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  1. Order it 1/2 inch long and tipped 1/2. Then hit it. If you need a bit more spin reduction then chop the other 1/2 off the tip. If your launch and spin windows are good then chop the extra 1/2 off the grip end. Just know that the club will come a touch swingweight heavy unless ping adjusts swingweight for length. You may have to add headweight if you chop the 1/2 off the grip end.
  2. My 9x blue is tipped 1/2 inch. I'm 108-115. It's perfect in my 21* ts2 (lofted down). It really depends on what hybrid head it's going into. If you use a low spin hybrid like ts3 then I don't think it needs to be tipped. If you use a more forgiving hybrid like ts2 then a little tipping can help control spin. You really have to know if your hybrid is a low spin or high spin model and go from there. I wouldn't tip more than an inch on it. The 9x is very stout with no tipping.
  3. I want to give this one a testing. Want black head. Plumber's neck hosel. Gen2 only. At least 33". Headcover is a must.
  4. Don't underestimate the value in changing weights. I'm a huge believer in weight being a critical factor in putter performance. Going "weightless" is an option too. What neck/hosel did you get?
  5. DQ means they don't exist. Their skin should not count. Note - my opinion. Idk any actual rules on skins except what constitutes a skin.
  6. A guy on here had access to the ei profile data. Can't remember where the data is accessible from (for a fee). @Poolparty can help guide you. I think it was like $50 for a fee months of access.
  7. A few reasons... #1 - fujikura has ventus and everyone is playing it. Having 2 premium shaft lines from the same manuf usually means one line is going to be "diluted". #2 - the tensei line has progressed well and has a decent tour use #3 - the speeder evo line isn't structured well for easy understanding. Ventus has black, blue, red - low, med, high. Speeder evo has 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...hard to fully know what to expect so you have to hit them more so than you do the ventus line. Graphite design is in the same boat here. 42 different tour ad models. Mitsubishi h
  8. The sinkfit pxg uses is about 130g. It's heavy. I always replace it with a ss pistol gt 1.0. I tend to pull putts and get handsy with a heavy grip.
  9. If we're talking straight carry distance then driver is 270ish and 3w is 245-250.
  10. It's quite possible I'm just setting up with the face closed. The only thing I don't like about the club is that it appears to sit closed and wants to close when soled.
  11. Anyone want to spill the beans on how the gen4 3wood performs. I'm testing 3woods and haven't given pxg a look yet...
  12. Almost career low 9 today. Played up a set of tees (6600) so I could hit 3w off every tee. Testing a stz 3w. 1 over on the front. Then caught fire... 10 - birdie 11 - birdie 12 - par 13 - birdie 14 - eagle, drivable par 4. Knocked it in for 2 from the bunker 15 - par Then had to leave. 16 is an easy in 2 par 5. Plays under 500 from the tips and doesn't have danger. But ran into a men's league and they gave me a hard time about playing through (I was a single and they were a 4). It was 715pm and I had my 7yr old so I just decided to b
  13. First on-course test with the stz. It very well may replace my trusty 17m2. I played up a set of tees, probably about 6500 and hit 3w only. Hit 2 off most tees trying different settings. Std lie and 1 notch open seems to be the one. This fwy seems to have a touch of left bias in it. But flat lie and open face was really working. It's 7-10 longer than my 17m2.
  14. Well now, that is quite interesting. 1 weight center back. One weight back toe side. Hmmm
  15. I agree with everything in that review. It's not as forgiving as the operator, but it is very close.
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