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  1. Looks real to me. I’ve had this putter. Refinish it and you’ll be able to make quite a profit.
  2. Zipcores are top notch wedges. I game sm8 in my gap and these in sand/lob. They perform on the same level and am happy I went the zipcore route.
  3. Check out new pictures added 4-22. Liked them so much am getting new ones help me fund it. just got these off here so just looking to recoup what is in it. Cleaned them up and wow they are in great shape. raw miura y grind 4-pw x100, 2 flat mcc plus 4 standard logo down. Already have good patina on them. They are slick. BB&F Custom ferrules. 1300 1150 shipped to your door via ups insured
  4. Loving the x5.5. First round 34 putts with stock grip. Put on flatso 1.0 on and 30 putts Saturday. Could’ve been 28 with two short ones missed but overall loving feel compared to previous putters. I’ve gamed quite a few, Inovai 6.0, spider x, Scotty NP2, Scotty NP2.5, pxg closer, miura blade. Great feel and consistency for me. Highly recommend. I removed yellow paintfill and changed headcover but that is my style.
  5. Titleist new woods with the prototype 2.0 raw TX shafts. They are 350 from most places still for the shaft
  6. Yeah that face is awesome and the only thing I didn’t like on the normal Inovai 6 was the normal face was too mushy.
  7. What a deal I just paid way more for this combo. Wish I would’ve waited. Buy with confidence, Steve is one of best on WRX.
  8. How does a raw iron feel or play compared to a finished one?
  9. It’s not cheap to ship but a PVC pipe will keep the shaft protected and won’t bend. It weighs a lot compared to a box but I know shaft is safe.
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