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  1. Just want to update that RBG sent me a much better clubhead asap. I appreciate them making it right. They also included a headcover.
  2. Apparently they are active here and reached out to me with some options to make it right. I was just going to keep it because "no hassle" returns are actually a hassle. I had already changed the grip so they're sending me a better condition head and I'll return the one that's beat up. Kudos to them for making it right. New head should be here in a few days. I'll update when I get it.
  3. For the most part that’s been the industry norm but these guys are ridiculous. I’ve bought from 2nd swing, Callaway pre owned, GG, 3 Balls and for the most part they under rate their clubs. I’ve bought value clubs from GG in better shape. There’s no way they could sell this as “normal usage”. I thought maybe it was a demo club that had been banged around in a barrel or something but the grip had been changed so someone put some effort in to abusing this club. I may just send the head into Continental and get it refinished.
  4. Been looking for a GAPR hi to try and ran across the one I was looking for at rock bottom golf. The condition was listed as “very good” so I figured I would give it a shot. When it came in I couldn’t believe how terrible it was.
  5. Never hit yellow range balls?
  6. Still number 1 for me since 2017.
  7. I hope they don’t interview Bubba.
  8. Has anybody had an issue like this? The white trim on the hybrid has discoloration in multiple spots. The club seems to play fine and it wasn’t like this when I bought it but there’s definitely an odd change in color after playing it for about a year.
  9. Play whatever you want to buy. The cooler looking the better.
  10. Sometimes you can get an authorized retailer to do a swap and handle the warranty side. When you have suppliers all over Asia, assembly in Mexico, and distributors in the US, it can be a long process especially if there’s the slightest hiccup anywhere along the line.
  11. Possible but I’m sure it was insured. He may have to pay the deductible. He may even get a citation and have to pay a fine.
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