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  1. Great. Thank you! I bought it for more than my selling price. Just looking to unload it for part of what I paid for it. I'd appreciate it! Mike
  2. Hi. I have a full price offer from someone else. Thanks.
  3. Selling a few items. Not interested in trades. I’ve tried to take good pics, and I’m happy to answer questions. Thanks for looking— 1. PXG 0811LX 9 degree driver. I have 2 shafts. A HZRDUS 6.0 smoke cut to play at 44 1/4”, midsize grip, and a HZRDUS handcrafted 5.5 flex at standard 45” playing length with MCC +4 midsize grip. No headcover. Take the head for $130 $115 shipped. Head with one shaft for $200 $180 shipped. Head with both shafts for $270 $245 shipped. Either shaft alone for $85 $75 shipped. 2. Fujikura Ventus Velocore Blue 6-S shaft with callaway tip. Shaft
  4. I purchased these 4 months ago from callaway golf preowned. They are good clubs, just not for me. I played 5 rounds with them, and I’ve included a pic of the specs I requested, including the price I paid. They are 1/4” long, 1 degree upright, and have midsize grips. $450 shipped.
  5. The course does a fairly good job of maintaining pace
  6. I brought a skycaddie on my first visit. I didn’t bring it on my second visit. The skycaddie did not have its normal, detailed info—it simply gave yardage to center of the green. And there are plenty of sprinklers that give that same info. When you consider the likelihood of rain and wanting to reduce how much you carry, it was far better to leave it behind.
  7. The “change socks and shoes between rounds” tips is THE tip. Plan on it, then do it when you are there.
  8. SeeMore putter company does a podcast focused exclusively on putting. It’s free. I love their putters as well, but even without their equipment, they talk about cool stuff imo.
  9. Look up Jimmy Ballard. He has his critics, but his methods work for people with back pain.
  10. The husky slope tool is the best. Cheap and accurate.
  11. Great ball, but yes, not very durable.
  12. I’d look for a used vokey at that price point. That’s really the optimal answer, even though I’m just repeating what others have said.
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