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  1. do you find that the Edel wedge plays similar to the TS grind on the Ping Glide wedges? It seems like it has the same type of steep bounce on the very front with a thin sole and a lot of camber. Honestly, I dig a lot more with the Edel wedge than I do with the TS grind. The leading edge on the Edel is kind of sharp relative to the Ping Glide TS sole wedge. The Edel works fantastic out of the sand but I tend to not use it from the rough or fairway. I'm selling that Ping Glide 2.0 58ts wedge if you are interested? ; )
  2. UW to 56. I don't carry anything passed the 56. Currently, until my Ping i210s come in, I play the Iblade pw and then my 56. As soon as the i210s come in, I'll have the 50 degree UW and then my 56 wedge. I want my wedge game simplified and I've found when I try to be fancy and hit a flop with a higher lofted wedge, I just add strokes. I can do a lot with my 56 degree wedge. My 50 degree with basically only be for full swings and maybe a chip here and there.
  3. If I catch one on Callaway Preowned, its mine, if only to fart around with it on the practice green = P
  4. This post was made really because I like to hear what everyone has to say and I love reading everyone's witty banter. My end decision won't be solely based on what everyone is saying because I know in the end it matters how I swing a club and strike the ball but I do love the input and I like everyone's posts so far. I know my yardages pretty well and now that I have read all the posts so far, I'm probably going to stick with 13 clubs and make them work. I live by the motto in my everyday life that "variety is the spice of life" but simplifying things in golf, can only do good for your game. Now I just need these beautiful i210's and Stealth wedge to get shipped to me.
  5. That is not a bad idea. As most of us Golfwrx members are, I'm always so quick to pull the trigger on buying a new club, when I really should feel the new set out first. Thanks!
  6. Over the 56? So I have a 62 degree 2 dot Cleveland RTX 3 in the basement. Something like that? or a little less loft?
  7. Ok, so here it is, this is my first post (woooooo!),and I know this one has been asked a lot but whatevs. So I just purchased the Ping i210 irons in 5 through UW and switched from having 3 wedges down to one 56 degree wedge (I want to simplify my wedge game). The rest of my bag goes like this, Driver, 3 and 5 wood, 4 hybrid, putter;that's only 13 clubs. Now for my dilemma, and I'm sure you can tell what that is by the title of the post, but anyway, what should be my 14th club. All data aside about my swing and how I hit different clubs e.g. fairway woods vs hybrids vs driving irons, I just want to know what you peeps would fill your bags with; add another wedge, add another fairway wood, hybrid, or driving iron. I'm leaning towards a Ping 7 wood to fill the gap between my 5 wood at 17.5 degrees loft and my 4 hybrid at 22 degrees loft. Thanks everyone!
  8. Yes! Ping all the way. They just make quality stuff. As my signature shows, I'm all Ping except for one wedge. Ping G400 driver, Ping G 3 and 5 woods, Ping 4 hybrid, Ping iBlade 5 through PW, Ping Glide 2.0 50ss and 58ts wedges, Ping Vault 2.0 ZB. The only club that isn't Ping in my bag is my Edel 54 degree wedge. I love Ping and always will.
  9. Definitely switching from my Ping 4 Crossover driving iron to my Ping G 4 hybrid. Don't know why I switched in the first place, must've been something good, but that club has been giving me problems lately. I strike that hybrid so well, so I had to put it back in. Second, switching from midsize grips on all my clubs, back to standard size. It just feels more natural and I truly can see my ball flight straighten out.
  10. Absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to play there this Sunday. :superman:
  11. Did you custom make this putter on the Byron Morgan website?
  12. I've rolled both of these. The Vault 2.0 are soft feeling with out being spongy. The face is active without giving too much spring; a very natural feeling. The Anser 2.0, to me at least, was very clicky and had a more dead feeling to the face. I did not like the feel or sound of that putter. I can only liken the Vault 2.0 putter, which I bought in the ZB head, to a very nice milled putter, like a Cameron or my other gamer an Odyssey Protype #9. Hope that helps.
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