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  1. I have really enjoyed the comments. After reading, I now think there are actually a lot of us with the same mind set. When I really think about it while reading your post, I better understand what we feel after an ace. Maybe it goes like this: 1. Absolutely appreciative getting to join the group fortunate enough to card a 1. 2. Maybe like hitting a home run, it was a nice feeling but the final score is what matters much more. 3. An ace can come in many ways. Shooting your age or your all time low shows you played some golf for the day. Fun to share this game and all it brings with others! Thanks for your comments!
  2. If she was great, I think that would be awesome. If she was on the other end of the spectrum (horrible), that could be painful in many ways! On the great side, I think golf travel would be awesome!! To both love and then share great destinations would be amazing. For weekend play ( I love my wife. She is one of my greatest friends ever, and we just had a vow renewal with best friends and family in West Palm Beach) my preference would probably still be a kiss for luck and I will meet you in the 19th hole in 3 and 1/2 hours. Even best of friends need time to be with other friends. I love to play with the 20 or so guys in our normal group and win or loose $30 or $40 bucks. Regardless of how good she was, even if she played in the group the dynamics would change for everyone. Yep, the better she was the more enjoyable it would be. Still, I would want us to have our own golf time.
  3. I am 62 years old and have played a lot of rounds during 10 of those years. I played a lot 20 years ago, then took off 15 years due to two compound fractured arms and then a lot the last two years. It feels like I have had a lot of shots that were so close, then finally had my first hole in one last weekend. The round was with one grouping of our normal larger group and everyone was so nice about it. And, it made me really pleased. But I think I had told myself that getting one was not all that important, so when I got one it was not all that important. Just kind of weird and wondered if anyone else felt like that in any way? I have only broken 70 once in my life and if I could do that again, or one day shoot my age…those things would make me shout from the rooftop. I really enjoyed the ace and would love to have more, but not a huge thing for me. Others feel the same? FWIW, the shot painted the stick the whole way, hit about 4 inches in front of the pin and disappeared. I don’t want to seem like it was nothing, just not everything I guess. Just talking out loud. I will say, in true WRX fashion, the week after my first hole in one…I bought a used set of irons from a member here :-))
  4. Friends say I change irons more than they change their underwear . I have right at 50 rounds with these. I replaced a set of TM P770's with these and was very pleased from day 1. My HC had ballooned, but now back to where I think it should be. The irons have been a big part of the return to normalcy. They are consistent in every way, they let you know where you hit them without ever being harsh, and I picked up some legitimate distance with them. I went with the PW-7i in the ZX7 and the 6i and 5i in the ZX5. If to do over again, probably the ZX7 throughout. The ZX5 may give a little extra oomph but the wider sole bothers me a little. If choosing again after 50 rounds, I would stay Srixon 7X7.
  5. The weight placement seems to have a lot in common with the Srixon ZX7/ZX5 line I currently play. If I am right, I will love these as well! I have always been a bit of a Ping fanboy and I would really like for these get my bag back to Ping.
  6. Wondering how many other WRXrs have unusual playing conditions this year and if your handicap has been affected? I live in the southern mid-west. We had 3 to 5 days of record cold this winter that extensively affected the courses within a hundred mile radius. Our Bermuda fairways have been hit hard with winter kill! I can't remember how many acres of sod Southern Hills in Tulsa has brought in, but a crazy amount. Of course, they have the budget to do that. My local course has brought in a fair amount. Every green has new sod collars that are still just huge sod chunks not yet filled in. The fairways are about 50% thin Bermuda and 50% almost bare. The greens themselves are near perfect, but firm and quick. The conditions are kicking my butt. Due to the raised sod collars, you can't chip and roll anything onto the green. You can't hardly chip out of the new sod, but if you move it behind the sod (currently allowed) you are chipping off of nearly bare dirt. At least 50% of your approach shots are played off of bare to semi-bare conditions. If you fly your approach into the sod collar, it plugs. If you short side yourself near the green, forget it...you can't chip it on or through the collar. You must land it on the green and let it run by...very difficult to flop off of the bare lies behind the collars. Anyway, yesterday was a worst case example. I hit my driver well and shot an EIGHTY NINE. I got frustrated early with a couple of poor shots off of the bare lies and let it get into my head. Are there others out there who feel unusual course conditions are affecting your game? I don't honestly know how to embrace the current conditions. Yes, everyone is playing the same conditions but I usually judge myself against the course. The course is currently winning by a mile!
  7. I think you summed it up in two words "That's golf".
  8. These are REALLY good looking. I am so into my Srixon ZX7's that I can't even imagine replacing them but if I would, these would be at the top of my list!
  9. I made my break at the 6i. I am loving them right where they are. Sure the gap between the 6i and 7i is there, but that is an easy gap to work through with your game. On the other hand, the gap from my 5i to my first hybrid is perfect and those would be harder yardages for me to work through.
  10. I did the combo breaking at the 6i. My thoughts on each - The ZX7 is everything I expected with one exception...I have gained some serious distance going from the Z945 with 110 F4 Recoils to the ZX7 with the 95 F4 Recoils. It is every bit of one club consistently. - The ZX5 lets you get away with more and is a little longer yet. Both superb but I do like the size and sole width of the ZX7 more.
  11. Went to have dinner at the club this evening and the driver was there. So from April 8th to May 5th. FWIW, it was a stock shaft. The day of the fitting like many days over the last 6 months I was spraying it in every direction off of the tee. The very nice Ping rep. kept giving me shafts and I would try to ignore what they were and just swing. No matter what the combination was I would hit a few down the middle, then some left and some right. Obviously my swing was everywhere trying to get something to work. FINALLY he handed me one and as soon as I picked it up I said it felt short. I proceeded with it and was consistent down the pipe with a little less SS, but great contact. It was the stock Alta stiff 1.5 inches less than stock. Hope this one can take it to the course. Iron play and putting has been excellent. Driver has set the tone for my scoring.
  12. I waited about 10 weeks for a set of Srixon irons and whined and moaned through most of it. I ordered a Ping driver after a fitting on 4/8 at my club...guess I must look for reasons to whine and moan :-). I am not even going to ask about my driver as my frustration with Srixon communication was adequate for the whole industry. It really helps that I am playing well and the rain is at the top of my current list of what I can be annoyed about. If it were not raining so much then I would still have the standard too busy at work to play much anyway. I guess in the end life is pretty amazing if all I have to complain about is waiting on a golf club as it rains while I am at the great job I am fortunate to have!
  13. The i210 is a great iron and they feel good but, if you had a pole for players to list their top 5 best feeling irons, you might be the only player to list them as number one :-). Many Mizunos, many Srixon, many Epons, etc., would certainly top them on my list. Now the i210 might be a better club on the course for many players, but for feel I think they are only good.
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