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  1. Tournament season over for me. Was a good year. Finished as a +1.4 handicap wise. Didn't play in any major state golf association events and probably won't next year either. 7 and 3 yr old boys kind of limits the amount of away golf I can play. Ended the year at the national tournament for the am series I play on. Finished t7 that included a frustrated slap at a 1 foot putt on the 53rd hole of the 3 day event. That slap miss cost me t5. Tough, tough golf course...tight with a lot of water and OB. OB literally 3 feet off the cart path. Got on the wrong side of par every day and spent the entire event trying to get back to par. Was +1 in the 1st round with 6 holes to play. Hit a pull on my 13th hole and went OB...made double. That was after an earlier double-bogey on my 3rd and 4th holes put me to +2. Also included a bogey on a par 5 after puring a 2nd shot that ran off the back of the green into water (think tpc sawgrass 17). Birdied my 14th hile to get back to +2 then hit another pull OB on my 15th hole and made another double. 1st round 77 put me 6 off the lead. Shot 77 with 3 doubles...grrr. I figured even would win it after my practice round (+1 did). So I knew I had to get a couple back in the 2nd round. Was +2 through 4 again in round 2. Shot 2 over 2nd round and played the par 5s +2 that day. Just very, very frustrating...but I was definitely pressing after the 1st day finish. I missed 8 greens over 3 days due to OB or balls in water off the tee or 2nd into par 5. Probably played a touch too aggressively. Also got away from my bread and butter ballstriking thought "hit greens" and attacked pins a bit too much. But again, day 1 put me behind the 8ball. Will be better prepared for next year. Now on to work on a couple of swing issues I managed well this year and figure out the 3w slot in my bag. Shot under par in 6 of 15 tournament rounds. I want to better that next year.
  2. Hmm. Thanks. I have 2 54* wedges. I think I'll experiment with the older one and see how it plays. I checked my 50* wedge and it has a s400 in it. 54 and 60 have the wedge flex shafts.
  3. The handful of gen2 models that got an uplift in the br line have "by the book" improvements. The use of tungsten in the br models allows for higher moi in every head while utilizing the exact same shape. Most gen2 models were bought at high prices so the used market prices for gen2 are high, relative to the cost of new br models. I would go br.
  4. If I can make the time work then I'll demo it Thursday
  5. Don't have spec sticker but I was told it is 14.3 loft, 57.5 lie, face is close to 2 open. Speeder is X flex tipped 1 inch. Club is 43" long. I captured it in a photo...the club had a very shallow, 1/4" long scratch on the top near the heel. I tried to fill the crack with super glue and ended up making a mess of things. Tried dabbing the excess super glue and it smeared. The sole of the club has lead tape residue that will come.off easily, I'm just lazy. Again, the scratch was very, very shallow. Club is not damaged in any way from a functional standpoint. Faster ballspeeds (by 2-3 mph) than the other 3ws I've been testing. $175 shipped. Headcover included. I'm willing to sell the head for $120 but will need a couple days to get the shaft pulled.
  6. Do these pretty much perform the same? The 15* 3w...
  7. Chatted with the fitter. The gen4 xf is draw biased. I couldn't hit the gen4 anything other than left so this concerns me. Saving grace could be the 16 std loft. Allows for more loft retention while opening the face. I'll demo it soon.
  8. The tip technology in them is a difference maker. Tighter dispersion if the profile fits you. Think superb feel with tight control.
  9. Adapter will add about 1/4 inch...not enough to be significant in any way.
  10. I don't own one yet...but I'm thinking about it. It would be a 3w replacement for special courses; tight courses with a lot of sub 420 par 4s. I'm still toying with 3ws (have 4 of them) and if I find a 3w I trust then I may forgo the adventure of a 300 mini. But I can see the advantage of the mini on really tight courses where a low, controlled flight is needed to get off the tee well on holes where driver is not the play. I can easily hit driver off the deck so a 300 mini should be a cake walk to hit off the deck into long par 5s. If I try it, I'd go 13.5 turned down to 12.75 with a 43" shaft. Gotta finish 3w testing 1st...then see what's up.
  11. Takes a ton of weight to impact toe hang. The amount of weight needed would make the putter useless because of how it will feel and because of how much it would impact face at impact.
  12. They are hugely different. Gen 2 is big, bulky, and soft off the face. Battle ready is smaller and firmer off the face. Battle ready all day, every day.
  13. Thanks. Was hopeful it was neutral. Thinking about the 13.5 turned down one notch for tight courses and short courses.
  14. It's a typo. I called them about that earlier today. It uses the same adapter as the other fairways. It will get updated...probably tonight.
  15. Did you get trackman or gcquad data on how much less they spin with the 8i shafts?
  16. I know this has been covered but want to rehash it. What are the benefits of going to 8i shafts in wedges? Should I expect to see better dispersion? Anyone go to them (from wedge flex shafts) and see negative results in 3/4 and 1/2 shots OR chips and pitches? Anyone see the opposite...a big benefit?
  17. If that head doesn't go left like the gen4 did then it sets up to be my perfect fairway. I've been eyeing a tsi2 16.5 lowered to 15.75. This one would give me the open face and 15 loft I really want. Slapping the pxg adapter on my gamer shaft this week to test the proto 3w more. Will have to demo the gen4 xf. The design and specs of this excite me just as much as the OG sim driver did. And that bad boy is still in the bag.
  18. Damnit man..it comes std at 16. I've been secretly begging for someone to make a 16 degree std 3w so I can loft down to open the face but still maintain 15+ degrees of loft. Looks like this will be on my try list this winter.
  19. Anyone see a particular fade/draw bias on the 13.5 head?
  20. I'm only an extravert when I'm trying to dunk a basketball. I'm an introvert about 75% of the time and an extrovert 25% of the time.
  21. Maintaining it is fairly easy. Getting it is the hard part. I've maintained a +1 to +2 all year with 1 range session per week or 1 time playing...basically touch the clubs once a week. But I'm 43 and have been playing 30 years. I've been a sub 5 handicap since I was about 15.
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