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  1. I picked up a set of 770's since my buddies buddy works for TM and gets equipment at 40% off. Worst case scenario I sell them from what I paid if I didn't like them. I've played 2 rounds with them so far and I quite enjoy them. The 770's look amazing. They feel good, fly high, and are forgiving for being a players iron. I look down at the 5 iron and don't lose any confidence at all. They're definitely not a players "distance" iron. If you're looking for a distance iron, go with the pxg P's, 790's, cobra forged tec, mizuno hmb, or ping i500's. I had the gen3 px
  2. Hello all, up for grabs is a set of PXG's, excellent condition, used for 3 rounds, kept in a bennington organizer bag to prevent club chatter. I recently moved into a new house and could use the money for some projects around the home. I don't play nearly as much as I used to, so I've decided to let these go. Standard lie loft length. I ordered these to have the traditional 1/2 inch length increments, not the new 5/8th inch length increments. PXG referred to them as "mizuno" length when I ordered them. Special ordered with black c-taper, stiff 120g shafts for a supe
  3. pxg gen 3 are fairly low spin already...... fyi. I didn't get any spin, height, distance differences between the P 7i and the T 7i when i got fitted. So i went with extra forgiveness P's in the longer irons, and the smaller size T's in the scoring clubs because it was more pleasing to my eyes. I also don't practice much with 2 little kiddos at home and now the online "distance" learning for my son has really put a damper on my schedule. I couldn't decide on which set either, so I went with combo set. P's 4i-6i and T's 7i-pw.
  4. hope i don't trigger anybody here LOL....... but TM is not the most forgiving brand. I'd put the Ping driver/woods in. I feel like the mavrik line is more forgiving than the sim.
  5. I'm gaming the SZ with hzrdus yellow. It's forgiving and consistent like my ping g400LST, but longer.
  6. the HMB is closer to the p790. So the p770 is going to be smaller than HMB, not larger.
  7. wondering what the spin numbers are like......i've heard hollow clubs tend to spin a little less?
  8. lowering the center of gravity of irons with all the new technology is going to launch the ball higher. i've had a set of z565, ap1, forgedtec blacks and they all launched pretty high with stronger lofts. If you like them, give them a try. You might be pleasantly surprised.
  9. can we meet at $160? help me out with PayPal and shipping costs? thanks Jason
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