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  1. Still number 1 for me since 2017.
  2. I hope they don’t interview Bubba.
  3. Has anybody had an issue like this? The white trim on the hybrid has discoloration in multiple spots. The club seems to play fine and it wasn’t like this when I bought it but there’s definitely an odd change in color after playing it for about a year.
  4. Play whatever you want to buy. The cooler looking the better.
  5. Sometimes you can get an authorized retailer to do a swap and handle the warranty side. When you have suppliers all over Asia, assembly in Mexico, and distributors in the US, it can be a long process especially if there’s the slightest hiccup anywhere along the line.
  6. Possible but I’m sure it was insured. He may have to pay the deductible. He may even get a citation and have to pay a fine.
  7. Wonder what 4 rounds at Cypress Point in super benign conditions would produce from the pros?
  8. Just saturate the rough a couple yards off the fairway to the brink of casual water. When fans are allowed back make them look away as the ball lands.
  9. And nothing any commentator says or player they try to emulate will change that.
  10. Nobody on tour is a short hitter. It’s hard to put a percentage on how hard someone swings because if you actually go at a ball 100% you’re gonna be hard pressed to make decent contact let alone maintain balance. Going at a ball as a hard as you can while maintaining balance might be 100% for someone and 75% for someone else.
  11. You're right. It’s not about distance for the average hack that plays courses with 450 yard par 5s and rarely a par 4 that sniffs 400 yards long. If someone isn’t smart enough to take comments on tv with a grain of salt and able to discern on what they need to do to improve their own game that’s on them. That’s why some people never improve and never will.
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