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  1. 2 in rotation. 4 in total though. My fav is a Titleist with marker magnet though!
  2. Well, I bought the Green one and it just arrived today. Just did a bunch of exercises with it and I must say, it is promising! A very unique tool - THANKS for helping me find out about this thing. I will report back... :)
  3. I've been using KT tape for a couple months now. I run it from my forearm, up the outside of my elbow right over the bone, and almost up to my shoulder. Stretch goes 10%, 50%, 10%. Does it feel better? YES. I can get through a round without Advil with the tape. You will have to practice a few different tape methods and see what gives you the best relief... There are almost infinite ways to apply the tape, its a science all on its own.
  4. I got one a few months ago. I really do like it... not perfect though. I turned all the tracking stuff off too - I just wanted to look at my wrist and know the distance to front, middle and back of green. Nothing more nothing less. For that it works really well! Sometimes I bend my wrist far enough that it depresses a button during my swing so the next time I look at the watch its asking me a question, that's really my only gripe. Battery life is surprisingly good, maybe 7-10 days everyday wear between charges (only takes like 30 mins to charge). Could probably play 2-3 rounds using t
  5. Okay played on soft greens again today, and i cannot tolerate the spike marks i am leaving with my new shoes. Anyone have suggestions for replacing the soft spikes? Which ones will keep me from slipping AND not murder the greens?
  6. https://bettinardi.com/hive-archive/bb1-dass/ That thing is GORGEOUS and i dont think i could add anything to it if I wanted to... maybe just my last name, HAWK! :)
  7. Under armour - two pairs af pants, two shirts and a pullover! Mini rewards membership at nice local track! No sex yet but the night is young... I got her a nice purse and wallet combo, Brahmin Merry Xmas y’all
  8. It exists! My brother's father was playing with his boyfriend's uncle who's a 21 handicap once and he had 140 to the middle of the green from a perfect teed up lie dead center of the fairway next the the 140 yard marker. He hits his 9 iron 141.7 exactly so he was going to lay off it a bit. Hit the ball and it flew over 3 greens and the clubhouse. Probably 7000 yards. Those hot spots exist. Haha, I had to read this one more than once LOL
  9. FWIW i just saw Costco has the Bushnell V4 KIT for $249 online last night...
  10. 66 and sunny out in CA! ? We had one day of rain like three weeks ago and no rain predicted for the next 10 days. We are on fire though...
  11. Interested in this thread! I have the same M2 irons as you, and am a 20hc trying to improve. I’ve been playing off and on for much longer though. My last set was nike pro forged combo set that i loved, but when you only play 2-4 times a year those things dont help you on miss hits... as i improve, im kindof thinking maybe i should regrip my old set and give them a whirl again, now that im playing 3-6 times a month. Then again, until i can break 90 i just dont see the point in giving up forgiveness - this game is hard. And almost every single digit capper i play with games mizunos so...
  12. I just went through this, 2 and 3 chipping on some holes from super tight lies, then 2, 3 or 4 putting on supper hard greens. I hit a solid 8 iron into a green and could not find the ball mark, that's how hard the greens were. It was VERY frustrating. I had an eagle op on a par 5, 4 putted! wtf? Anyhow... been thinking its time to work on my wedge game from 80 yards in cause, yeah - I suck and found this for a start: http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1569674-pm-grind-wedge-strategy/ I don't even know what to ask yet, kind of overwhelmed at how much I don't know! :0
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