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  1. 1. As mentioned 1000x above, find a good instructor you connect with. This is so important. 2. Practice what they teach you by hitting balls slo-mo into a net so you're not distracted by the ball flight. 3x at 20-50% speed, then 3-6 regular speed. 3. Stay off the YouTube golf instruction. You do not need a bunch of conflicting swing theories or videos that address problems that aren't yours. It's unfair to yourself, and to the instructor who took the time to work with you. I've fallen into this trap, and it ain't good. Find a method you like that helps you. At the end
  2. Lots of awesome advice! I'd add something here: Your takeaway is fine, but from lead arm parallel on up to the top, there's an issue of internal rotation of the lead arm that gets the shaft moving behind you too much. This creates flat arms that get the your hands and club too far behind you. Because you're a very good athlete, to create some room, you instinctively lift a bit at the top... hence, the ATL scenario. Problem is, that makes the center of mass of the club want to move out unless you have a fancy Matt Wolff re-route move coming down. That's a lot to ask of yourself. Here's a kinda
  3. I like Stan Utley’s release method a lot. It’s made me a very good bunker player. A good feeling is to have your trail arm straighten as you thump sand near the ball ball and release your trail wrist. It’s basically an L-to-L, with the difference being that the you extend the lead wrist (curl it) to keep the face open. It takes some practice, but your entry point will gradually get more consistent, you’ll create some good speed, take less sand, and create some really nice spin.
  4. It's a little hard to tell from this angle. When you film down the line, place the alignment stuck under your hand line.
  5. Wow, it’s super hard to give definitive advice, because the camera angle isn’t great. That said, I’d work on: Not being so upright with your posture. Look at these not bad dudes: See how their posture is a little shlumpy? That helps get your shoulder turn a touch steeper. Yours is kinda flat, because your back is so straight and in an “S” posture. That promotes your arms getting flung behind you. I’d also work on feeling like the your arms lift up immediately with no forearm rotation. It will make your arm and hand path feel like a Ferris wheel,
  6. Scottbox

    TSi3 or TSi2

    Yeah, def get fit. You can adjust a lot of things with either head, and having a choice of shafts adds a ton of options. You can dial it in and also you may be very surprised by what actually works for you the best.
  7. Agree, and also the Ping G425 19* hybrid is adjustable down to 17.5, I think. Also, I know the Titleist TSi2 hybrid, which is great, comes in a 17.
  8. IDK, as a lefty I think we have it pretty great these days. If you love forged irons, Mizuno has a nice mixed set and Srixon's heads are truly awesome. The putter selection could be better for us, but even that has improved greatly.
  9. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with what you're doing if it helps you play better and have more fun. If you need to close your shoulders a little and use your hands and arms to create speed, do it! YouTube and social media make everyone think there's a "correct" way to swing. Sorry, but the best teachers know differently. Asking someone who has less hip mobility to learn a George Gankas-type swing where the body opens quickly is the wrong prescription. Rocco Mediate had slower hips than a middle-aged white guy at a disco, and he played just fine. Get that grip strong, aim a litt
  10. She's straightening her right elbow a little sooner, which is a great move, especially for either players with quick lower bodies, or people who need to add more speed. Also, the wrist release at the bottom is pretty common and adds a lot of speed. If you listen to the sound of her irons, she is getting loads of compression without dragging down the dynamic loft.
  11. I'm sorry but what? He's a tall guy and his armpits are right over the balls of his feet, which is fine. Also, he hits a cut, and many cutters of the ball stand closer to it to get the swing shape more vertical. Also, straighten his back when? Setup? Nope, you're wrong. Transition? Nope, wrong. Impact? Nope, WAY WRONG. Also, he's across the line because he has a long swing, which all long drivers have because they're trying to hit it long and don't really give a toss about accuracy. Overall, this is a fundamentally sound swing with many good matchups. Prove me wrong.
  12. Yep. Flat shoulder turn. Rotate your shoulders while staying in left side bend.
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