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  1. Still on the way next week, it was the late with the order. Will be selling it later on and per the rules I cannot list it just yet. Post has been edited.
  2. 1)Probably havent seen a set of these in a while 3-pw Project X pxi6.5 shafts 0.5" over std 2* upright 7 iron was the only one taken out of plastic to be hit on mats Asking $950 - OBO. OR Trade for MP20 SEL 2) Titleist 718 AP2 4-pw TI AMT White X100 Standard specs. Asking $680 V 3) Srixon ZX5 5-pw TI X100 shafts Golf pride bct grips Standard Specs SOLD
  3. Up for sale is an absolutely mint set of Miura Y Grind CBs. X100 shafts 2 flat MCC+4 grips Asking $1250 shipped.
  4. Need them x stiff. head only would be fine too as Im putting velocore HBs in them.
  5. Hello club builders. Stumbled upon a set of TI x100 soft stepped 1x for really cheap 4-GW. The 4iron shaft measures 37.375" , does anyone know the total playing length it would be in a 620 MB / CB head? Thanks!
  6. 1) Miura raw y grind 4-pw $2000 shipped X100 Std MCC +4 grips Std length/loft/lie 2) Titleist t100 5-pw w/ 4 u500 AD DI This was a $1600+ set up and you'll be waiting months for Titleist custom orders. Asking $1300 5-pw t100 in kbs tour 130x std length/loft/ 2 flat, tour velvet 360 flat cap std size grips. I added 3 strips of lead tape to bring SW up to D3. Titleist is notorious for having lighter SW on clubs. Can be easily removed. U500 4 iron in tour ad di black 95x 1* flat MCC grey std
  7. 1) Nike Vapor Pro / Combo near new Pw-7 MB & 6-4 pro combo S400 TI shafts. Standard length loft lie SOLD 2) Miura 3-pw Pw-7i MB / 6-3i CB 5iron plays 38.25" , stock loft / lie Kbs c taper 120 S Pw, 7i (face) and 4i (toe) has light dings NOW $900 SHIPPED 3) Mizuno mp60s S300. Stock length loft lie Haven't seen much use besides the range SOLD 4) Ventus Black 7x velocore NEW. Plays 45" with LH TM tip. Measures 44" from grip cap to tip BCT cor
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