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  1. I ordered these upon release at standard L/L/L. I had the Master Grips added about 7 rounds ago. The irons are in great shape but have been played for most of a season. The shafts are SteelFiber 95gm regular flex (SF plays a little stout to flex IMO) and feel fantastic (significant price increase over steel). Please note that standard length from TM is a tiny bit shorter than from most other manufacturers (I was told about 1/8 inch). The Master Grips...once you have tried them you want them ($20 plus per grip). Pictures tell the story. Would be shipped in original TM box. Will
  2. I don't know if indicative of the rest of the line, but the Rose Proto was the best looking iron I have swung. Having said that, they would not be rated in my top three for feel. Today I built another set of my second all time favorite, putting some really nice Srixon Z945's in some Recoil 110 shafts. If I am building a list on feel alone combining good shots and less good shots, the Bridgestone J15CB would take the top spot. This is an interesting thread as I don't have much experience with Honma. I am sure a super quality product but in my experience: Top Three in no particular
  3. 62yrs here and have owned more irons than I can count. I have found I can score about the same with most any reasonably small head (mid single digit HC) but the shaft is the key. I need to be able to control trajectory to some extent, and have proper spin rates to get the ball where I want it. After that, it comes down to enjoyment of the strike while I am on the course. My last 25 rounds have been with the new TM P770 in SteelFibers and I have played where I expect. However, I now have a set of Srixon Z945's coming that I will shaft in Recoil 110F4 shafts. I like the P770, but I
  4. I have had mine for a week or two. It feels as good as it looks! GLWS
  5. My P770's came in about 1/4 inch shorter than my Bridgestone J15CB's. I also compared them to multiple standard length clubs in the pro shop. They are for sure shorter. I don't like that we now have to consider what standard length is when ordering clubs. Having said that, with 30 plus rounds and the best scores I have seen in years I am keeping them in the bag regardless of length LOL.
  6. I have had my P770's for 30 plus rounds now. My pro ordered early first day. I was not thrilled to find my P770's in SteelFiber shafts to be 1/4 inch shorter than my Bridgestone J15CB's. My distance was maybe a wash or a few yards shorter per club on the P770's. Having said that, I have played my best golf with them out of MANY sets since beginning golf again 2 years ago. They will be in the bag again next year for sure. I still don't like the 1/4 shorter, but with the about the same distance and incredibly consistent yardages I can't help but think it may have helped my g
  7. I don't like putters or putting...BUT early indications make me think this one may change all of that. Not sure if it has any significance, but might look good in your collection. It looks very nice in my otherwise all TM bag
  8. Rolled a ton of putts with it today at my local GolfHQ. I have been in a bit of a putting slump and wanted to take something new home. I was rolling side by side with all the newer spider models (favorite was chalk x), couple of Scottys, and a couple of odysseys. I would say the PLD feels closest to the Toulon and Scottys. The spider x felt softer and a bit more stable. Every other club in my bag is currently TaylorMade but I came home with the PLD. It was a tough decision but I felt it won for me on the 3 and 4 footers, but only by a hair. It feels really dense and solid if that ma
  9. Certainly TM knows who has access to their products before release. If they can't account for each unit before release, then that is a whole different issue. Obviously I am not there, but if in fact they don't know where the units are, then how could they hope to control the situation?
  10. Now I am curious why TM leaked it in the first place? It seems like you want to whip up the "hype", then act like corporate structure can't tolerate the picture being out. FWIW, full bag of TM here: New P770's, Sim Max driver, 5w, Sim hybrids, 3 HiToe wedges, and a spider tour black. Obviously a fan of the products, but...seems a little distasteful to leave the possible perception that a manufacturer is scolding their customers for reacting to a photo posted on an enthusiast forum while proclaiming their hype and slower cycles brings them great benefits from "everyone here". Leak it
  11. I know a lot of guys that have felt guilty, or been made to feel guilty for going to the course. They have felt they were letting down spouses or children in pursuit of chasing a little white ball around for a morning or afternoon. I have been there more than once, and now I am to the age that I can reflect on, and evaluate those days. My thinking goes like this: 1. My father was a real bird hunter and loved to fish. During quail season, I did not count on seeing him on a weekend before dark. I am sure there were days I would have liked to have done something with him...he was
  12. I played a couple pf rounds with the P770 and was not thrilled with the feel. I had settled on the Bridgestone J15CB, and missed that amazing feel so went back. Then I had a chance to get the P770's back cheaper, and thought I would give them one more try. I now have 20 rounds on the P770, and have been posting my lowest rounds of the year. I thought I would post a quick update for anyone on the fence (note- playing with Steelfiber shafts): 1. I still am not thrilled with the feel. It is never harsh, but I can have trouble telling if I am hitting it slight toe or slight heal. I have
  13. The words Wilson Staff make me think of quality and great players of the past. But, Wilson has a lot of work in front of them to have any chance of returning to glory days of old. I would love to stick them in my bag and the blades and new CB's look like clubs I would play. However, Wilson is not making the investment to make that happen anywhere close to me. If they can't get them in mass to fitting carts and demo days, if they can't offer a significant number of shafts at no up-charge, if they can't get them in golf shops in large numbers I don't see a return to where they were. Great p
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