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  1. Jack Nicklaus was probably the best. Right now, it seems as if Collin Morikawa never hits a bad shot.
  2. I agree. I think the new balls have a more delicate cover.
  3. Quad Cities Open has a stronger field than the olympics.
  4. Just wire wheel those bad boys and put them in the bag and go play golf. It’s a nice set of irons.
  5. T20 torx bit or T20 screwdriver works just fine. I keep one in my bag.
  6. I’ve got a couple of Titleist 905 drivers from 2005 that find their way back in the bag. Old friends.
  7. Can’t use a cheap ball because I cannot stop them downwind.
  8. I’m a 12 index and and golf balls do make a difference. Notable differences in the trajectory and distance in the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x. Pro V1x goes too high on my short irons and makes distance control more difficult. Pro V1 doesn’t carry as far with driver for me. I’m sure other brands have differences of their own, but I have not spent as much time with Callaway,Taylormade, Bridgestone, etc.
  9. I wouldn’t expect more than an apology from the staff. It’s absurd to think that they should replace the set as you described, even if they did as lousy of a job as they did. There is an reasonable expectation for the iron heads to be marred when doing loft/lie adjustments.
  10. Almost ten years for me. Feel bad for this man. He’s pretty low but still looking for the bottom and that is an awful place. I always need a reminder like this of how miserable it was at the end.
  11. Plenty of help available for anyone with an alcohol problem. It might not be on the tour or as convenient as he currently thinks it should be. It’s his own responsibility to address it. Nothing can stop a person that truly wants sobriety. Nothing can help a person that doesn’t truly want sobriety.
  12. Poor example. There are nuns I know that are the most selfish, self-righteous, inconsiderate, people that have absolutely no regard for other’s feelings or circumstances. But that’s for a different thread and website!
  13. I have had the same experience EVERY time I’ve asked someone to turn off music. Part of the result of efforts to “grow the game” the last 30 years. Low brow, thoughtless, selfish, inconsiderate people are the ones being courted.
  14. The discoloration might be the result of something pertinent to you specifically, i.e., your golf course, your equipment, etc. It does seem to me that the 2021 models might have a more delicate cover than recent years.
  15. His problem isn’t the putter. It’s his inability to make putts in the final round. Choking under pressure.
  16. What’s up with Collin Morikowa doing TV commercials for a woman’s vibrator?
  17. Not really much of a difference. Both uttered a regrettable sentiment. Justin knew his utterance COULD possibly be heard by others or picked up by a microphone. Bryson’s knew his utterance WOULD definitely be heard by others. Justin’s was hurtful and less forgivable. Bryson’s was an embarrassing remark that affects his own business relationship with a sponsor.
  18. Justin is less than a year removed from saying something foolish and having it cost him. Perhaps he should empathize with Bryson instead of criticize.
  19. I’ve got a set of 990 and MP-37 that I will hit at the range occasionally. Quickly reminds me that my ball striking always needs improvement.
  20. Avoid submerging golf clubs. Iron heads can get water trapped inside the hosel and facilitate shafts rusting and falling apart.
  21. I wish I could use Pro V1x with Driver and Pro V1 on iron shots.
  22. Obviously you’re not a golfer.
  23. Could be worse, what if they had Bob Costas write a piece.
  24. With 85 mph swing speed you might be better served with a driver that spins a little more.
  25. Nothing wrong with a little game. Two or five dollar Nassau match isn’t sending anyone to He11. It’s not $2000 on a football game (which you may or may not have in your pocket, ) It’s also okay to have a few beers and enjoy yourself. Moderation. I’m an alcoholic so drinking it isn’t a good idea for me, but it’s fine for others as long as they control themselves. All of these things are fine as long as you can control yourself. The danger is when you can’t. Then you become a nuisance to yourself, family, and others around you.
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