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  1. SW plays Apex TCB, he used to play the Apex Pro 19. Probably just added TCB and forgot to take Pro away
  2. New irons, Callaway Apex combo, Apex Pro 5-6-7, Tcb 8-9, MB Pw all with Nippon Modus3 105S shaft. Great looking and feeling irons, the Tcb feels even better than the other 2…
  3. 2 very different head shapes next to his bag...
  4. They remind me of the Apex set Rory had for a while in 2017....
  5. He used a Callaway Great Big Bertha driver since december 16 at least untill june 18…
  6. Did Branden Grace switch to Cally MB’s? Doesn’t look like the x-forged irons that he played since ‘13…
  7. Apex MB oil can finish are fantastic, number 1 for me. Also liked the Mizuno and TM 730 as 2nd and 3rd choice.
  8. He has the Callaways in the bag at least since Valspar.
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