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  1. Such great irons, I have a set LTs from the same era that end up in the bag every once in a while.
  2. I can't tell if its the lighting but does the 8 iron appear to have a pre-worn leading edge? These look amazing, gamed the RAC LTs for a while, have been with mizuno for a long time now but these look sweet.
  3. Unfamiliar with the A weight, can you provide more detail?
  4. If my wedding weren’t next week and I wanted to live to see the week after I’d have already PayPal’d you!
  5. Mint 2016 M2s don't even make it an hour on here, love it!
  6. Agree with this 100%, red can get pretty backed up on a weekend too. Ferry point is great but again, expensive. Depending on where you're coming in from you could look at Pound Ridge (headed north).
  7. They were mine from high school that I just babied.
  8. Fair question, I do not know I was just assuming. Great point, how would I check?
  9. Looking for a bit of help, this is my first build. I have a pretty mint condition set of LTs, quick question on reshafting I see tip diameter of .370" but currently the shafts in them are .355" (s300s). How does this work? I might want to swap for project xs and just want to know what I'm getting into. Thanks
  10. Thought the same thing. Actually looking on the bay for a 905T in good shape for a retro bag I'm working, man that thing was sweet.
  11. Agree with this, love Brooks. I can't wait for the day he goes full on Ricky Bobby and wows us with a "yea I wake up in the morning and I p*$$ excellence" during a live press conference.
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