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  1. 1. Fresh raw MP 60s x100 shafts , BBFco ferrules 4-PW Std length asking $750 shipped. 2. p790 3 iron with HB velocore black 9tx asking $275 shipped
  2. 1) 718 AP2 dead stock s300 shafts used 9 holes std length loft lie SOLD 2) MINT Mizuno MP 20 SEL 4-pw S300 shafts stock length loft lie SOLD 3) Scotty Cameron SS Newport 2 35” used 18 holes but went back to my 5.5 headcover included SOLD
  3. 1) Mizuno MP 20 SEL 4-PW stock s300 shafts SOLD 2) Titleist T100-S 4-pw project x lz 6.0 SOLD 3) Taylormade P7MB / P770 combo 4-6 p770: 7-PW 6iron bent 1* weak, MBs 1/4th longer and 1* strong to match gapping distance wise kbs c taper 130x soft stepped once (feel like x100 with lower flight) $old 4) Titleist tsi4 45.5” upgraded tour ad TP 6x SOLD 5) Mizuno MP32 4-PW rifle 5.5 std specs all around really ni
  4. 1) SIM 10.5 w/ headcover those are tee marks not sky marks SOLD 2) SIM2 10.5 w/headcover SOLD 3) MINT Tsi3 9.0 w/ headcover the scratches are shown in pics , they aren’t paint chips SOLD
  5. Thank you lmao I love that movie. KISS THE LUCKY EGG
  6. 1) NEW out of plastic 620CB / T100 split set. 4-6 T100, 7-PW CB std specs x100 shafts STD size golf Pride flat caps SOLD 2) MINT 620 MB/CB 9-7i MB, 6-4iron CB TI X100 shafts BBFco ferrules Golf Pride BCT ribbed STD size 1* strong, 2 flat, D3 SW Retained 3) TM p7MC 4-pw stock kbs tour flt 120 stiff flex SOLD 4) T100 4-PW rifle 6.0 shafts iomic grips stock length/loft/lie SOLD range set. Pw
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