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  1. It is different than 1st gen. I had one. The 2nd gen is less counter balanced and is much stiffer tip.
  2. I am getting another of my gamer shaft setup with an adapter soon. I play the 17m2. I plan to compare 17m2 to m5 and sim2 very soon to see if my trusty 17m2 will be replaced.
  3. 100% agree. It's a corporate channel now. You know what's coming given that production is now based in NYC and it's corporate NBC controlled...
  4. His comment at Sentry let's you know that 211 is just this month's benchmark. If you've ever lifted weights for any significant amount of time then his sentry comments are akin to 1 rep max training. Doing a test of your 1 rep maximum sends a shock wave to your CNS. The body responds by adapting to handle that heavier load. He's doing the exact same thing with speed...
  5. I'll speculate that the state of CA probably has some additional restrictions, on top of standard tour regulations, on covid. Wouldn't surprise me if that's why a lot of players aren't playing.
  6. I have, and love, the 17m2. I will try the sim2 ti.
  7. The golf channel we all knew is about to be drastically different. The homey feel it used to have is now replaced with a stuffy corporate feel. The move from Orlando to Connecticut will mean a shift in content. Expect to see more politics and other social justice stuff creep into programming more and more. There will soon be no escape from the politics in sports...except to stop watching the "shows" and just watch the live stuff.
  8. Yep. And those of us who popped a heavier backweight on have basically gotten sim2 with mwt. WIN
  9. The general thought seems to be "why 2 drivers, they're basically the same driver". And numbers-wise, they're a tiny step back from sim. It seems the sim2 will perform a bit better for those who strike high on the face. The reviews have pretty much confirmed what I thought...sim2:sim as 17m:16m Just really hard to improve on a driver that made a significant leap (16m and sim).
  10. If either of the sr or ex comes with the fcg copper insert AND offers the plumber's neck hosel via myspider then they'll get a look from me.
  11. $25 info finder fee. My PayPal is...
  12. I wouldn't tip the blue much, if at all...1/2 inch at the most. That tip section is stout.
  13. Sim ti was 180cc. Sim2 ti is 170cc. I can't remember what m5 was. 17m2 is 157cc.
  14. Phantom x 7.5. Plays 33". Superstroke pistol gt 1.0 grip. Comes with 2x10g, 2x15g, 2x20g weights and the weight tool. Headcover also included. I blacked out the 3 sight dots with a sharpie. $320 shipped for it all.
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