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  1. @ManadasChamp I did not sand the face on either of my wedges. I sanded everywhere else with fine sandpaper and then soaked for 24 hours in white vinegar.
  2. OP here- can't believe it took me so long to get back on here...guess that's what having a baby will do! I went the white vinegar route on my 54 and my 60 and something really interesting happened...my 54 had a way different reaction after being soaked for 24 hours. It came out looking almost like marble, and to be honest I was really digging it so didn't do anything about it. Interestingly enough, the vokey design stamp also seemed to rust immediately. My 60, on the other hand, came out looking really clean the first time. I like the really rough, raw look to both of
  3. I know I've seen other posts on removing the black finish from Vokey wedges, but wondering if anyone has tried on the new SM8s? I'm planning on using the white vinegar method, and I can post pics as I complete the process but wanted to see if anyone else has tried yet.
  4. Hello all, first time posting on here and I need some help. I'm in the market for some new golf shoes- I currently have the FJ DryJoys Casual spikeless and an older pair of the classic FJ Superlites. I love the looks of both, but I replaced the spikes on my Superlites at the start of this season because I wasn't getting the grip and traction I need from my DryJoys. However, I've had the SuperLites for a number of years now, and they just aren't as comfortable as they used to be. I attached pics for reference. Having said that- I am looking for recommendations on new golf shoes that have g
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