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  1. I use the beeps. I use it anytime I'm hitting balls. I am a 24/8 but I use the 21/7 when my swing creeps long. About 15 balls with 21/7 then transition that 21/7 swing length to the 24/8 tempo. Great app. On course i do the beeps in my head.
  2. They are there as an alternative to the single line. Look at edel putter fitting videos. People align putters differently based on the number of lines and where they're placed.
  3. I'm scared of the bat attack...because I might really like it. I've always loved that style too. I just don't need another putter in the arsenal. Fyi - sharpie out that dot and line...can still use the line for alignment but makes it "invisible" during the stroke.
  4. It was the battle ready gunboat. @OspreyCI lives near pxg headquarters and he went and bought all of them so he has a backup for his backup's backup in case he ever decides to sell it erroneously...again
  5. Horschel spilled the beans on what this is... "A way to honor tiger woods" The player's council wanted a way to honor the guys who drive tour revenue. I guess "the good of the game " is just completely lost on those guys. Seems the player's council needs an overhaul. Doesn't surprise me that horschel had a hand in this.
  6. It's all good. I don't think many folks are as much of a nutcase about specifics as I am. I'm that way with everything though. I test thoroughly. I tinker. I'm OCD with my stuff. Things have to be right. By being that way I know what doesn't work... Heavier than 360g putter head? Nope. Get too handsy. Heavier than 100g grip? Nope. Everything goes left. Left hand low? Nope. Tend to pull putts because of the lack of face rotation. Lhl great for practice tho. I can slip into a bit of hand manipulation conventionally so I practice lhl to get the feel of putting th
  7. Nope. I'm a plumber's neck guy. It's what I prefer to see at address. It's what is best for my setup and stroke tendencies. I've been on SAM puttlab with all types of hosels and heads. DB shafts cause me to have a closed face at impact. Slant neck hosels have never looked good to me. Grew up with plumbers necks and will always play them. Only have to find the right head with that hosel. Appears I've found it with the operator and mustang.
  8. I'm a plumber's neck guy. Only tried the plumber's neck. I have the operator and the mustang in plumber's neck too. The issue with the blackjack was CoG, not hosel type. Just didn't work for me. The operator is basically a milled face spider tour more so than a milled face odyssey ten. The ten is close. The spider tour is closer.
  9. Bought the blackjack. Tried forever to like it. The center of gravity is back, big time. That wreaked havoc for me. Pulled a lot of putts with it. Very forgiving, especially for its size. But I had path issues from the rear CoG. Ended up selling it. Bought an operator while I had the blackjack listed and the operator has much better balance. There is a very distinct feel.to the blackjack and one&done. You can tell where the weight is. I bought 20g weights and put them in the front ports on the blackjack and my path issues resolved. But then I had face control issues because th
  10. I think this is a terrible idea primarily because the bonus system is anchored around the wrong stuff. If the bonuses were geared toward those players who are most involved in charity and growing the game through action then I'd be cool with it. This is primarily driven by one statement "enhancing the tour's value". The tour is a conduit for the players to be involved in more than themselves. This program moves the needle to players being more about themselves. The guys who devote more time to charitable causes, whether on their own or at every event they play in, the guys who are
  11. Yes. There is no magic formula. Whatever your pattern is, there are strengths and weaknesses. There are no patterns with no weaknesses.
  12. I have a very slight OTT move in transition. But I shallow. I'm basically golfer 2. For me, and I would venture a guess, any golfer who steepens in transition HAS to transition smoothly or there is no shallowing.
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