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  1. We know why guys were seeing ballspeed gains...hitting it with that plastic wrap still on.
  2. It looks like the rear weight section is more centered. Is that just the image angle or is it actual?
  3. If the 3-5 increase in ballspeed is real then I may like this thing. Faster sim...has potential.
  4. What's your setup? Anyone use it on a 35" or shorter putter? Countercore in it? How's it perform for you?
  5. The b x will definitely be firmer feeling off the putter. However, that little tailing curve the b xs has...the b x doesn't. It just flies straighter off all clubs. I played b xs for 2 or 3 years. Switched to b x this past year and loved everything about it. They are both fantastic balls.
  6. If you like the b xs and think it compares well to the prov1 then you should do a compare of the b x....
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