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  1. The tow strikes are most likely a swing issue. Lack of extension as the club head is striking the ball.
  2. To play the game well, time must be devoted to practicing. That being said, hitting balls on the range has always been boring after a while for me. If I have the opportunity to play the course vs. practice range, I will always choose playing.
  3. I would use an old featherie before using a refurbished ball.
  4. Payne Stewart had one in the bag (3 wood) when he won the US Open at Pinehurst.
  5. Own a Towing and Recovery business with a small auto repair shop.
  6. Wrong. A hot faced low spin iron has a lot going on differently at impact from a single piece muscle back.
  7. GI irons are great for launching the ball. Helpful for retaining ball speed on off center strikes. For me: * The short irons launch much too high. Causes distance control problems. * Low spin nature of the design makes it difficult to hold greens down wind. * Low spin design does not facilitate applying any shape to the shot. I started playing in the 1980s and learned to play this way so it was difficult to get used to setting up,shots. GI irons were helpful for me after an eight year hiatus from the game. ( Family obligations and challenges forced
  8. There is a window that each golfer has for fitting requirements. Hit this window and he will have appropriately suited equipment for his ability. The rest is up to the player working on his swing and using the equipment to shoot lower scores. I'm about a 12 index. There is no one piece or set of clubs that will get me to a 9. I need to to hit my tee shots straighter, have fewer three-putts, and save par more frequently to improve my index.
  9. I could put a three wood to good use as far as gapping and shot length needs. I just bag a four wood (17*) because I hit it so much better and consistently from fairways and roughs.
  10. Better off not practicing than switching grips for each.
  11. I play on a course with very firm Bermuda grass greens. I have to hit iron and wedge shots crisply as to impart spin to hold the greens. Also play a Pro V1x so the ball will stay very close to where it first lands. if you play a hot faced game improvement iron, this will be difficult. They are designed to launch high with less spin, using trajectory to hold the green. This doesn’t work out well all the time especially down wind.
  12. Good enough to get started. You should be able to hit the 6-PW decently. Get some instruction and as your swing evolves into something repeatable then think about purchasing better suited equipment.
  13. Bridgestone B XS and Titleist Pro V1x spin the most of any balls on the market today. For more spin you would need to play the Spalding Tour Edition or Maxfli HT-100 balata but those balls haven’t been made in over 25 years.
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