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  1. Is this how it works? Invite yourself to be invited to someone’s club. Any Pine Valley or Seminole members on here? I would really like to play a round at your club.
  2. I tried using a light (65g) shaft in a three wood that was the same as my driver shaft but tipped appropriately. I found that I hit the three wood too high.
  3. More than likely they are 0.355 taper tip.
  4. It's been bomb and gouge for almost twenty years now. Difference is that Bryson is hitting those long shafted short irons through the rough with a lot of clubhead speed. It's the first time that US Open rough was ever neutralized by a player.
  5. I would just order a new shaft adapter or get a new shaft with one already attached. Not too expensive.
  6. What Kandi and her mother did was sleazy and greedy. Hunter needs to stand up for what is right and I don't think he seized the opportunity. Hunter essentially sold his soul by not intervening with what was done to the the life insurance policy. At best, Hunter wasn't actively involved in the scheme but was complicit. Still very sleazy and greedy.
  7. Rickie Fowler? He’s not washed up yet, he’s still got time.
  8. Nick Price played the same Ram Irons for 20 years. Managed to win a British Open and two PGA Championships.
  9. Drove the ball well except for two holes. Had other problems around the course. Played the 905T with Graphite Design Y-E6+ Shaft. 15 years old and as good as anything today when hit in and around the center. You could probably get one inexpensively nowadays and if you can get one with a proper shaft, it’s a great club. These are bore through and would be a difficult to reshaft.
  10. Putting my 905R in the bag this afternoon to play. I also have a 905T that's used sometimes. Haven't found anything completely superior.
  11. It’s no fun from the back tees. You would have to hit 14 spectacular straight drives.
  12. FedEx Cup playoffs? Meh. Some good fields in the first two events but I think it's very stupid the way the field is set up at the final event. Reminds me of a Member-Guest Net prize with 80% handicaps, who cares? No thanks.
  13. The short hitter can sometimes do well on rinky dink courses with weaker fields. These are great opportunities for average players on the tour to make some money and get exemptions into majors.
  14. Hogan and Pavin each missed their putts which made David Toms' layup par on 18 even more impressive. Collin closed it all out right in front of Paul Casey with that eagle on sixteen.
  15. He's been appreciated the entire time. Press has always acknowledged his potential. Collin just hasn't run his own mouth the whole time, just let his play on the course speak for him. Yesterday, he stepped on the 16 tee box and took the championship. That was better than Hogan's shot at Merion, Pavin's four wood, etc. Collin has been appropriately regarded the entire time.
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