terrain/courses without having to take it in to a golf smith. You can adjust loft, lie, offset and weight making this easily the most adjustable product on the market. It also comes with 3 different alignment aids to help you stay fresh and a headcover. Seeing everything they are d
  7. I have 2 Odyssey #7 style putters for sale. Both are 35''. The Lucky 777 is brand new still in plastic and the Tour Issued Milled is in flawless mint condition. Both putters come with head covers and weight sets. Both putters are factory stock, meaning everything included, and installed them is as it was from the factory. More details below: 1) Tour Issued Odyssey Milled Collection #7 putter. This is tour only and extremely rare. You cannot find this putter available anywhere. The Tour ID band is clearly visible on this shaft. Other unique features of this tour only putter, that cannot be fo
  8. Thank you for the heads up. I have closed that topic. URL still works for those of you who are interested, please PM or comment here if interested in the Lucky 777.
  9. Like the title says. Mint condition Tour Issued Odyssey Milled Collection with the Tour ID band on the black shaft. This putter is sexy. Another distinction for this tour issued putter is the blue face. Only the tour issued putters got this treatment. This is a very rare putter. None available on Ebay or elsewhere. Putter came with Odyssey SuperStroke slim 3.0 grip. Comes with milled collection headcover and milled collection weight set/divot tool (not pictured). Brand new condition, 0 imperfections and truly a special piece. Asking $400 OBO Also selling a similar piece in the Odyssey Luck
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