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  1. WTB RH Spider Tour or Spider X w/ Stability Shaft
  2. Just found his YouTube video describing his knuckle creation. He mentions he bores the head at 90 degrees. So, it seems a single bend shaft with a 90 degree bore insertion could easily be swapped for the knuckle.
  3. I have both the 2015 and 2018 OTR’s. I prefer the 2015 head shape and don’t mind the pop through alignment. While the red isn’t a personal favorite, I plan to strip the red anodization and make it black. I will just wait for a single bend SB+ to pop up. Thanks.
  4. Thanks. I suppose I’ll just call the custom shop if no one here has direct experience doing the same thing.
  5. Hello all, I’m looking at purchasing a Squareback Tour/Circle T and see both the knuckle shaft and single bend shaft options. The knuckles seem to be most commonly found and appears both options use the same shaft insertion point Can the knuckle shaft be easily swapped for the standard single bend shaft? I don’t like plumbers neck and much prefer the single bend. Thanks!
  6. Putting is my favorite part of the game and I enjoy the entertainment factor of rotating putters frequently. I play once a week and putt indoors with the puttout and puttout mat. My putting within 8 feet has improved greatly.
  7. I liked the polo and alignment tool. Not a big head cover collector or fan, but other brands have been releasing more attractive covers.
  8. Recently tried a just about all the driver head offerings at my local fitter. I've never been a fan of Callaway products, but the Epic Flash was a very high performer for me. Would have picked one up if it were more appealing at address.
  9. The 2014/2015 squareback has been my favorite putter for a long time. I've never been a fan of inserts, but picked up the regular 2018 squareback. It will all come down the ball you play, but I personally don't find the insert to be all that soft. I've wanted to pick up a 1.5 for the sole fact I love the look of slant neck putters. I prefer the single flange alignment. I will likely sell my 2018 for a 2014/2015 at some point. I just prefer the milled face.
  10. WRX did an article on the tour a few months back. Not a fan of the increased price point. I guess the "tour" marking is worth added value. I don't see the technology being vastly different. I have stability shafts in all my putters and greatly prefer the feel over standard steel. Only complaint is they make thin rubber grips slightly larger. Won't be upgrading to the tour any time soon though. Doesn't seem worth it. http://www.golfwrx.com/564080/wrx-spotted-bgt-stability-tour-putter-shaft/
  11. I'll be looking to pick up a MySpider X over the off season in my preferred color combination. I thoroughly enjoyed my Spider Tour I played a year or so ago. Love the slight changes they made to the design. Played a few different higher end brand models, but always find myself wanting to go back to the Spider.
  12. Always interesting to hear other peoples experiences with the custom process at Bettinardi. Customer service seems to vary widely person to person. Glad the stick turned out well!
  13. Played a 917D2 for most of the year and sold it midway through the season. Decent ball flight, but tended to get really high in spin. Stuck with the 3W off the tee and saw better numbers. Just recently got fitted for a Cobra F9. Winter just hit, so I'll have to move or wait until next season to find out how well it works for me.
  14. Looks very close to this one, minus the snow on the bumper. https://www.bettinardiregistry.com/products/6724
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