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  1. I do believe most folks who had hit both said that sim.max had less backspin than g400 max.
  2. Oh, ok. I thought golf had been shutdown since March where you are.
  3. Where do you live that golf just now reopened?
  4. I've played with a few tour caddies. Because those guys spend so much time on and around greens, they definitely see things better. Little bumps and sways and how much a slope will affect a ball. That said, the amount of time the pros and their caddies spend on greens during tournament week completely reduces the amount of green reading that has to be down. I remember doing it for big Am competitions where the fsga would put a dot where the pins would be. Putted from all sides on all greens and made notes.
  5. I have 15g and 17g back weights I'm going to play with. I tried 19g and 21g and didn't like them. I'll report back. I love my current setup, std back.weight, 10g front weight in heel and 4g front weight centered. But when I miss, I leave the face open and I still can see an occasional too much right miss. Not off the planet like early on testing, but enough to lose considerable distance. I toyed around with adding loft and found I was a bit more consistent in face at impact (not going right much at all). But I also hit a few left. So I'm going to toy with more fade bias while going up in loft.
  6. They're a bit different but not enough to make any difference unless you allow your noggin to get in the way...
  7. I've hesitated from chiming in on this thread because I don't like to spread conjecture. But given what I've read... Never had an issue with JT. Communication with him was always quick. I ordered a shaft once and usps damaged the packaging and shaft. JT made sure a new shaft was sent. That transaction was all positive. I've read the owner's pinned thread basically attacking posters for reaching out to JT for shaft advice. The thread came off like the owner was an a$s, but whatever. Now for where I hope there isn't an issue. I ordered a shaft and got the sa
  8. Idk for sure but they cut back bigly with the first site change last year. JT was still posting and sharing but the first site change hurt their business and I think they started to back off their site sponsorship. Perhaps they made it permanent...?
  9. What is your handicap: 0 Current hybrid or utility iron shaft and flex: rogue silver 85x Closest Authorized Fujikura Dealer: TrueSpec Orlando What hybrid or utility iron head will you install your shaft in? 2020 clk 19 Choose your Ventus HB weight/flex: blue 9x Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  10. So, your handle references your back...always thought it referenced your driver and 3wood shafts...
  11. The pros who are serious about leveraging proper weight training surely do the right back (and core) exercises to maintain back health. The guys who workout without direction or guidance probably don't. The guys who don't workout probably ar what they are and will suffer as they get older. A huge key I noted above is that a good chunk of lower back health is a really strong core. Strong legs pull on the muscles that run to the lower back and hips. Those muscles pull on the core. There aren't many muscles that can be worked in a vacuum. Gotta train for chain strength and stay flexib
  12. That second pic is a good one and appears to indicate that: 1. The back weight isn't as far toe side as it appears externally 2. There's a decent chunk of weight added in the heel to help reduce fade bias. Still definitely a fade biased driver. But I'm beginning to believe that the hard right miss folks getting are more about the face being open MORE than the fade CoG. CoG just exacerbates the face open issue. Now that tournament season is over, I'm going to try setups with the club set one click up in loft with a touch more fade bias in the front track (or a
  13. I play hmb 4i and it's the best, easiest to hit 4i I've ever played. I have the 3i with a heavy graphite shaft as well. It swaps with my 3hybrid but is also a great club. 3h usually gets the nod. The hmb 3i is a relatively new club and I intend to play it on a windy day or if the course suits it better over the 3h.
  14. No whammies, no whammies, no whaaaaa...dang. @Hack Daddy? No?
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